Material To Be Covered During Upcoming Exams

You should be learning these terms, and understand the “how” as well.

Start here, followed by these materials.

Tempus fugit.

8 responses to “Material To Be Covered During Upcoming Exams

  1. Don’t know how that guy is going to scare them little girls with no magazine in the rifle. Mebbe he’s just there to encourage people to sign up for OogaBoogaCare.

  2. Among other terms that will be used in the coming excitement are a few of my favorites that work well such a case as the photo example.

    Term – #1 — Zeroed in at 300 yards on Dopey with no mag in his rifle.
    Term – #2– I’ll take him.
    Term – #3 — score! Exit stage right.

  3. Looks like Swansboro, NC 2000. A few miles from here.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      Spent a few yrs there in the mid 70’s. Had great seafood there, and hung out at a gun club outside Maysville. Drove there almost every day from Onslow Beach. Don’t miss the sand fleas, however.