Latest WH Executive Order

I mean – the guy does have a pen and a phone

(H/t WRSA reader)

7 responses to “Latest WH Executive Order

  1. Boehner thinks the Constitution is just a prop anyway.
    Worthless pos.

  2. Sad to say but between Obama and Boehner, Obama has more balls.

  3. Did anyone read the comments at the end of the article? Quite scary, as these people ‘believe’. War is brewing…

  4. So when it’s politically convenient to “go it alone,” it’s executive order time! But when it’s something you don’t want to be blamed for you play the victim: “They don’t wike me :(”

  5. Помните, товарищи, когда время трахал Обамой, что некоторые люди доплатить за это в центре города.

  6. If Steve Quayle/Dave Hodges et al are right and there are Russkiy troops crawling all over the place, including in Gaitlinburg, Tenn. maybe I need to get cracking on Russian language posters for FREEFOR to put up around those areas…

    • I think we need new acronyms. How ’bout OPFOR and OTHERFOR?

      Or maybe OPFOR and OPFOR’. “OPFOR prime.” It’s a merry-go-round, the Cirque du Mort, and ain’t nuthin’ gonna change till individuals step off of it.

      I own myself and I’m not waiting for the Certificate of Title. There are no other answers. Everything follows from that.