Hi There!

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That Bracken guy sure can write, can’t he?

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23 responses to “Hi There!

  1. Poor Nixon’s Girl probably now thinks he’s going to be followed around by CID, after reading your blog.

  2. Maybe its a good guy sneaking a peek while at the office…

  3. Love it !!!


  4. Typically, if the Army is doing OSINT (or if it’s CID or CI) then they’ll use a computer that can’t be traced back to the Army.

    I would, however, be cautious about what FreeFor sites I surfed while logged in at work. The traffic is logged, and the first thing CI looks for is who’s surfing adversarial, or potentially adversarial sites. FreeFor just needs to be more cautious.

  5. Isn’t it fun to poke them in the eye with a stiff dose of reality?

  6. Do they teach speed reading in the National Guard? Twenty-four seconds seems awfully quick to read and digest Mr. Bracken’s little tome. I guess a little exposure to reality is better than nothing!

  7. What explains the short duration of these visits?

  8. Yeah, I’m a big fan of this blog, and with you philosophically and support what you do, but…

    When I see this I think of myself; for two years plus- in Iraq, on a US military base, looking at this and sites like it- wondering if an ISP search would have made me look like “the man” spying.

    I don’t know…

    That visit number at the bottom- is that for this site? And for 24 seconds? If so… that is creepy.

  9. When I was on orders, I checked your site every day. I love it… 🙂

  10. I often check in during the lunch hour from work (USMC)

  11. I was thinking what Brett said, maybe a good guy sneaking a peak cause work is so damn boring….. If so I have a msg for him, TIGHTEN YOUR SHIT UP! You wanna get moved to the front of the list? What good are you to us if your this easy to watch? This is piss poor security, mind your Opsec!
    If not a good guy, then GFY.

  12. Interestingly, Waldorf Maryland (near the U. of M.) is mentioned is featured in Enemies Foreign And Domestic. The “Special Training Unit” of the ATF moved into the West Waldorf Industrial Park as their new clandestine base. The industrial park had been built but then never opened, because diligent EPA scientists found that it was too close to the breeding grounds of a rare gnat sub-species. However, it was opened up for the use of the STU because “national security” concerns trumped the rare gnats.

    • Daniel K Day

      Damn it, Bracken, how am I ever going to get any sleep tonight, now that I know the fate of those rare gnats?

  13. Big Bad Wolf

    I notice from the last couple of “Hi There” posts that all these .gov workers have Javascript disabled in their browsers. While I know its needed for many sites, it seems like a prudent thing to turn of until absolutely required. Me, I’ve disabled it in Chrome and left in on in FF, Chrome being what I use primarily I’ll just open FF when I run into some type of insurmountable issue. I’ll probably be a lot safer for it. Using a Linux OS goes a long way too (as opposed to a Microsoft product complete with its NSA backdoors).

    • IIRC, javascript has to be turned off to run AKO, the entirely shitty Army website.

    • It seems like almost all of these visits from .gov are of a pretty short duration. Just checking in to see of there’s anything new that’s interesting maybe? I know when I pull up a Bracken story I have to read the whole thing lol.

    • What is the average load time of your site ? Could they be scraping the site and aggregating it for later analysis? Most spiders will show up with JavaScript disabled. I’m thinking the short visit time is due to the spider grabbing the page and not someone actually viewing it.

  14. Why is everyone shocked that someone from the national guard would be reading? Of any of the branches of service, ARNG soldiers are probably the most likely to sympathize with any resistance movement against .gov forces..

    7 years with the Guard as a 19D, combat deployed, still currently serving, and have been a regular visitor for 2 years running.

    I read this site every other day.

    Big fucking deal.

  15. HHH Old Vet.

    These short visits, maybe they are making a snapshot of the page?
    It could be about any thing, watch for a pattern.

  16. only an innocent lad on a surfin’ safari. I think the .gov isn’t near as much on the qv as we give them credit for. Just don’t try selling any unpasteurized milk. That, they’ll get you for.

  17. Dan said: “What explains the short duration of these visits?”

    Easy….have a blank word doc. up and ready. Go to site and use keyboard commands for a quick highlight/copy operation and then shut site down. Paste to word doc. and read at your leisure or print and do same if you don’t want to leave it up on your screen.

    Just timed myself…..13 sec.

    Somewhere behind enemy lines,
    Peoples Republik of Kommiefornia

  18. RobRoySimmons

    FreeFor whatever it is cannot completely hide nor should it. You hide from them and they will define you, and once they define you they own your ass like its Kunte Kinte.

    I’ll say it again, anything you say on the net you better want to say it in FedCourt or with a microphone shoved in your face (then you better learn to make soundbites and actually be quotable)

    Not my site but if I had a site it would be much like this one and I would invite all the government and NGO operatives to participate that I could. Perhaps even ask them if they could let us know of any public buildings that could be used for a public meeting space. Like this; FreeFor Public Meeting at Hoover Building Washington DC open to the public, no admission charge all government employees invited, 8PM sharp.