Your Second Amendment Cop Buddy Will Take Your Guns

oh nose it's a cache
He sure will.

Bet otherwise at your own peril.

You ain’t in that club, either.

37 responses to “Your Second Amendment Cop Buddy Will Take Your Guns

  1. SemperFi, 0321

    That can’t be true, they all belong to Oathkeepers!

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    It is very unfortunate but it is reality. I am hyper-dubious of any police, and, will likely not have any Active police friends. I guess I’m just not in that club either.

  3. There does seem to be a dangerous delusion, which speculates that there will be some sort of “mutiny” amongst the ranks of soldiers and policemen.

    Nowhere in the world have we ever seen such a thing. The police/army always support the State … at least until things start to look a bit sticky. Ukraine is just the latest prominent example.

    Most people, most of the time, submit to “authority”. If you are a soldier or policeman, then you already have a strong pre-disposition towards such behaviour … else you wouldn’t be there.

    These guys are daily committing outrages; there is no internal resistance of any note. What’s more, they’ve been doing this stuff for decades. You might consider that some of them join up precisely for that opportunity. Such positions might be attractive to a certain kind of person … you can’t wield such power anywhere in the private sector. The public sector is the only place that can accommodate certain personalities.

    When someone provides a reasoned analysis of exactly WHY American soldiers/police will act differently from Bahraini soldiers/police … then, I might change my views.

    • “Nowhere in the world have we ever seen such a thing.”

      Not true. The commie uprising against Russian president Yeltsin failed because the army wouldn’t go along. And even at Tianamen Square, the Chinese ruling class had to shop around to find a unit willing to crush the students.

      Cops are in one respect, just like anyone else. They and we work in our self-interest. If things go wrong, they won’t keep up the behavior mentioned in the article if they start taking hits or if the people turn against them, or are likely to do so. The article is true, up to a point. But it is not perfectly true.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “There does seem to be a dangerous delusion, which speculates that there will be some sort of “mutiny” amongst the ranks of soldiers and policemen.

      Nowhere in the world have we ever seen such a thing.”

      Claus von Stauffenberg and the July 20 plotters respectfully disagree.

  4. They will do as they are told no matter how evil the task.

    Litmus test: the sheer number of women folk who are beaten, savaged and molested by the badged thuggery who suffer no consequences from the male relations of the aggrieved feminine parties.

    Witness the almost automatic fear of weapons in mundane hands with the two recent murders of children with Airsoft guns by cops.

    Bill Buppert

    • Boer6….and one of the most despicable acts of attempted murder by badged thugs….the shoot ’em up of the two newspaper delivery ladies in LA by the boys-in-blue. They “thought” it was Dorner, remember ?

      But, of course, there are apologists here at WRSA, as throughout FUSA, for the regime’s enforcers, the badged thugs many call “law enforcement”.

      Remember….not all NAZIS were bad.

  5. Lamar Doolittle

    I’ve predicted for some years that the kops will come after many of us using falsified charges of meth or kiddie porn. The public will see on the news all of the Gun People that had automatic weapons “parts” for manufacturing evil killing machines. Parts that your claims of having never seen before will fall on uncaring ears.
    I have the idea that these things will happen after many of us have GIVEN our arms and ammo away. Many of us in this gun culture love our toys, love going to the shows, love the saving and budgeting for a new piece for our collection. How many of us are buying the extra food? Seeds or tools for planting? Have you PRACTICED gardening, its not as easy as, scratch grass off dirt, poke hole, drop seed, harvest bounty, eat for weeks. Do you know how to can corn or beans or meat?
    When the stores are closed or open and just empty of food and necessary items. will send a truck to your local town hall with some groceries. These groceries will cost you just 1 10/22 or 4 AR magazines or a FAL. Many of us, not having planned to feed our kids will be forced to trade.
    And, after most of the guns have been given away, the man will trade for info; “Which of your neighbors eats without coming here?” he will ask. This will be something he already knows, process of elimination, just look for the unchecked names on the list but it will work better if “people” collaborate on coming up with the names. They will be waiting to see on the news or hear on the grapevine that Fred and Suzy B. Wellfed got whats coming to them. “Why, them Wellfeds weren’t just eating, they were running guns too!”
    And the local kops will be heroes for facing down Fred and Suzy, well deserving of the rations given them by for killing the evil Wellfeds and their bratty little home schooled bastages.
    Read your Saul Alinsky, we WILL be, we ARE the bad guys. The .gov-ers will show it. People will cheer your demise.
    Prepare accordingly.

