WeaponsMan: “Mussolini without the timely trains”

Screen shot 2014-01-30 at 3.14.48 PMReport here.

WM’s dope-slapping of it and its authors here.

You do understand where this is going, right?

Tempus fugit.

3 responses to “WeaponsMan: “Mussolini without the timely trains”

  1. Not only were the T Bros. let in to the country after Putin warned all of our alphabet gestapi about them, they were then given $100,000 in handouts to sustain themselves while they got their act together. Musso may have been a clown, but he got a lot of people killed. So will the ‘Kwa’s current and final regime, before it’s done.

  2. “Mussolini didn’t make the trains run on time; he just made it illegal to complain about them.”

    – Bruce Schneier. Liars and Outliers. p. 284 (n 17-3).

  3. “The surveillance state is part of the state. Where surveillance is a priority — say, when political enemies are concerned — it’ll be ruthlessly efficient. The rest of the time, like when it involves protecting Americans from terrorists, it’s just another government job.”

    – Glenn Reynolds. April 27, 2013.