Ukraine: Up Close And Personal

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Sent by a WRSA reader, this kind of fun is coming soon to FUSA.

Watch the full vid here.

And for those who say that the US security forces will use deadly force against American protesters, I say “Good!”:


That worked out pretty well last time.


However you can.

No matter what.

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29 responses to “Ukraine: Up Close And Personal

  1. ambiguousfrog

    Some point you say to yourself what you’re protecting isn’t worth being squeezed against a wall or dying for scum.

    Sucks to be the guy up front and his “buddies” pushing you from behind.

    It’s also obvious that cheap Chinese commie lumber has invaded that country making Buford Pusser roll in his grave.

  2. George Soros backed ‘freedom fighters’ who are fighting to be more align with the EU, I hardly a cause that I can gt behind. Evil regime vs evil regime.

  3. Grappling hooks, with long rope lines, GD it, GRAPPLING HOOKS. When you got the cops backed up like that, and they are on the defensive, use the grappling hook, thrown well back over the front line. You catch one, and start dragging. The cops lose their effectiveness very quickly, and the ones waiting their turn being hooked will run or give up. The cops’ cohesiveness is totally disrupted. Also, long, stout poles wielded by about four to six people, and pushed straight into the cops lines will have drastic effects on their unit cohesiveness, which is what you want to disrupt. Once unit cohesiveness is disrupted, and pressed further, they lose. Hey, while that’s going on, I’d be happy to find a side venue, and work out on the back and leadership, with my old 30.06. Snick.

    • The Minister of Terror approves….

      Excellent idea

      • Daniel K Day

        Excellent idea indeed, and just in case the “law enforcers” get the idea to carry knives to cut the ropes on the grappling hooks, wire rope will put the kibosh on that. Suitable attachments will be needed on the upstream end to ease pulling.

        • Be a real shame if one of them wire ropes got snagged on the bumper of some redneck’s truck as he unassed the scene most ricky-tick…

          • SemperFi, 0321

            An old USMC buddy and I were just discussing shot line guns, (he went to the USCG later) and he mentioned they also had some old cut down ’03 Springfields for that purpose. I remember the squids using a single shot H&R .45-70 w/blanks to launch a rubber tipped rod w/rope attached, I’m assuming the other end of that rope would fit a truck bumper?

    • SemperFi, 0321

      Now there’s some fear, being dragged inside a crowd and beaten to death.
      But be prepared, that’s when the bullets will fly too.
      So yes, sniper vs sniper will be good backup.

      • outlawpatriot

        The last bunch of cops that I faced held their extended Asps in both hands horizontally, straight out in front of them.

        Convenient handle for a quick grab and pull.

        • SemperFi, 0321

          The video of you backing them into that fence was priceless! The lady cop looked ready to wet herself, hope she re-evaluated her priorities that night.
          Good point about the ASP’s, I don’t think they would release their hold on a weapon, hence a grab hold for pulling them out of formation.
          Well done.

    • outlawpatriot

      I learn so much hanging around here.

  4. I cant help but think this would never happen in amerika as shown… the cops would surely be slinging 40 cal. and probably 5.56 as fast as they could, right?

  5. Again, if this happens in ‘murka, the cops will go to gun early and that has to be taken into consideration. Bringing a fire extinguisher and sticks to a gunfight is a bad idea. All the cops would open up and CA’s valuable idea of FREEFOR video coverage would be vital.

    Think of the Croke Park Massacre on 21 November 1920 by the Brit paramilitary & RIC and constabulary, the jungle telegraph in Ireland used that to great effect to free Ireland from the UK much like the speedy packet ship with affidavits that reached England in 1775 to give the real picture of the Lexington-Concord fight to the London newspapers.

    The mastery of personal video will be a key player in FREEFORs success.

    Imagine this: what if starting tomorrow morning, every time a cop made a vehicle stop, a half dozen other privately owned cars would stop and the occupants would simply start filming the cop in action, every time? What if this happened at every roadblock and checkpoint?What if neighborhoods or community assigned trail vehicles that would simply follow all a town’s cops daily and filmed everything?

    Like CA says, if FREEFOR does not record the event, the POV will be the imperial pressitutes fellating the government on a daily basis and we all know what that looks like.

    Bill BUppert

    • SemperFi, 0321

      Sooner or later, guns will replace video cameras. The cops no longer fear cameras, they bring in more backup, and seize whatever they want. Courts let them go, they won, again.
      They (LEO) too need to learn fear, on a large scale. But most folks haven’t learned they must fight back, they’re still too fearful of authority.
      It’s all just a matter of who escalates the situation bigger and faster.