    • This is a little too defeatist for my taste.

      Of COURSE the ruling class will use the tools at their disposal. That is why revolutions are never a cake-walk. But we have tools too. Man up, folks. It is far from hopeless.

  6. FreeFor has no support mechanism in place to protect and provide for the families of law enforcement officers who might be tempted to defect. Nor is their a support mechanism in place for those who attempt to resist police misdeeds.

    You can get all geared up with an M4gery, MOLLE gear, 5 pairs of Multicam, and 10,000 rounds of SS109, but without all the non-sexy things that matter all your doing is playing soldier.

    • Spot on, Sparks

    • cultcha tourista

      Underground Railroad (to where, for what?) for former Regime enforcement personnel and families seems like a good idea if only to demoralize the OpFor. Same for those who successfully escape from and/or kill regime hunter-killer personnel. The trick would seem to be very-very-careful vetting of such persons to avoid assisting moles, who certainly will be included in such refugees by the Regime with or without their conscious knowledge. This can be possible only with popular support, thus the “War for Hearts & Minds”. dot-mil has lots of free reading on this subject.

    • Hmm, how bout incentives to defect? These thugs rely on their group identity, and on societal anonymity. They have names, home addresses, online pictures, families, places they shop, eat etc – all of which are useful avenues of exploit. Cops’ wife doesn’t get invited any more, shunned at the store, home addresses & pictures posted around town surreptitiously – this strips the cloak of anonymity and exposes the thugs outside of their experience, and group identity.

      On online resource, hosted elsewhere, with the above info. Hmm. Start at the top, and with the most visible offenders – the word would get around.
      Who knows how this might prove useful?

      Just a thought.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      You don’t defect after the battle starts, they should already have quit!
      Trying to squeeze that last dime outta the last paycheck before surrender? I’ll bet they’re all wearing civvies under their uniforms, uh, just in case.

    • There’s a perfectly good support mechanism called ‘resign and get a different job’. Oh boo hoo hoo they might have to tighten their belts. They’re doing evil, but after they stop doing evil it’s my job to continue to pay them tax money? How about they quit their evil jobs, and then pay ME money in compensation for all the evil they did?

    • Careful there, Sparks31. You might derail the gravy train that’s getting rich selling all that stuff you named to both sides of the FreeFor/.gov equation.

      In other words, I agree with you completely. No logistics, no intel, no comms equals a huge body count. For the other side.

  7. RobRoySimmons

    Spouting the party line is fun till you are held responsible for the party line. Or we can per usual get caught up in abstractions and miss all those opportunities to take the moral high ground. You tough guys who sneer at the concept of the moral high ground, go back to 1989 E. Germany and relive the two weeks that it took to completely destroy those tough guys with guns.

    One tip for your polemical exchanges with leftnazis and their Kapos on the right use the personal pronoun “You” a lot.

  8. Red the Eric

    Don’t get so worked up that you think all cops are Nazis any more than all Blacks are drug dealers.

    • Where are the good cops?

      And WTF are they doing about the cataclysm that their peers are creating?

      • Trying to reach a position where they can effect positive change, don’tchaknow.

        They just gotta go along to get along until they can alter the system from -within- the system. Keep the faith, brother man [/sarc] 🙂

    • As CA said, where are they? The vast majority of “good ones” as opposed to the few “bad ones” who give them all a bad name? When Kelly Thomas was being beaten/suffocated to death, maybe none of those “really good guys” were on duty that night. Maybe ALL the “bad ones” just happened to be on duty at the same time, and all working the same area.

      All the “good ones” will suddenly resign in disgust when they are told to confiscate guns, right? Just like they did in New Orleans, right? When those few “bad ones” terrorize your family, shoot your dog and stomp your kitten, those “good ones” who are in the vast majority, will put an immediate halt to it and make sure the bad ones are charged with crimes, right?

      Yeah, lets all just believe something like that.

