FM 21-10: Field Hygiene And Sanitation

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Read it.

Save it.

Print it.

Live it.

Dead from illness is just as dead as that from more kinetic means.

(H/t Max V)

3 responses to “FM 21-10: Field Hygiene And Sanitation

  1. SemperFi, 0321

    One of the biggest issues I have with folks in the field. Has been for over 40 yrs. Cover your shit and take care of your scuzzy body, I won’t do it for you.
    Last summer at Archaeology field School (about a dozen of us, we took turns every meal washing dishes so the cook wouldn’t have to do them too), I caught a 20 something farm raised girl doing our dishes in cold water, with cold rinse and no bleach, I lit into her like a good 1st Sergeant , yelling that you use soapy boiling water, with more bleached boiling rinse water to do OUR dishes! She grew up washing them in cold water, and could not understand why I had taken offense to her doing the dishes. I also ended up digging a new 1-2-3 shitter every few days, the young ones hadn’t a clue.
    Check your crew often, folks will not understand cleanliness is a group effort, and everyone has different standards of clean. And some are just plain lazy, don’t get poisoned from within!

  2. gunnyginalaska

    In researching the Roman Army they used dead diseased animals as ammunition during sieges and shot them into approaching armies before battle to weaken their troops!

    WELL DONE SemperFi 0321, and well said. I had to teach a few youngsters what the hell a cathole was and not to wash their asses by our water source.

  3. This is important!