Hey! We Just Sort Ones And Zeros. We Aren’t The Ones Imprisoning And Killing Those People…








Not to worry, though.

POTUS has a plan.


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8 responses to “Hey! We Just Sort Ones And Zeros. We Aren’t The Ones Imprisoning And Killing Those People…

  1. When the collectivists are dispatched I think it would be fitting for their corpses to be trucked to these temples of tyranny and dumped therein.

    After the rats had picked their bones clean the buildings could become museums for dozens of generations thereafter to witness the fruits of oppression.

    • I mean, when you think about it, seeing the bodies of butchered Jews or the skull-piles of Cambodian freedom freedom fighters, many people grow to fear facing down tyrants and their minions.
      Better to build monuments from the skulls of tyrants and their minions. It sends a better message IMHO.

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  3. The “IBM helped the Nazi’s” meme is based loosely on facts, but has been oversold by the left as part of their never ending war on Capitalism.

    It is true that IBM provided punch card to the German government, headed by the Nazi’s in 1933. The Nazi’s were not an instant pariah regime, they were an elected government and many companies with relationships with Germany continued to do business with them.

    The USA had an ambassador to Germany from 1933 to 1939, and sent official representatives to the Nazi Nuremberg rally in 1937. The Nazi’s were simply the Democratic Socialist party of their day, headed by a narcissistic politician who gave good speeches and had plans for everyone. In other words not so very different than Obama today.

    In early 1939, Germany nationalized foreign owned factories, so claiming IBM was actively involved in helping the Nazi’s during the actual war period is factually incorrect. Which is the picture that the left paints. Almost all foreign companies were nationalized by Hitler as part of his war footing.

    However the very existence of the technology did make the following crimes possible.

    So the lesson taken is a good one, but the target is a little off. It is that even (especially) elected governments can not be trusted with some technology, especially tracking and tracing technology.

    The NSA scandal is a huge one, that is happening today. Obama believes that he has the power, unilaterally, to decide how much privacy in our communications we have.

  4. SemperFi, 0321

    Why did they choose Utah?
    It also has the IRS Center in Ogden, which underwent some very serious financial spying by the Mormons a decade or two ago. They got busted, shut down for a while, then re-opened on a smaller scale.

    Perhaps these new NSA employees need a history lesson on what happens to rats.

  5. Few learn anything from textual “history”, most of which is agenda’d nonsense to begin with. Cf.: Edwin Black’s Zio-claptrap. That’s why its lessons have to be taught again and again. And I have no objection at all to this sort of “teaching”.