Mosby: On Field Hygiene

Part I: How Does A Bear Shit In The Woods?

Part II: Cheeseburgers In Paradise

Live it.

Or sicken and die.

Your choice.

5 responses to “Mosby: On Field Hygiene

  1. Marlo Stanfield

    The Game Wardens have moved from bows and arrows to M4’s,NVD’s, unrestricted scanner’s, spotting scopes. Still trying to keep people from being free. In 2014 we have religious groups who pay no tax, telling people to not eat meat and be strong. 100.9 milligrams of soy is equal to a birth control pill. A few cups of that coffee substitute Chicory is male birth control. A fewcups will renderyour swimmers on the bench for about a week, as well as shrinking the TOTAL package. Try to eat a bunch of eggs each day, your test… and brain cells will thank you. That yummy stuff called Canola used to be called Rapeseed Oil. It was used as an industrial lubricant. Canola stands for Canadian Oil Company. I was wondering if a Game Warden and a Ghillie were the same job. Or were Ghille’s a hired hand for the wealthy land owners?My next purchase will be NV Goggles and a used full sized truck. This snow blast in North Carolina had me sweating like a whore in church, got lucky no power outages. A genset or two big enough to run a camper is on the dip and end the 401k list. It was very noticeable on which roads were cleared in record time and those not. There was no love for my county road at all, thisone time I would like to know which local pocket to line.

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  3. Wow, was that boring. Longwinded history lessons served up with ugly font. Had to stop reading as simple mindedness was approaching.

  4. A good post. And don’t forget Mullen if it grows in you neck of the woods. Mullen has been and is used for all sorts of ailments and the leaves are soft enough to be used as wipes.

  5. @Marlo- I know the woman responsible for the process to remove the toxins from rapeseed oil to make it edible. Turned a nearly useless plant into a cash crop. She never saw a dime, but got her PhD.
    I’ve not seen any source (credible or not) linking chickory to low T. Source?