Communicate: Antenna Finder Tool

Screen shot 2014-01-13 at 7.47.14 PM
Knowing that shoot/move/communicate works both ways, you’ll likely want to incorporate info from this tool on your AO map.

(H/t Barefoot Peckerwood)

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    Useful tool link from WRSA

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  3. Anyone,

    What is FirstNet?

    And, who or what is FCCA? And what do they do?

    Are these things of interest? common knowledge? nothing to worry about?

  4. just the Inter-Agency Task Force on Inter-Agency Task Forces. NTW.

  5. Several comm buildings around here have small directional antennae on them. I just need to find that crew-served tubing cutter I put back for…planned resupply.

  6. A bit OT, but any comm pros happen to know of any accessible archives of the old Fidonet? That was a system carried mostly over some archaic medium called a “landline.” Thanks, if so.