Let’s Dance

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7 responses to “Let’s Dance

  1. Hey Zoomie, when’s the IPO? Did you book Sotheby’s yet? “Out-good ’em. They’ll never see it coming cuz they don’t know what it looks like.”

    And this, re the vid—“There are nothing but individuals out there.”

  2. Related to Zoomie’s masterful demonstration of there being nothing but individuals out there, there’s this…


    When they slap you in the face, it means they’re getting ready to do more.

    • Individuals…yes. That’s what I thought too…a simple list, as good as, and better than, most.

      Thanks for the link. As with WRSA, the education comes in the “comments” section at ZeroHedge.

      • lastmanstanding

        Amen …26AD…I love the blogs, the opinions/postings. The commenters are the “meat” of the matter.

        Standing alone…only choosing to be with the rest of you.

        “don’t go down without one helluva fight”

      • Just saw, she withdrew…something about Twitter outrage. They tried, they lost; that would make a nice pattern.

  3. Homefront Defense

    Ohh fuck yes!