  9. Colorado KnightOwl

    After being in the 82nd Abn as a sniper and 27 years as a LEO, my Oath is still to the Constitution. I am a Life Member of the NRA and I am not taking anyone’s firearms. Ever. Period.

    • Did you ever arrest a convicted felon in possession of a firearm? Did you confiscate that firearm? In 27 years as an LEO, the answer is a definitive “YES,” unless you worked as an LEO in a one cop retirement beach community, which I highly doubt from a type A 82 airborne sniper.

      Belief that simply having been convicted of a felony constitutes the loss of liberties and rights is a sure sign of a tyranny’s enforcer. Whatever did we do before 1968, when felons did not lose the right to keep and bear arms? Was our country worse before 1968 or after?

    • SemperFi, 0321

      You can name off every club you belong to, hoping it makes you some points, but nobody’s listening any more. You guys crossed the line a long time ago, you’re just Gestapo thugs now.
      By the way, the NRA affiliation won’t make you any points here either, they too are Quislings.
      Wanna do something good, start arresting your union brothers!

  10. You think there are any relatives in the Ukraine chucking molotov’s and clubbing each other?

  11. With all due respect…You are an idiot if you trust your 2nd Amendment cop buddy. Rememer, ALL cops/leos may legally lie, deceive or mislead you while doing his job AND any thing you say to him will be used against you. So what is to stop him from doing the same thing while off the job? They consider themselves now to be a para-military organization, which only re-enforces the us vs. them mindset. And they have a win at all costs mentality. You are the enemy in their eyes. Your 2nd Amendment cop buddy will do any thing to remain a good ol boy in the band of (blue) brothers club. I would NOT trust my own brother if he were a cop. Until proven beyond a doubt all cops/leos are either enemies or future enemies. Given a recent court ruling, they can now beat you to death, and get away with it.

    • cultcha tourista

      “..what is to stop him from doing the same thing while off the job?” -Jeff
      Are they ever “off the job”? I can see “off the clock”, but po-po privileges seem to be 24/7, would have to assume same applies to duty.

  12. Had an army vet tell me once, “Bro, nobody’s gonna give up their dental care because of your rights.”

    • Indeed, they won’t. System failures need to accelerate to the point where OpFor fails to, and is unable to, provide essential services. Then FreeFor will need to step in. As long as essential services are available and the status quo is maintained, the battlespace is untenable.

    • Thread post winner of the day.

  13. The Regime Enforcers will enforce so long as they are paid to. When the dollar goes, they’ll go as feral as the rest of us. Dreadnought.

    • Anyone who does “go as feral as the rest of us” er, you, is just another savage to be dealt with accordingly.

      We cannot expect to save/rebuild anything resembling a civil, free, just and livable society by becoming “feral.”

      Stuka Pilot, you’re condemning yourself out of your own mouth.

  14. Anyone care to speculate on how many oath-takers have actually read the Constitution from top to bottom. Not even -understood- it or -memorised- it but simply -read- the document they swore to defend, even just once?

    I would be surprised if half of them had done so. The bar appears to be so low for many public positions that basic comprehension of english (spoken much less written) is not required, yet people are taken seriously when they swear to defend a document that, for all they know, could be a recipe for for a turd pie.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      Years ago, when OK first started, I was in with them too, #600 something. Many of the members were just groupies, wanting to chat with Vets.
      I’ll bet today it’s top heavy with those same groupies, getting all worked up stroking real Vets and LEO. It’s nothing more than a big circle jerk of wannabes, and fans.
      Sad more than anything else.

  15. Battlefield USA

    There is an ex-cop where I work. He was injured on the job and receives a lifetime benefit. He is our area director now… but the cop has never left him.

  16. HHH Old Vet.

    My own Brother is a COP, an Honest one but I do not trust him any more when it comes to the Constitution and the 2A. I asked him which side he was choosing when he retires. Waiting, it would be good to have my Brother back rather than the alternative if he ends up in my sights.

    Hey Lamar D, go watch the Battla of Pueblo, and come tell us about it, Cinco DE Mayo, good flick. Think “WINNING” if you can, because it will come down to that, for you and yours, for all of us.

    If Cops get shot at, holes in the patrols, they tend to stay away from Hot areas, the smart ones anyway.