Buppert: Badged Serial Killers – The Growing Murder Culture of Cops (Part III)

More evil.

More often.

Why would they stop?

Don’t ever call the police.

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    Yes. And when people finally snap they’ll all be killed in less than 12 hours Mark my words… Just use the Ukraine and Venezuela right now I present for reference. Get it while you can cost because people will remember who you are.

  2. I found it very instructive that the writer almost always refused to give the circumstances surrounding police involvement and when he bothered to proivde the smallest detail he hurried past it. The incident involving a woman in South Chicago only mentions her illegally parking in a handicapped spot. Hmmm, but he baby daddy was there? And of course the woman didn’t mouth off or provoke the officers, nor was any crime involved? And what normal person clubs a pregnant woman without cause or reason? And we all know that cops are always supported by their superiors. I was shocked by this article. It reminded me of lectures I was subjected to by various members of academia about businessmen.

    • Bigotry has a funny way of leading to comeuppance.

      You are defending the indefensible. Please do yourself a favor and remember that you too are a flesh-and-blood human being. Drum-head executions and the brutality we once only knew from whispered rumors from faraway lands have no place in our America.

      I don’t care what the “provocation” may be: execution and torture are not defensible responses.

      “Be careful what you wish, for you may get it.”

      Or karma. Do unto others. Whatever you call it, you can bet your last breath that what comes around, goes around.

    • The circumstances were provided in the links to the full stories. The writer was making other points, it’s up to you to go read the full story if you weren’t already aware of it.

      Are you indicating that you feel some of these instances may have been legitimate beatings by the police? So was it the crime of the century that a woman parked in a handicapped spot without a decal? NO! The officer could have easily just written the ticket, placed it on the windshield and left it at that. The reason the officer didn’t is called contempt of cop. No one can disregard a police man, no matter what. The officer is so ingrained into that notion that they will turn to force at the drop of a hat.

    • @Veritas- Just to be clear, are you saying that the punishment for parking in a handicapped spot and/or mouthing off to a cop should be a beating?

      ” what normal person clubs a pregnant woman without cause or reason?”. Well, I think you answered your own question right there. Cops .aren’t normal people. They are thugs and bullies. Like the article states, any good cops out there are laying low hoping the others don’t notice

    • There are no good cops. None. NADA. Zip.

  3. I believe that if one went to any town, population 2000-5000, and advocated increasing the number of police in that town, such a proposal would get overwhelming support, especially from women. The men would also overwhelmingly support such a measure. In larger cities support for more police would even be greater. The only way that citizens will agree to reduce police is if their town/city is financially distressed. The financial collapse of the State is the only solution that will work.

  4. This all stops when we start killing the killers… Either on point or later… Maybe much later…

  5. Veritas,

    I am perplexed so I would appreciate some elucidation on what this means:

    And of course the woman didn’t mouth off or provoke the officers, nor was any crime involved?

    So her lack of obedience to state anointed protectors entitles her to a wood shampoo?

    And what normal person clubs a pregnant woman without cause or reason?

    You have made my point, no normal person would but a thug hiding in the skirts of the state with qualified immunity can.

    And we all know that cops are always supported by their superiors.

    That appears to be the case, indeed.

    I apologize for my lack of empathy for the psycho- and socio-pathic among us.

    I hear the Left constantly droning on about privilege, especially white, so I should now stand in line behind the preferred status per the state of obedience privilege? In other words, the more obsequious and respectful of my uniformed betters in the Statsi, the more or better gruel I will be served?

    I would suggest that whenever the means are moral and legitimate, the ends will take care of themselves in being right. In this case, cops are the primary transmitters of immoral violence in society.

    Bill Buppert

    • outlawpatriot

      No asshole, he’s questioning your totally biased article. While there may be a great deal of truth to it, it drips of that bias while obviously omitting all the detail. Much like most of the shit you write.

      Women, pregnant or otherwise can at times be total fucking assholes. Sometimes they get their heads busted just like any other asshole. And rightly so. They wanted equality, they got it. I have no sympathy.

      Go back to you secessionist bullshit. This crap is obviously pap and insults the intelligence of the reader.

      Trying to incite others to react to something that you yourself has not reacted to is disingenuous at best and reeks of some kind of collusion with “those people” at worst.

      • “While there may be a great deal of truth to it…”

        …something is more important to you.

        Look at yourself. Now you’re screaming that something is more important than the truth, a “great deal” of it yet. And you plan on forcing millions to go along? Yes or no already…is that what you’re about?

        Chill, man. Even in battle, there’s no evil in regrouping and changing previously fixed strategies and tactics. I’m genuinely sorry about whatever is causing this, but it’s yours alone to fix. It would be really swell if you’d come to recognize that’s a wonderful thing.

      • I read a quote from someone that said ” If we don’t stand up and defend an outlaws rights then we will not have anyone to stand up for ours because they have the ability to make anyone an outlaw”… Think about that for a moment and realize that no matter how bad you think someone is if you deny them there inalienable rights then you are saying that you wish also to be a slave and that someone else can control your life…

        • Thank you. That’s very fundamental IMO and why most arguments built of “morality” (of belief) fail. It’s about what people do, not what they believe. For the rational to be free, the irrational must also be free.

          You even give the reason—to deny any non-thug any rights, is to implicitly deny that you yourself have them. Well done.

      • Alan, so is that your belief ? That the badged thugs are above the common folk ? Seems to me your profanity laced tirade against Mr. Buppert is because you don’t like him pulling out his shovel and calling a spade a spade.

        What was biased about Mr. Buppert’s essay ? You spouted some unsubstantiated accusations of bias. Care to back it up ? Or can one just expect another scattergun application of expletives from you ?

        Myself, I don’t agree with Buppert on everything. But on his anti-cop essay series I can’t agree with him more. If there was any “crap” expressed here it was not by Mr. Buppert.

        Unfortunately, IMO, your comments reinforced Mr. Buppert’s points and painted yourself as just another apologist for badged thugs and big government.

  6. Annual elections of one sheriff per county and one constable per town. Local electorate can decide whether or not they’re armed.


  7. Edit: When this is over….