Catalog Of Snowden Revelations

To date, that is.

Add little gems like this:

Reason: FBI Has Seized An Entire TOR Server

and it isn’t irrational to conclude that all electronic comms are potentially compromised.

Got meatspace?

11 responses to “Catalog Of Snowden Revelations

  1. I used the Tormail server that got seized. I don’t worry a bit, as I used PGP encryption on all my email. Snowden has made it clear that PGP, properly used, is not accessible to OPFOR, period.

  2. I have no objection to NSA’s foreign intel activities; they can spy on fat Angela all they want. But I do object to – and this happened today on my “well protected” computer – running a routine malwarebyte scan and suddenly finding >1,000 hostile objects. Good grief.

    • Can you share the scan name?

    • If your security system, be it Windows or the Constitution, fails dramatically, that’s an indication that you need to switch to a better security system. Instead, you’re just going to cut out the worst of the damage you can locate, and keep using the same security system? This means your computer will be remotely controlled by bad people continuously except for the first five minutes after you run the cleaner-upper program, assuming it works perfectly, which it doesn’t. What is the mental blind spot that produces such loyalty to a security system which has so obviously repeatedly and completely failed?