Codevilla: Live Not By Lies

Resistance, using brain and mouth.

Other parts of the body will be needed to win against the filthy totalitarian bastards.

But victory is not possible without engagement of the brain and the mouth.

Let’s win.

(H/t Hoyt)

4 responses to “Codevilla: Live Not By Lies

  1. Yes, this is a war of ideas, first of all. Win the battle for the dominance of truth and FreeFor can win the war.

  2. MtTopPatriot

    Codevilla wrote a must read.
    As with all truths, it is pertinent today as 4 years ago..

    America’s Ruling Class And the Perils of Revolution
    Angelo M. Codevilla:

    and another fine piece last year:
    Whom Shall We Drone?
    Angelo M. Codevilla

  3. An excellent observation from a contributor on ZH.

    “Looters go by various names, but the legal systems they cook up are only superficially different. All power is the same: armed collectives claiming what they did not earn.”