Open Photoshop Thread

Via Twitter.

Suggest going outside of the “women need for Valentine’s Day” box with your ‘shopping.


Heh heh heh….

UPDATE 0900 EST 11 FEB 2014: A reader sends two entries, plus a blank for your fun:




UPDATE 1140EST 11 FEB 2014: Zoomie sends:


17 responses to “Open Photoshop Thread

  1. “I have age spots bigger than my nipples. Better looking, too.”

    • That’s gotta be some pretty big age spots. The one thing she had going for her is she’s got some big hooters. She supposedly landed a rich husband most likely with those hooters and that’s probably how she got to the house. Even in San Francisco, they expect you to be reasonably intelligent to run for office(unlike sheila’s district) and that, she aint.

  2. Why is she wearing a Haloween mask? It isn’t October.

  3. She always looks like she’s pulling 9 G’s in an F-16. Even when she’s not moving.


    If you aim at the sign, it’s not a 100% kill shot, aim higher.

  5. I’m just in Congress, and behaving badly, because I’m still upset that a house fell on my sister.

  6. I am a c*nt and I will f*ck up your liberty until the day I die and so will my successor from my district since they are f*cking losers.
    -sorry, I’m just in one of those moods.

  7. MtTopPatriot

    Agitprop at it’s finest!

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  9. Too bad my mommy wasn’t “Pro Choice”

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  11. Looks like she mixed up her lip-gloss with something a bit stickier: