SK: Progressives Without Progress

…There is no progress in progressivism. There is instead a deep fear of progress. Utopians fear the unregulated and unplanned and they replace the true expansive progress of the human spirit with the false progress of social controls. Human genius is sold on the block in exchange for bureaucracy…


Or, as a WRSA reader commented the other day:

Nothing will change until the bureaucrats are scared to go to work.

As the old joke goes, a good start.

9 responses to “SK: Progressives Without Progress

  1. Brilliant.


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  3. Re your pic with this post: It’s funny how things change. Years ago, I would’ve found it tragic and revolting. These days I find it hopeful and optimistic. Sad, but that’s the way it is, at least for me.

    That’s them; their choice. MYOB and “harden your hearts.”

  4. Brian in Seattle

    Progressive Utopianism is my favorite new description for them and their way of thinking. I’ve used in a few different forums and editorial pages in the last week or so. Stop Progressive Utopianism!

  5. I see that SK has touched on the real problem: to paraphrase the title of a book I read in high school, “Politicians come and go, but bureaucracies abide.”

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  7. I have to admit that I don’t much like the term “Progressive”. It’s kind of like abortionists calling themselves Pro-Choice. They made this change so that the only group using the word abortion was the Anti-Abortionist, giving them a leg up with the media. The anti-Abortionists soon caught on, however, and changed their name to Pro-Choice.

    Why? Because abortion is an ugly word describing an awful act that most people would rather not know about. So if you change the description, people will at least listen initially without being thoroughly disgusted, and turning you off then and there.

    Isn’t the using word “Progressive” a similar ploy? Tends to make you think that it’s beneficial – no? After all, isn’t progress good? Better health, better food, technology, quality of life, etc.

    But what, exactly, is the political doctrine of Progressive about other than collectivism? That’s what is, isn’t it? Tearing away all the happy talk about eliminating poverty and inequality, isn’t that what your left with? Doesn’t it mean denying one group of people their right of the pursuit of happiness (income and property) and awarding it to another?

    And God help you if you resist. Think you live in a free country? Don’t pay them their Dane geld and see where you wind up.

    Orwell demonstrated years ago the importance of language in the war of political indoctrination. Along with controlling the distribution of income and property, the use of language conditions us to a correct way of thinking. Add a healthy dose of revisionist history and you control the masses. Once you have control over the masses, you’re in control of the nation.

    If you want to change the agenda of collectivist indoctrination, don’t play along with the controllers and use their language. Describe their actions and plans using the proper descriptors for ugly, unpleasant things and we might see a little less effective brain washing.

  8. “Nothing will change until the bureaucrats are scared to go to work.”

    They need to be scared when they go home too.
    They need to be terrified every minute of every day and all night long.
    They need to be in fear of their very lives.
    The same way they treat their fellow citizens.

    When it’s stenciled on a mans brain that he can choose to live and let live or torment others and die he will choose life 100% of the time – make the bureaucrats choose.