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For The Singletons

Received over the transom.

Obana’s Own Entry In The Flag Contest


Sorry, Charlie.

Entry received after 1800 EST.

Neener neener neener.

We Know Where You Live (To The Tune Of “We Shall Overcome”)

Written originally for the 9/2009 March on DC – and shelved at that time as being just a tink too bellicose – here is the first verse of a new classic:

We know where you live
We know where you live
We know where you live
Eat, sleep, work out, and pray
Oh, standing for the Light
Against eternal Night
We know what you do is wrong

Additional verses welcome in comments. Keep the tone high.

We want this song to be sung by as many people as possible as times get more sporty.

And BTW – we shall overcome.


Washington Scoffs

Tempus fugit.

Devolution, NY Style

New York City
Secession movement in New York pushes for Big Apple to split from Upstate

As a CNY cat for 21 years, I say “Faster, please”.

And “Eff Albany”.

Always that.

(H/t Ol’ Remus)


daddy resist
A fair question.

Audentes fortuna iuvat.

Know Your Socialists

molotov ribbentrop stalin
Cold Fury links to important pieces, especially for those in the tribe just spinning up.

Punch line up front?

If his boot is standing on your throat, the color of his shirt does not matter.

No quarter.

Guerrillamerica: Online Courseware

Smarter, better.

Dumb, dead.

Any questions?

Max V: Tactical Planning Tasks – Exercise #1

Max + Ivan
Statement of Problem/Commander’s Intent; excerpt below:


This is the first of series of planning tasks. This first one has been submitted by FormerSapper. I will pose the problem today, and then in a day or so I will post his solution.

This is how I want these problems to run:

1) A tactical mission is posed. These can come from me or be submitted by readers. I need Google Earth coordinates for the location.

2) These are not *real* missions. They will take place within a fictitious scenario.

3) Readers can then submit their solutions, for which I need any relevant maps and a description of your scheme of maneuver. I snip out of Google maps/earth and annotate using paint or similar.

4) There is no *right* answer. This is a planning and learning exercise. a TEWT: Tactical Exercise Without Troops.

5) The comments section is for questions/comments/feedback, not your solution. Submit that by email to me. Glib BS answers in comments will be deleted.

6) I advise that you exercise your mental faculties by using a planning process. I recommend the Combat Estimate planning tool as given in ‘Contact.’ You can bang on about MDMP, but I have little sympathy for that cumbersome staff planning tool as a tactical planning tool.

7) In order for readers to be able to plan, scenarios will require:

Situation (scenario)
Enemy Forces
Friendly Forces
(Civil Considerations)
Specified Tasks
Commander’s intent and desired end state.
Any constraints including rules of engagement.
8) When planning, as a general rule, you are looking for:

Mission Analysis:
What to achieve and the desired end state.
Main effort
Factors, leading to “So What?’ analysis, leading to:
Considerations (such as balance of enemy/friendly forces, enemy/ground considerations etc.)
Your list of specified and implied tasks will lead to:
3 courses of action.
Choose 1 = the plan.
Edit: there is no deadline for this. Plans will be posted as received, and can be used as an educational medium for others, even as they do their own. It’s not a test or a competition, there is no right or wrong answer, it is food for thought, training and learning.

It does help to stick to some good solid principles. The principles of attack are as follows:

Seek surprise.
Maintain security.
Seize key terrain or targets vital to influencing perceptions.
Achieve superiority of fires and other effects.
Exploit maneuver.
Concentrate the effects of force or the threat of force.
Plan to exploit success.
Keep it simple.


Do the work FIRST.

Then review the solutions proferred to date:






Post your solutions at Max’s place.

But do the work please.

There will likely be a Zim airfield in your future.

Remember – there is no merit badge for “Got my ass strafed”.

Live hard.

Die free.

