More Verities

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…A lesson from that time remains relevant: enrage enough people and all the king’s horses, guns, spying, and men cannot stop them. One day you’re partying at Versailles, the next day your head is in a basket…

And all the King’s horses, and all the King’s men…

Tempus fugit.

5 responses to “More Verities

  1. Daniel K Day

    But why behead the king of rock and roll?

  2. first the French revolutionaries chopped off the King’s head…then they chopped off each others’ heads, and in waltzed Napoleon. There’s a lesson here someplace.

  3. Now how many heads had to come off before this man’s? And still the man on horseback came and restored the monarchy with a mere fifteen years.

  4. Ask a lot of men like me who grew up with the asshole “king of rock and roll”, and we’ll tell you why. One day you’re partying on the Potomac, and next day, you’re at the bottom of the Potomac. The Czar and his family could have easily fled Russia, but he wanted to stick around, and find out what they really thought of him. Crassus, the worlds richest man of his times, figured he could bug out to Egypt, and be on easy street. The Ptolemy guy figured he had better make a basket present of Crassus’ head to the Big Military Guy who came sniffing around looking for him.