“Dear beautiful America, please, stop moving Forward…”

Upon migrating to the United States many years ago, I embraced my new home and left the past behind. Never could I imagine that, at some point, that past would become relevant.

But now, I am compelled to talk about it again.

In the USSR, we had state-controlled media which shaped the narrative entirely.

Our founder, Vladimir Lenin, was portrayed as a noble, charismatic, and smart man — the champion of the underdog (the working class), the seeker of equality, defeater of the rich. The humble man with common ideas who was destined for greatness.

Lenin peered at us intently from textbooks and walls. His was the face behind the good intentions that shaped our everyday life.
As a kid, I was largely shielded by my family — they took the brunt of “adult tasks” in everyday life. They bribed officials to accomplish the most basic of things, they conserved every kopek and piece of bread, they got me the rare medicines I needed, all through means I didn’t dare fathom.

Of course, there was nothing special about those medicines, those favors, or anything else that took such effort to obtain — in America, you can just go out and get it in a corner store. In the Soviet Union, the word “deficit” was commonly used in everyday language.

“This and this product are in deficit.” This meant that you couldn’t buy them. Maybe for the next three months or maybe forever, unless someone was bribed or the product was obtained via the black market, friends, or contraband. Fruits and vegetables had their “seasons” when they made an appearance in local stores — we didn’t have advanced technology like hydroponic farms.

Instead, adults were herded into collective farms, which were the Soviet antithesis of family — or individual-owned farms. Under cheerful banners of “accomplishing a five-year plan in four,” they usually underperformed and the bureaucrats responsible faked the numbers, which moved up the chain of command…

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Things are that bad.

And they will be getting worse.

Remember the Cannibal’s Paradox.


No matter what.

8 responses to ““Dear beautiful America, please, stop moving Forward…”

  1. Second this too. Have known plenty from the former USSR but most here have no idea what life is like their under a controlled economy but they will when obamacare goes all in, wheneever that day arrives. I envision internet black markets for medicines and goods poppining up intermittently all over and many living off the corruption of a countrywide govt. This is the same country that just 30 years ago was had given a chance for freedom to the darkest regions of the USSR and it now is looking to mirror it.

    • Crackdown against “counterfeit” and “unapproved” is happening now. Note that the government often does not say that the confiscated product is not what it claims to be, only that it has not received government approval.

  2. I work with a gentlman (Simon) that was allowed to leave USSR with his family. Any mention of how this country is acting will bring up an explosive tirade on the evils of the USSR and the stupidity of the people here. I had the pleasure of helping him pick ut a shotgun for home defense. I am proud to call him a friend. He is an engineer/metallurgist and was a tank officer in the Soviet reserves.
    I also work with another individual that will constantly berate Simon for his (Simon’s) total misunderstanding of what USSR is/was like. This individual also argues with Simon regarding Soviet tanks…
    He was born here and is a priviledged fucking idiot.

  3. An escalation in the standoff at main barricade in Kiev is underway. The “in your face police line(with metal shields) has been removed. Those forces have been replaced with heavy moving equipment; large dumptrucks and earth movers.
    The EuroMajdan live feed is much better now, as the camera has been much closer and lower.
    Something is most definitvely in progress.

  4. I was able to confirm what is occurring.
    I just viewed posted recording from earlier today(made
    during the daytime).
    Government forces are in the process of removing the outermost
    ring of reinforced barricade walls put in place by protestors.
    In the recorded clips, and current live feed, you can see that protestors
    have begun to reform/rebuild to prevent a direct line of access of government vehicles and personel on foot.

  5. Read Ayn Rand’s “We the Living”…..her best book. Short and details life under Soviet nonsense. We are in such times now. Really frightening…..

  6. If one can find it read the book “MiG Pilot”. Its about Soviet pilot Lt Victor Belenko who flew the MiG 25 Foxbat to japan whilst defecting to the west. Most interesting is his life in the soviet military and his utter amazement at how the whole country had been lied to about how bad things were here in the states. Pretty much echoing everything in the above article.

    An amazing place we find ourselves in.