Your Foe #2

…Unbeknownst to you, I am surrounded by people who claim to identify with the tea party and/or go to the meetings. Most of my family , extended family, friends and associates for starters. When I ask them what they are willing to do to stop the runaway federal spending, they have nothing to offer. Well, they want their taxes reduced a bit. Maybe ease back a bit on defense spending, maybe. But not the veteran’s benefits. Most of them resent the welfare queens and food stamp recipients and most of them won’t say so out loud. Most are not thrilled with the bank bailouts. But, not one of them is willing to stop paying taxes. None of them would touch 95% of the federal budget. None of them would surrender any of their own federally funded benefits. So, where does that leave us? It leaves us with the conclusion that the members of the tea party want their goodies and are willing to pay enough tax dollars to keep them. But they don’t want to pay for some of the goodies other people get. It’s just simple logic.

It may be that you don’t quite grasp the extent of the gravy train. Or maybe you have so much money, it just doesn’t matter? The federal spending train subsidizes nearly everything in this country. And I mean everything. Would you really put all those people out of work – at one stroke?

If so, the anarchists would love to have you join their group.

Commenter at Maggie’s Farm

Your Foe – #1

Note that these guys genuinely believe the guff they are spreading.


Or you.

(H/t Curtis)

Tactical Response Fighting Rifle AAR

As sent by a WRSA reader:


I am a twenty-something from a fly-over state who was raised around guns and in recent years have begun pursuing the idea of learning to fight with them instead of merely using them to make noise and kill the occasional game animal.


Tactical Response Fighting Rifle, with Jay as head instructor and Jerry and Andrew with the assist.
• Gear
• Arsenal SGL 21
• Surplus steel mags
• Glock 17
• Glock mags
• OSOE web gear
• MWRL 8-Mag
• Hydro Carrier
• Three Pistol Mag Pouch
• Tear Off Med Pouch
• Rigid Cobra Belt w/ Velcro Backing
• Quart Canteen Pouch X2
• Rallyman Subload
• Single Point Bungee Sling
• Safariland 6004
• Red Army rifle ammo
• Tula Pistol ammo
• Non-electric ear pro


Tactical Response’s home range in Camden, TN. I bunked in the Team Room.


Feb 22-23, 2014


Given my lack of carbine training, I figured I should try to fill that gap with a class that is known to be hard on guns and highly informative with regard to Mindset, Tactics and Skill.

Take Aways:

• My rifle ran great. I had one failure in the 1500-ish rounds. The failure I had I did not very thoroughly diagnose because when my rifle went click, I immediately loaded a new mag and ran the bolt while trying to keep my eyes toward the threat. I think it was a failure to feed, but it could have been a bad round. Either way, it only happened once during the course.
• I had a little trouble seating my rifle mags, until I acted upon Jay’s advice to tuck the butt of my rifle under my arm when performing mag changes.
• My pistol ran great, no failures.
• My ammo did well with the possible exception which I stated above.
• Eight loaded AK mags on the front of a chest rig is heavy. The first day I failed to fill the Camelbak in my hydro carrier and so by lunch of day one I was a little disheartened. Day two I had the Camelbak full and it was a much better experience, having the load balanced makes all the difference (I decided to carry 12 rifle mags and five pistol mags after reading Max V.’s book).
• Communication is extremely important if you are working with someone and can easily be forgotten in the heat of the moment.
• PT is vital (Shout out to Mr. Mosby). I started working out for the class in Dec and am in much better shape than I was previously, but I still have a long way to go. It wasn’t that we were doing a lot of running or anything, but when I was crouched behind “cover” trying to control my breathing while putting out effective fire I fatigued quickly. This fatigue was especially apparent when trying to move from “cover” to “cover” quickly.
• Having a dump pouch could be very handy, I had previously considered something that wasn’t particularly useful. Leaving partially loaded mags on the ground and running away from them can be disheartening.
• If you do have someplace to put them, use the weight of the mag to tell you if it still has bullets in it or not. This allows you to keep your head up and looking down range.
• Stock AK sights suck, especially if you are doing anything besides standing still and calmly shooting at a piece of paper. I need to upgrade to XS Big Dots and/or an Aimpoint.
• Shooting from “unconventional positions” such as weak side or while lying on the ground is a lot more difficult than it looks in a Youtube video and requires practice.
• It takes a lot less time than you think to empty a mag when you are trying to provide covering fire. It takes a very conscious effort to slow down your rate of fire to something reasonable.

All-in-all, it was a great weekend and well worth the time/money/energy.

