One Rebel’s Story

1911679_835171469839471_1534801514_nFreedom or death.
Kyiv, 20.02.2014

Read it all.

Godspeed, Ukraine.

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11 responses to “One Rebel’s Story

  1. Would not surprise me to see those troops turn on the government once they hit the street. Of course it would not surprise me if it goes the other way either. What ever occurs a lot dead Ukraini in the next week.

    • may or may not, but this is a good point. The key to many successful Uprisings has been when the gubmint enforcers start shooting at each other. There’ll be a lot of that in the ‘Kwa, by and by.

  2. Just when I thought my anger sufficient for the day…

    I remember comments about the clergy there…how brave they were to stand between the sides. It really frosts me to see they were there on a mission for the State.

    “Be good little boys and girls…go home. Do it for the children.”

  3. This quote (especially the second paragraph) in particular struck me as a bit too close to home:

    “And let’s not treat the people on Maidan as fools who believe in amnesty or the fact that, after the repeal of the “dictatorship laws”, everything is going to be fine. The people understand that only after they get rid of Yaunkovich and his cronies will they be able to return home safely.

    Otherwise, is it that hard to fabricate a drug charge? Or provoke a fight? Or accuse someone of theft? Because doing so [for law enforcement] is not an issue in our wonderful land. On the contrary, it’s even more convenient for the government to take that path. Because instead of charging the jailed demonstrators for civic disobedience, they can pursue criminal charges, leaving no wiggle room for defense.”

  4. Beautiful words of freedom

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  6. At least its not a Soros or NGO front.

  7. “Concerned American” must be one of those wonderful “dual-citizen” Israeli-Americans; axiomatically a damn traitor and an antiChrist.

    • I’m a Jewboy, that’s for sure

      Got my distinctive ethnic features from my dad

      Your guys did some good posters on how to recognize them; check ’em out

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