TL Davis: Let The Games Begin

Think of Election 2014 as the opening salvo of Confrontation 2015.

Why 2015?

Remember this:

The only remaining constraint bearing at all on President Obama is the need to retain the Senate and possibly pick up the House in November.

Once that game is over – likely by carefully-targeted theft – he will have full Imperial powers with zero accountability for two full years.

Think about what that means.

TL, being a smart chap, calls for some internal housecleaning first.

I always liked the final scenes of The Godfather:

Your mileage may vary.


No matter what.

5 responses to “TL Davis: Let The Games Begin

  1. That’s exactly what I want: Zero “with full imperial powers” for however long it takes him to increase the political/racial/geographic polarization which, in concert with economic collapse, will lead to Civil War. So this November, Vote With Your Feet: go to gun store, not polling place.

  2. The constitution is dead. Good! The Bill of Rights is dead. Very sad! They are not coming back, not ever. Immigration is a smoke screen, a distraction, to keep focus off of the growing Police State. The Mexicans will not kill you. Homeland Security will. The militarized LEOs will. When the jobs and welfare run out the Mexican will leave. The TSA will not leave. NSA will not leave. Homeland will not leave. You should focus on what not only pisses you off but what can kill you.

  3. There are only a handful of Republicans with even the appearance of honoring their oath.

    I say “appearance” because not even one has really gone all out against government tyranny.

    That (all out) means complete disregard for “decorum”, the supposed “rules” of the House and the Senate, when paramount rules and limitations such as the Bill of Rights and provisions of the Constitution are twisted like silly putty in order to fit the needs of tyrants that would do as they please.

    The Bill of Rights has been as so much toilet paper to the Executive, Judicial, and Legislative branches of government.

    These cretins and trolls (aka republicans and democrats) are not worthy of the support or votes of Liberty minded people. That the votes are tallied honestly may be stretching assumption beyond reason. Blind faith appears the only support for the announced outcomes of elections, that in many instances in the past have been shown to have been manipulated.

    Even a mass movement of refusing to participate in election charades carries the possibility of being masked by faked total votes cast counts…

    I’ve been mulling it over, and will likely not cast a vote for any political critters in 2014, as it does seem only a charade in order to allow enough time for total consolidation of unlimited power in government.

    As an advocate of jury duty (grand and trial) as possibly the last peaceful means of limiting government power, I may cast a mostly blank ballot in order to still be in the jury pool. I may…or I may not.

    Because, I consider: the recent absurd trial jury verdict of not guilty in the trial of those “police officers” in CA that obviously unjustifiably beat that retired cop’s homeless son to a bloody comatose pulp (and the bastards behavior was captured on video), soon to die in the hospital…

    …and, the fact that though I have been notified more than several times of possible jury service myself, but having never been selected (the local “authorities” know what I’m about and surely do not want me on a grand or trial jury)…

    …and my own adventure being processed through the local criminal justice meat-grinder some time ago, and during that fiasco overhearing a conversation in the Court Clerk’s office that indicated that in my county jurors are not randomly selected as required, that instead juries are packed with the likes of relatives of the judge…

    Is there any point in participating in the FUBAR system any longer?

    I think I’ll just wait for the arrival of the coming critical mass.

    • “Is there any point in participating in the FUBAR system any longer?”

      Too easy…no. Sometimes you’re forced to, but there’s NEVER any point to it except literally staying alive.

      “I think I’ll just wait for the arrival of the coming critical mass.”

      Don’t shoot the messenger: you’re it. I wish I remembered who wrote that brilliant comment—The Cavalry HAS arrived; go look in the mirror.

  4. And it’s not just Obama, every president since (and including) LBJ has tended towards tyranny, each subsequent president pretty much setting a progressively worse example, only to be outdone by his successor.

    Because of Ford’s pardon of Nixon and his criminal behavior, the “the past is the past-let us look forward” standard was set.

    Though the prosecution of criminal behavior necessarily requires an examination of the past, it is absurd that presidents get a pass merely due to holding high office. Equal justice was a quaint notion in theory, but not in practice.

    Remember Clinton promised G.H.W. Bush would be held to account for his misbehaviors. But once Slick Willie assumed office, accountability for Bush was quashed.

    G.H.W. Bush’s son, G.W. Bush promised that Clinton would be held to account…it never happened.

    Obama, same deal, G.W, Bush will be investigated and held to account…you know how far that didn’t go once the election was over and the anointed one took the throne.

    We have passively watched how the presidency has rapidly become a near-total dictatorship.

    And-horror of horrors-look who’s on deck…Hitlery Clinton…