Thank you Jay, Jerry, Andrew, and James for offering this opportunity to freedom-loving citizens who want to be ready to defend their homes and families.


All tyrants bleed and are flammable.

This has been a public service message from your neighbors, relatives, co-workers, and fellow parishioners.


UPDATE 2140 EST 27 FEB 2014: As sent by a reader:


Use this pic to make your own meme.

Just imagine if pressurized fuel is used.


That would be dangerous, and contribute to global warming.


More meme-worthy images:

what the hell do you mean my pension and health benefits won't be paid







Medical Thoughts

All from the Raconteur Report:

First Aid

SHTF Medical w/ List/Links

Casualty/Trauma Care & Supplies In Austere Conditions

Action this day.

(H/t WRSA reader)

Bad People, CT Edition

Copy of resist bw finger solo
Reprinted from SSI; related email addy list here:

The state of Connecticut is making lists of firearm owners to raid. It seems obvious to me that it is thus only fair to list those anti-constitutional tyrants who will have blood on their hands the moment the first Connecticut citizen is shot by the CT state police while carrying out their orders. I will be sending these folks my own email later today.

CT State Senators voting Yes on “An Act Concerning Gun Violence Prevention and Children’s Safety, also known as Public Law 13-3 or Connecticut Senate Bill No. 1160,” 3 April 2013. List includes home addresses. Photos and home phone numbers of these tyrants are available here:

John W. Fonfara, 99 Montowese St., Hartford 06114-2841

Eric D. Coleman, 77 Wintonbury Ave., Bloomfield 06002-2529

Andrea Stillman, 5 Coolidge Ct., Waterford 06385-3309

Gary LeBeau, 501 Canyon Ridge Dr., Broad Brook 06016-5602

Kevin Kelly, 240 York St., Stratford 06615-7952

Steve Cassano, 1109 Middle Tpke, E Manchester 06040-3703

Anthony J. Musto, 15 Maymont Ln., Trumbull 06611-2111

Beth Bye, 99 Outlook Ave., West Hartford 06119-1432

Andres Ayala, PO Box 55106, Bridgeport 06610-5106

Terry B. Gerratana, 674 Lincoln St., New Britain 06052-1833

Michael A. McLachlan, 47 W Wooster St., Danbury 06810-7731

Bob Duff, 50 Toilsome Ave., Norwalk 06851-2425

Toni Boucher, 5 Wicks End Ln, Wilton 06897-2633

Paul Doyle, 38 Thornbush Rd., Wethersfield 06109-3554

Carlo Leone, 88 Houston Ter., Stamford 06902-4449

Toni N. Harp (no longer in the Legislature, she is now the Mayor of New Haven, CT).

John McKinney, 986 S Pine Creek Rd., Fairfield 06824-6348

Martin M. Looney, 132 Fort Hale Rd., New Haven 06512-3630

Donald E. Williams, Jr., 41 Malbone Ln., Brooklyn 06234-1563

Edward Meyer, 407 Mulberry Point Rd., Guilford 06437-3204

Dante Bartolomeo, 167 Reynolds Dr., Meriden 06450-2568

Gayle Slossburg, 14 Honeysuckle Ln., Milford 06461-1671

Joan V. Hartley, 206 Columbia Blvd., Waterbury 06710-1401

Leonard Fasano, 7 Sycamore Ln., North Haven 06473-1283

Joseph J. Crisco, Jr., 1205 Racebrook Rd., Woodbridge 06525-1822

L. Scott Frantz, 123 Meadow Rd., Riverside 06878-2521

CT House members voting Yes on “An Act Concerning Gun Violence Prevention and Children’s Safety, also known as Public Law 13-3 or Connecticut Senate Bill No. 1160,” 3 April 2013. Photos and home phone numbers of these tyrants are available here:

Catherine Abercrombie, 64 Parker Ave., Meriden 06450-5945

Ernest Hewett, 29 Colman St., New London 06320-3558

Peter Tercyak, 150 Belridge Rd., New Britain 06053-1008

Brenda Kupchick, 85 Liberty St., Madison 06443-3258

William Tong, 99 Chestnut Hill Rd., Stamford 06903-4030

Gary Holder-Winfield, 480 Winchester Ave., New Haven 06511-1920

James Albis, 369 Coe Ave., Apt 14, East Haven

David Alexander, 277 Pearl St., Enfield 06082-4368

Bryan Hurlburt (Stepped down to take a position with the USDA’s Farm Service Agency.)

