Private Retirement Fund Nationalization: It’s Happening

Image: Barack Obama“…Really, I am totally only going to put the tip in – trust me!”

Simon Black explains.

Do you understand yet?

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9 responses to “Private Retirement Fund Nationalization: It’s Happening

  1. yes, i started posting on sites last year that if you had some vacation you are saving up for years down the road or were saving up for a new car, boat, something that you have been putting off; you should go ahead and do it now. i dont know when the big reset will come and it may never come; but if you think the govt wont take everything you own to keep itself running; you were born last night.

  2. Real life drama stories of the Lunatic Fringe;
    My 401k “plan” allowed for 1/2 to be pulled under a loan, so I did that. To get to the the remainder I’ve been holding my mortgage payments for 2 months at a time, this results in a nasty letter, threatening foreclosure. This letter was required by the 401k plan to qualify for a “hardship” withdrawal. Which i then did, and used the other money to buy preps. Oldest will be going to college next fall, this will be another “qualifying” event and I’ll milk some more out then. There won’t be squat for those aholes to bleed from me.

    They’re going to loot all the funds boys, none are safe. They’ll simply pass a law making it A-ok for them to skim your nest eggs. Best advice I have: Pull it now and convert it to silver, or lead, or lentils and rice. SOME thing tangible.

    Something i noticed: When I first started this two years ago, the monkey business of the “letter”, i had to call the plan admin and give some song and dance about how things were tough. They must have gotten enough traffic to make it counter-productive for them, because now all they have is a website where you fill out an onlne form and then print it off to fax in with copies of the lenders nasty letter. What does that tell you?

    • College? You are financially supporting TEAM EVIL’S reeducation of your son?


  3. I said “screw it” and just purchased a DBAL-D2 Aiming Laser/Illuminator. Next item up will be a thermal scope/camera.

    Saving for these important night devices may take more time than will be available.

  4. Now if you bring this up to the “sheep” then they will call you tin foil black helicopters.


    Let the Lemmings march into captivity via “The MyRA”. If this thing has the same results as Obamacare, it will go over like a lead balloon. Then, we’ll see what the IRS, DHS and Treasury Dept thugs have in store for the sheeple.
    My wake-up call came in 2008. After I stopped licking my wounds, I moved what was left of the IRA into commodities. I do not keep much in the checking account, just in case of a Cyprus-style “bail-in”. And, I and my tribe keep our ears to the ground, vis-a-vis the financial news. These are definitely tough times.

  6. Simon Black said he’d been writing about this since 2009. I said, “yeah, well so have I!”, but then I went to check and found I didn’t even start the blog until 2010.

    So he beat me, but it was in my very first post after a test “Hello World” post.

  7. First ObamaCare, now ObamaCRAP

    • Obama is evil but it was George W Bush who started remaking America into the Third Reich. Do not place hope in any politician. None.