Recognition Of Current Military Vehicles, Aircraft, And Equipment: Thanks To The Readers

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Who replied to this info bleg for current online, civilian-accessible military vehicle and aircraft identification materials:

ROC-V – Free iPhone App Download

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OPFOR World Equipment Guide

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FM 3-01-80: Visual Aircraft Recognition

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British Army Vehicles & Equipment

Any others?

Especially interested in UK/Commonwealth and German resources re current Russian assets, and Australian/Japanese/South Korean material re current PRC assets.

Thanks in advance.

UPDATE 0055 EST 16 FEB 2014: See also these resources.

UPDATE 1100 EST 16 FEB 2014: More.

5 responses to “Recognition Of Current Military Vehicles, Aircraft, And Equipment: Thanks To The Readers

  1. ROC-V is also available for Android devices via the Google Play app.

  2. Marlo Stanfield

    If those flame rocket weapons don’t get people to get serious on OPSEC and moving the retreat to a none disclosed on Facebook location, I don’t know what will. Also a good reason not to buy any more low power scopes like those 1X, 3X. Sentry duty might need to go to the snipers in the group. I was walking around a Sports Academy and saw the elec ear pro, one models says 9X enhancement, this could be help full to operating alone, or just wants to hear way better out in the woods.

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  5. Jane’s is a fantastic resource if you can find a copy cheap enough. The website is always worth tracking for innovations in defence and security equipment.