Diana Urban, 146 Babcock Rd., North Stonington 06359-1334

Gail Lavielle, 109 Hickory Hill Rd., Wilton 06897-1135

Claire Janowski, 263 Hany Ln., Vernon 06066-2740

Edwin Vargas, 141 Douglas St., Hartford 06114-2422

Angel Arce, 248 Franklin Ave., Hartford 06114-1841

Susan Johnson, 120 Bolivia St., Willimantic 06226-2818

Joe Verrengia, 160 Colonial St., West Hartford 06110-1814

David Arconti, Jr., 141 Great Plain Rd., Danbury 06811-3844

Tom Vicino, 92 Carter Hill Rd., Clinton 06413-1230

Joe Aresimowicz, 248 Lower Ln., Berlin 06037-2231

David Kiner, 5 Cranberry Hollow, Enfield 06082-2200

Toni Walker, 1643 Ella T Grasso Blvd., New Haven 06511-2801

Patricia Widlitz, 12 Island Bay Cir., Guilford 06437-3058

Timothy Larson, 33 Gorman Pl., East Hartford 06108-1450

Christina Ayala, 506 Brooks St., Bridgeport 06608-1303

Terry Backer, 125 Jefferson St., Stratford 06615-7810

Roland Lemar, 6 Eld St., New Haven 06511-3816

Roberta Willis, PO Box 1733, 30 Upland Meadow Rd., Lakeville 06039-1733

Tom O’Dea, 37 Holly Rd., New Canaan 06840-6406

David Baram, 5 Warbler Cir., Bloomfield 06002-2233

Matthew Lesser, 1160 S Main S.,t Apt 110, Middletown 06457-5034

Christopher Wright, 35 Ruth St., Apt 49, Bristol 06010-3218

Arthur O’Neill, 617 Bucks Hill Rd., Southbury 06488-1952

Brian Becker, 14 Candlewood Dr., West Hartford 06117-1009

Rick Lopes, 208 S Mountain Dr., New Britain 06052-1514

Elissa Wright, 51 Pearl St., Groton 06340-5732

Elizabeth “Betty” Boukus, Legislative Office Bldg., Rm 4017, Hartford 06106

Geoff Luxenburg, 45 Chatham Dr., Manchester 06042-8522

James Maroney, 22 Saranac Rd Milford 06461-9401

Larry Butler, 70 Blackman Rd., Waterbury 06704-1203

Juan Candelaria, 28 Arch St., New Haven 06519-1511

Brandon McGee, 43 Warren St., Hartford 06120-2117

Robert Megna, 40 Foxon Hill Rd., Unit 54, New Haven 06513-1166

Charles “Don” Clemons, 130 Read St., Bridgeport 06607-2021

Michelle Cook, 499 Charles St., Torrington 06790-3420

Patricia Miller, 95 Liberty St., Apt A4, Stamford 06902-4732

John Shaban, 29 Ledgewood Rd., Redding 06896-2916

Bill Aman, 878 Strong Rd., South Windsor 06074-2006

Philip Miller, 24 Bushy Hill Rd., Ivoryton 06442-1108

Victor Cuevas, 17 Keefe St., Waterbur,y 06706-1616

Mike D’Agostino, 575 Ridge Rd., Hamden 06517-2519

Russ Morin, 495 Brimfield Rd., Wethersfield 06109-3209

Richard Smith, 25 Jeremy Dr., New Fairfield 06812-2109

Prasad Srinivasan, 268 Grandview Dr., Glastonbury 06033-3946

Bruce Morris, 315 Ely Ave., Norwalk 06854-4619

Stephen Dargan, 215 Beach St., West Haven 06516-6133

Paul Davis, 335 Smith Farm Rd., Orange 06477-3127

Ted Moukawsher, 48 W Elderkin Ave., Groton 06340-4933

Mitch Bolinsky, 3 Wiley Ln., Newtown 06470-1812

Stephen Walko, 7 Charter Oak Ln., Greenwich 06830-6911

Mike Demicco, 6 Deborah Ln., Farmington 06032-3031

Mary Mushinsky, 188 S Cherry St., Wallingford 06492-4016