      • In my humble opinion, I must agree with CA. More is better, Worse is better. I am not a big Barnhardt fan, but she does make some good points. Most recently, she said what needs to happen, is the people need to push the “authorities” to where they lash out, like in Ukraine now.

        When that happens, the mask is off for all the world to see. Let them escalate it!… Bring it. At that point, FreeFor. will have new recruits coming in droves and LEO’s will be jumping ship faster than they can say; “I won’t have much fun enjoying my retirement years if I am dead.” Most cops, bureaucrats and pols are pussies at heart and they will roll over and wet themselves when the shit starts to hit home.

        Final thought on something I have witnessed several times in recent months; While eating lunch in various places in my area, I have scene 3 different examples of how truly out to lunch the cops are….pun intended. I have had the displeasure of being seated in close proximity to cops on their lunch breaks. I am by nature an avid people watcher. In each of these situations, the cops have their noses buried in their food and only come up to read/send a new text message on their cell phones. They have no sense of situational awareness. A bad guy could walk in, do a mag dump and walk out before they could put their spoons down! In fact, this very thing happened about 5 years ago in Seattle. IIRC, 4 cops got iced in a coffee shop and not a one of them even un-holstered, let alone got off a shot! Most badges seem to be, overweight, undertrained, and literally oblivious to what is happening around them, especially when they are eating. Just saying.

      • outlawpatriot

        Ohhh, you mean like Boston in the 1770’s.

  6. you can see it coming here now, the “myRA” trying to lure people’s money because other govts wont support the usa anymore, more stories of limiting withdrawals of your money, federal govts losing control and people’s confidence over their economies, stories of shortages of some supplies where weather is affecting a region and the local govt has no money to help. may still be years be something serious is coming; maybe wars, riots, martial law or all 3.

  7. Also coming soon:

    Its not going to be fun.

  8. Jimmy the Saint

    “And for those who say that the US security forces will use deadly force against American protesters, I say “Good!”:
    That worked out pretty well last time.”

    Just remember, those guys in Boston were acquitted, too.

  9. I agree –coming soon to the USA.

    This is what the Occupy movement was getting warmed up to do a few years ago. They’re networked and organized now –far better than the patriots or 3pers or whatever we call ourselves today. Imagine a few thousand useful idiots unleashed on some state governors that the transnationalist fedgov felt was getting too uppity. The federal reaction force can swoop in and help stabilize the situation. The Occupiers will be brought to the table for the negotiations and the power “sharing” arrangement afterward.

    As per Hayek, the git r done strong man will take the stage. TPTB will think their takeover is complete, but it won’t last as long as they think it will.

  10. Ukrainian Love-In continues. All pushing and shoving. Won’t be like that here: Gun Work from the beginning, and Regime will quickly attempt to starve the rurals and suburbs into submission…leaving FreeFor no alternative but to chop the urbanites ‘lectricity…and cut off the food convoys. Imagine NY, Boston, DC, Chicago, Atlanta, Miami, St. Louis, Chicago, Seattle, Frisco, L.A. with no power, water, food for one week. Game over quickly. For them.

  11. Well, pretty much everything is covered.

    Grappling hooks. Cable works well. One imagines the fire hose that dood was using would be a real bear to cut. Nice thing about that is it’s readily available so you aren’t seen carrying it in. Turning it on and washing their feet out from under them wouldn’t have been a bad idea.

    Better lumber. Nails are METT-TC.

    Line launchers. Rumor has it someone on here has a HR Handi Rifle with AR10 flash hider. It seems the flash hider is 22mm which, coincidentally, is the same size as rifle grenades, line launching projectiles, and all manner of bedevilement. God bless NATO Standardization Agreements (STANAG). There are lots of recipes for line launching blanks out there on the surplus forums. You industrial types with access to sheet metal tools and a spot welder might grab a sample from a surplus store and look just how easy the launch assembly is to make. One imagines a billiard ball on the end of it would knock the snot out of someone.

    Bet the next time they protest, they’ll have the edges of those shields they took sharpened….

    “A clearing house of patriotic mischief” indeed.

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  13. For the sake of considering nonescelation to guns, looking at that picture made me think of 1×2 or 2×2 pikes in a decent phalanx, feel free to forward the idea to the folks that might like it.