Ukraine: Live Feed – Independence Square, Kyiv

Live streaming video by Ustream
Via a WRSA reader.

See also Barnhardt’s latest.


3 responses to “Ukraine: Live Feed – Independence Square, Kyiv

  1. xxtwitter, you seem to be better informed than the others here. Any idea as to why the roads are blocked by cops?

  2. you have to think that maybe with cyprus’s banlk lockdown before, those in control have determined to keep the masses out of the loop of a lot of things, how much do we hear about iran now that its months or weeks from being able to develop a nuke ?

    regarding ann’s article, i am not suprised by her view of americans and i agree. americans have been dumbed down and softened for decades and those that would fight for actual freedom and liberty have dwindled to almost non-existant today. if not, with how easy it is to get info today, americans would have figured they are being robbed with each paycheck and would have thrown cingreess out a long time ago.

  3. “xxtwitter, you seem to be better informed than the others here. Any idea as to why the roads are blocked by cops?” I don’t know about that. I don’t have any sources of my own in Ukraine. I do read both the pro-opposition and Russian media, which has had no choice (via Ruptly) but to show the level of violence.

    What I do know is that even regions that are tired of Yanukovich’s corruption and the Berkut beating people up don’t like the Lviv Banderisti (those who idolize a failed Nazi collaborator who was mainly good at slaughtering Jewish and Polish civilians, not so much at fighting the Red Army though the UPA forest brothers inspired by Bandera persisted well into the 1950s). If you think I’m simply presenting a pro-Russia perspective, well read the author of Bloodlands himself here denouncing the lame duck Yuschenko’s wildly unpopular decision to posthumously award Bandera with the Hero of Ukraine Award in 2010:

    My chief point is this: the neocons who think that they’re finally going to get revenge on Putin for all the humiliation he’s heaped on them with Syria and other things lately have another thing coming. What Ann Barnhardt doesn’t understand is that the Crimea’s regional parliament just passed a resolution saying they would not remain in a ‘Banderisti’ Ukraine. What that means in practical terms is they’re threatening the Lvov crowd with this: if you Galicians secede while promoting the territorial breakup of Ukraine, so can we. I personally don’t think it’s in America’s national interest for the Crimea to slip its current akward status of being an autonomous Russian-speaking majority enclave inside Ukraine and go full bore back to the Russian Empire (even if technically the borders won’t change, like South Ossetia and Abkhazia are the 90th and 91st okrugs, if you will of the RF).

    So yes Ann, ordinary Ukrainians are standing up to thugs — which might last so long as the Berkut (or ‘ex’ Spetsnaz mercs brought in from Russia) don’t break out the live ammo or start sniping the Molotov cocktail throwers. A Ukrainian civil war, despite Ann’s romantic ideas of Catholic Uniate crusaders fighting the dark Muscovite hordes, will in fact prove to be a bloodbath with both sides losing in the end and/or ethnic cleansing rather than people peaceably choosing which side of the West/East divide they prefer to live on.

    No sane Ukrainian should have to choose between Lviv fascists or crypto-fascists who want to join the dying EUSSR and a thief and thug with a criminal history dating back to his teens like Yanukovich. Let’s hope and pray with the help of the Church both Ukrainian and Russian Orthodox a better alternative emerges and the country can avoid a bloodbath. But at this point a low intensity (as opposed to high intensity in Syria) civil war seems imminent or already underway.