Henry Magee, John Quinn, and the “Right of Resistance”

Will Grigg gives another lesson on the realities of police-citizen encounters.

It ain’t on the level.

And you ain’t on the good side of the scale.

27 responses to “Henry Magee, John Quinn, and the “Right of Resistance”

  1. I have been reading Will Grigg for several years now, he is an indispensable resource in our Liberty Games, please support him and his work, I have little, and owe much, but found some to give.

  2. Interesting video … purportedly a letter from an American serviceman, explaining some of the reasons why it is so difficult for him to behave honourably.

    Bottom line is that he fears his fellows.

  3. Pics of armored intruders are nice to contemplate. I especially like pics that include directional arrows, and the words “hips” and “heads.”

    Turnabout is fair play. The other people buy and use their own meme of practice targets, which are offensive to many of us.

    It may have been Mosby who has coined the phrase, “hips and heads, kids.” If not, kudos to whoever did.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      Funny, that was my first thought also when I saw the picture.
      Print, and perforate!

        • He is a retired Marine. He should know better. But he was a Drill Instructor so that explains a lot. To paraphrase: “Once a sadist, always a sadist.” And, “there are no ex-sadists.”

          • SemperFi, 0321

            Little play on words there, he served less than a ‘decade’ but says he’s retired USMC. Last I knew, it took 20.5 yrs to earn retirement.

            I knew a few sadists in my time, they fit in well where peer pressure supports that kind of behavior.

            • I noticed that as well. Normally when one is retired before 20, it’s for medical reasons. So either he’s full of shit or a brokedick. Either way, it doesn’t say much about the agency that hired him after his “retirement.”

        • From the second link:
          “In March 2012, Chris Grollnek received his Master of Science in Administration of Justice and Security … ”

          Look that one up and take a glance at the curriculum. Another garbage degree, right up there with the Liberal Arts trash, except with decidedly Orwellian connotations. “M.S.”, my ass …

          • Today’s college degrees…$400-$1,000 or more a credit hour. Overpriced books required, only available on campus book stores. Easy tuition loans from ones friendly banker. Loans that can never be discharged, defaulted on. Loans from the banks thru the student to the colleges supporting lavish faculty salaries. Loans guaranteed by stategov and fedgov (read taxpayers). The bankers sure have it made with today’s “loans for education”. The colleges, the .govs and the banks, working together to enslave people for a document one could use for a reach-around. What an effing racket.

            Johnnie has his college degree and a 100k of debt but the dumb bastard can’t lace up a pair of boots.

  4. Great rejoicing will commence when someone wipes the supercilious smirk, and those damned sun glasses, off that grandstanding shit head’s face.

  5. CA seems to be placing more and more emphasis on the nastiness of the Regime Enforcers who, after all, are caught between several ultimately lethal forces: the Regime, violent criminals…and Us. I believe that, given sufficient stimuli, many policemen, Sheriff’s deputies, HP and the like will eventually drift over to FreeFor. Blanket demonization is not helpful.

    • Is that so? I’d like to believe that (and did at one time). I don’t any more due to the failure of the “good guys” to change the culture of control in their departments.

      “Service” should be the watchword for a properly-run PD, not “control” or “domination” or any of the other prison-guard bs that exists in the modern constabulary.

      Regime-thugs you act, regime-thugs you will be treated.

    • “I believe that, given sufficient stimuli, many policemen, Sheriff’s deputies, HP and the like will eventually drift over to FreeFor.”

      Even leaving aside outright sadists, that doesn’t make sense. It’s not only a living, it’s a relatively safe living. Both of those values will increase dramatically should widespread trouble break out. Shouldn’t, but will. Pragmatism rules the day, and most people are practical when it comes to their safety and incomes.

      “Blanket demonization is not helpful.”

      Blanket demonization is never helpful. There are only individuals out there.

    • Obviously the stimuli of which you speak happens when it’s no longer a relatively safe living. This has been a focus on the Liberty side of the ‘net lately. That’s sensible enough, but a tough chore to accomplish with a population of over 300 million. It’s a mighty big world out there; that’s one of the reasons collectivism pays off, if you wanna call it paying.

      I think maybe K has some idea along this line, so who knows. He has been known to come up with some winning ideas. And Pragmatism seems to be his specialty!

    • Battlefield USA

      StukaPilot says: “…the Regime Enforcers who, after all, are caught between several ultimately lethal forces: the Regime, violent criminals…and Us.”

      They are not caught anywhere. They are exactly where they want to be. And no one is making them do all the crap they do. Of all the unrighteous arrests, beatings, shootings, deaths, and etc., no one forced them. No one forces them to turn a blind eye. No one forces them to be enforcers for the regime. Obviously, they are comfortable where they are at. And if you take any one of these personality types, after the fact, into your tribe, it will be like throwing a cog in the machine.

    • StukaPilot said, “Blanket demonization is not helpful.” I believe you are incorrect, sir. When facing an enemy on the battlefield, one MUST presume they are all bad guys. Just because some may eventually desert and join the Forces of Freedom, doesn’t mean they’re not your enemy now.

      It is they who see themselves at war with those whom the supposedly serve. It is they who walk among us kitted up like the recent graduates from Range 37. It is they who proudly show off their armored vehicles for use against the citizens they supposedly serve.

      It is we who want only to be left alone.

  6. cultcha tourista

    Hips are a better target. Misses tend to go groundward quickly, not going through neighbor houses. Squatting position makes for approximately parallel-to-ground aim, while reducing your profile. Take the defender advantage!

    Is there a market for “Harder Homes & Gardens; A Magazine for Decorating and Making A Beautiful Family Home Safer From Predictable Ballistic and Explosive Threats”?

    A large quilt or tapestry can conceal a wall of 20″ thick sand-filled boxes stacked chest-high. 20″ of sand will stop all handgun/pistol-caliber SMG threats, and will take much of the sting out of rifle bullets. The added mass may make your living space more temperature moderated. Shoring up wooden floors may be required. Great cat perch!

  7. Be sure the ammo you stock will penetrate LEO body armor. But yes, hips get priority and heads if possible, but don’t forget the right kind of ammo.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      Anything that makes holes and leaks blood is the right ammo. A muzzleloader and a round lead ball will suffice, if that’s all you have. Blow someone’s knee or hip apart with it, he’s out of the fight instantly.
      Buying large amounts of specialized ammo is insane, you’ll never have it, or enough, when the time comes. FMJ and Soft point will do just fine for everyday use, a few AP won’t hurt to fill an extra mag, mark it with colored tape.
      Or are you that guy that buys the $100 a box stuff?

      • Mr. 0321…”Or are you that guy that buys the $100 a box stuff” ? And what if he is ? Why do you care ?

        Just be glad he’s buying ammo of any sort for a combat rifle.