A Mere Coincidence?

A reader reminded me of Obama’s surely-coincidental setting of the new Federal project minimum wage at $10.10/hour and the lovely greenie advert above.

Pure serendipity, I am sure.

Especially since the debate is over.

No pressure.

6 responses to “A Mere Coincidence?

  1. Where’s that red button?
    I want to press it so badly.
    I just need to swap the red and blue wires…

  2. Excellent catch! The Global Marxists have been on the retreat lately due to… well let’s just say there is a “chill” out there, like for the last 16 YEARS!

    World Wide fear of Carbon dioxide is critical to their agenda.

  3. 10.10 huh? That’s just so very sweet of him isn’t it? These wackos are really making our future task easier and easier to come to terms with aren’t they?

  4. Good catch. It is interesting that that the ticks in some states which promoted greeeeeeen energy are then taxing people in some cases because the energy usage is lower then the average. Example is using solar to sell power back to the grid and getting hit with a charge because you are not using enough grid power. You can’t win by playing their games.


  5. Yes, the debate is over. Obongo is an asshole, undeniable.

  6. Sean, no disrespect, but you have two redundant statements…..
    Also you are 100% correct!