Patricia Dillon, 68 W Rock Ave., New Haven 06515-2221

Sandy Nafis, 49 Whitewood Rd., Newington 06111-2133

Larry Cafero, Jr., 6 Weed Ave., Norwalk 06850-2224

Terrie Wood, 50 Saint Nicholas Rd., Darien 06820-2823

Joe Diminico, 26 Finley St., Manchester 06040-5616

David Yaccarino, 1804 Hartford Tpke., North Haven 06473-1248

Elaine O’Brien, 1321 Hill St., Suffield 06078-1024

Kim Fawcett, 234 Collingwood Ave., Fairfield 06825-1877

Chris Perone, 8 E. Rocks Rd., Norwalk 06851-2919

Christie Carpino, 29 Sovereign Rd., Cromwell 06416-1136

Lonnie Reed, 60 Maple St., Apt. 44, Branford 06405-3562

Andy Fleischmann, 25 Sherwood Rd., West Hartford 06117-2739

Mae Flexer, 452 Main St., Danielson 06239-2104

Emmett Riley, 150 Yantic St., Unit 160, Norwich 06360-4248

Daniel Fox, 14 Carter Dr., Stamford 06902-7013

Matt Ritter, 169 N Beacon St., Hartford 06105-2246

J. Brendan Sharkey, 600 Mount Carmel Ave., Hamden 06518-1606

Jason Rojas, 128 Langford Ln., East Hartford 06118-2369

Gerald Fox, III, 66 Fairview Ave., Stamford 06902-8129

Mary Fritz, 43 Grove St., Yalesville 06492-1606

Livvy Floren, 210 Round Hill Rd., Greenwich 06831-3357

Henry Genga, 5 Elaine Dr., East Hartford 06118-3515

John Frey, 2 Copps Hill Rd., Ridgefield 06877-4013

Linda Gentile, 158 Hodge Ave., Ansonia 06401-3236

Robert Sanchez, 269 Washington St., New Britain 06051-1024

Minnie Gonzalez, 97 Amity St., Hartford 06106-1001

Ezequiel Santiago, 991 State St., Bridgeport 06605-1504

Jeffrey Berger, 134 Gaylord Dr., Waterbury 06708-2181

Auden Grogins, 155 Brewster St., Apt 5L, Bridgeport 06605-3111

Hilda Santiago, 86 South Ave., Fl 3, Meriden 06451-7624

DebraLee Hovey, 296 Fan Hill Rd., Monroe 06468-1329

Bob Godfrey, 13 Stillman Ave., Danbury 06810-8007

Antonio Guerrera, 194 Catherine Dr., Rocky Hill 06067-1096

Brian Sear, 11 N Canterbury Rd., Canterbury 06331-1209

Elizabeth Ritter, 24 Old Mill Rd., Quaker Hill 06375-1319

Tony Hwang, PO Box 762, Fairfield 06824-0762

Joseph Serra, PO Box 233, Middletown 06457-0233

Gregg Haddad, 28 Storrs Heights Rd., Storrs Mansfield 06268-2322

John Hampton, 33 West Mountain, Simsbury 06092

Charlie Stallworth, 35 Wickliffe Cir., Bridgeport 06606-1929

Themis Klarides, 23 East Ct., Derby 06418-2640

Noreen Kokoruda, 85 Liberty St., Madison 06443-3258

Jonathan Steinberg, 1 Bushy Ridge Rd., Westport 06880-2104

Jack Hennessy, 556 Savoy St., Bridgeport 06606-4125

ukrainian protestor bat man

Sling Your Weapon

JC sends.


For Your Files

Screen shot 2014-02-27 at 7.28.21 PM
FM 5-34: Engineer Field Data

Tempus fugit.


As sent by a WRSA reader.

Sic semper tyrannis.

“I want to have a heart to heart with the law enforcement personnel of Connecticut”

Another voice.

The Bad People will not stop.

Until they are stopped.


By any means

(H/t MB)


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