Former Top NSA Official: “We Are Now In A Police State”


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  1. The Boston bombing showed that, either the NSA couldn’t find its rear end with both hands, or that they aren’t even looking for Muslim terrorists. Two countries, Saudi Arabia and Russia ( Russia several times), warned us about the T brothers. They had their own jihad site on youtube. For Gods sake, they were driving around in a car that had ‘Terrorista’ license plates. And why would they go back to Chechnya to visit when they came to Amerika asking for asylum the get away from that same place because their life was in danger? The FBI has come out with a report that said there was ‘nothing’ they could do to stop the Boston bombings.
    I guarantee that the NSA has a file on me for coming to this website. But they couldn’t find the web site ‘waronthehorizon’ where a DHS employee called the president a mulatto faggot and called for genocide. On none of even the most extreme patriot web sites have I seen anyone call Obama a mulatto faggot.
    I am beginning to wonder just who the NSA is looking for.
    The Rainman

  2. Mosby's white brother

    I would suggest that unless you want to add WN racists websites to your blog roll here on westernrifleshooters you should remove Mosby’s Mountain-Guerrilla anti-white site blog listing permanently or is anti-white a racism that this site tolerates?

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  4. I visit a number of the Patriot blogs on a regular basis. As a handicapped older man with no military experience, I find the information interesting and possibly useful in the future to the extent I can participate.
    There are two areas that I have never seen discussed. The first is a preemptive strike on the local police, Sheriff and National Guard facilities. I’m sure there are Patriot members of these departments that, when called out at 10pm with orders to report and plan on lengthy duty, will call their friends and let them know the “ fit” is about to hit the ”shan”.
    A dozen or so men, armed with deer rifles and not expected, can surround a building, preventing anyone from entering or leaving. Remember, most of these buildings will have civilian employees inside. With proper planning, they can even be forced to evacuate the building.
    Yes, I can hear people reminding me of the automatic weapons and the MRAP in the parking lot, maybe even in the sally port. A couple tandem axle dump trucks full of gravel would be helpful. I’ll let your imagination be your guide. Blocking departments from leaving and attacking will stop the Civil war before it can start.
    The second item is the problem of prisoners of war. No one addresses the need to handle prisoners.
    You are out on a patrol and run into a squad of National Guard soldiers. After a couple of shots are fired, the kids that joined the Guard to get some money for college tuition, throw their weapons down and surrender. What are you going to do? Shoot them? One of them is just 18 and is in your son’s Sunday school class at Church. Well, you now have POW’s. You are now responsible to guard them, feed them, clothe them, medicate them if needed and protect them from the elements. ARE YOU PREPARED?
    Let’s have some of the blog posters address these problems.

    • OldGreyGuy, you raise some great points. In particular, that of POW’s. Heretofore I hadn’t considered the aspect of prisoners other than the possibility that I might be one. I certainly can’t afford to keep prisoners in a SHTF scenario. So what is to be done? This is an even closer real-time scenario than “what happens after?” which I maintain as an equally valid question.

      I agree that execution is probably not in order, even though that is likely what waits for those of us in FreeFor if caught. We have to be held to a higher standard or we become the same as those we fight.

      I’m thinking that the easiest response is that will be encountered by FreeFor troops is: “release”; but that is really a bad option too. Nothing like recycling someone back to the OpFor who now has knowledge about you and your operations. You need to at least get some of your prisoners released in the bargain.

      For a lot of questions I find myself going back to “What did Washington do during AmRev1?” and in this instance. I don’t know. I know they collectively kept prisoners and had regular exchanges but AmRev1 was a lot more cohesive than I expect this next one to be.

      I also expect this enemy to be significantly less honorable than the British of the time.

      So, I second OldGreyGuy’s request for thoughts on how to manage prisoners in a SHTF scenario?

    • “Blocking departments from leaving and attacking will stop the Civil war before it can start.”

      Sure. Great.

      Like all such proposals, this one requires that it be done, and done well, in some high majority of precincts around the country. Anyone cultivating relationships with your local dump truck drivers? Sheriffs deputies? There’s an opsec risk, right there.

      As to the need to provide for POWs, most of us have all we can handle providing for out families and friends. If the Nat Guard boys surrender, the best we can do for them is to let them go with good advice to return to and try to provide for their families.

      I’m not suggesting that the proposal is without merit, merely that it is, like all such, it’s easier said than done.

    • Re: Army/Air National Guard. Be aware “the Guard” has not been state militia since the passing of the Militia Act of 1903, also known as The Dick Act. With that law, state Guard troops became federal reserve troops. They are funded thru National Guard Bureau by the U.S. Department of Defense.

      I’ve noticed that any reference in the media toward state ownership of the Guard has been eliminated. The Guard no longer bills itself as a state-based organization. I.e., Ohio National Guard, Iowa National Guard and so on. Recruiters advertise it only as the “Army National Guard”, as do billboards, magnetic placards, brochures, business cards, TV commercials, and so on. The nametag worn over the heart on ACUs/ABUs reads U.S. ARMY or U.S. AIR FORCE. Fegov encroachment into all things state-owned is complete.

      The Sunday School student who is a Guard member is a fedgov asset. The bigger question to me is whether your 18 year old Sunday School guardsman will take up issued arms against the citizenry. Methinks he will.

      Your questions are thought-provoking and pertinent. I didn’t answer them. Rather I offered some info on the National Guard = State Militia falsehood.

    • Mr. GreyGuy….re: your EPW scenario in an insurgency. I cannot envision FREEFOR having the logistical, personnel, or secure territorial assets to accomodate traitors who maneuver/fire upon fellow citizens. Interesting scenario that may not get answered until that situation becomes actuality.

      Let’s hope it doesn’t come down to that. But, the future appears grim for another 200+ years of the USA we once knew.