Two From Max V

Follow-Up: Long-Range Shooters

Rucks, Gear, and Field Administration


Live hard.

Die free.

3 responses to “Two From Max V

  1. Mt Top Patriot

    To all out there considering attending Max’s training class, you will get more than you can imagine out his training. Meet many people you will find much in common with, and make good friends.
    The cost is nothing compared with the value received.
    This guy has the right stuff and is an excellent teacher of the tactics and mindset required to be a citizen fighter. It’s a game changer that gives you a serious fighting chance to survive and even thrive.
    It is a trans-formative experience and some of the best fun to be had with your pants on.
    Get this from Max or John or MD Tactical while it can be had. Once it starts to get sporty it will be too late.

  2. Max’s instruction makes the mainstream tacticool, upright standing, paper punching/SWAT kissing classes look like yesterdays fads..