The Medieval – And Highly Effective – Tactics Of The Ukrainian Protests

Read it all.

Understand to your core that the thugs of the Bad People are wired only for a “presumed compliance” battlespace.

They cannot deal with a rapidly-evolving, multifaceted, omnidirectional, metastasizing opposition force.

They. Cannot. Deal. With. It.

Break their minds.

Then break their ranks.


No matter what.

62 responses to “The Medieval – And Highly Effective – Tactics Of The Ukrainian Protests

  1. May we please add, “Break their backs,” possibly?

  2. The medieval tactics are effective … until gunpowder comes on the scene.

    History rhymes.

    • And the arrival of gunpowder advances the game.

      Bear down.

      Keep thinking.


      • I’ve been thinking about the two 6″ civil war cannons on display at one of our local cemeterys.

        I wonder if the flash holes are spiked? I wonder if they can be re-drilled?

        I wonder just how many of those exist in other cemeterys around the nation?

        I don’t think the boys resting there would mind if I borrowed those for a while.

        • Feasibility recon.


        • SemperFi, 0321

          Yrs ago, many of my friends in the blackpowder shooting groups would build cannons and mortars. A beer can mortar from a train axle was popular, you filled beer cans with wet sand for projectiles, 1/4 beer can of 1F powder, and shot them across cow pastures.
          Two of my late friends have been “cannonized”, having their ashes shot across a mtn meadow in a final salute.
          Making cannons is not very hard, start stocking up on black powder and fuze, it may pay off later. Find a common bore size with something already pre-drilled, polish the bore, fit a tight breechplug, and mount on something portable. A pintle gun comes to mind, with grapeshot?

        • They can be redrilled, assuming the barrels aren’t plugged. If they are, see if it’s concrete. If it it, hand Timmy (Ahem) a dental pick and promise him pizza.

          I spent some time in the American Redoubt last Fall and ran across some guys with reproduction Parrot Rifles. I didn’t have scientific equipment but I can see, and what I saw was solid shot going fast and hard enough to remove the windshield of about anything FREEFOR will face. Take heart.

          Don’t forget all those displays of WWII equipment on the courthouse squares. Machinists and HS chemistry students are your friends. Got auxiliary?

          • The big problem with older equipment, especially muzzle loading equipment, is the exposure needed to operate. Hard to stay behind proper cover with those and still operate.

        • Deploy a civil war cannon and watch a Hellfire light up your behind.

          You do get an A for creativity though.

          • That Hellfire (if it exists) doesn’t help the crowd who caught your whiff of grape.

            Gutshot under Obamacare is forever.

          • If the Kiev protestors gave them a “whiff of grapeshot” at close range and then charged, there would likely be
            a. No Hellfire.
            b. A moment of intentional fratricide which could then be used to tell the police “You still think we’re on opposite sides?”.

            Future opportunities may occur to you….

    • Obviously, you learned nothing from Kiev, especially the day that state forces had a turkey shoot with protestors.

  3. “In one of the more stunning scenes on Feb. 18, a 15-ton BTR-80 armored vehicle drove directly towards the Maidan barricades when it was set ablaze by dozens of Molotov cocktails.” 2 patrs gasoline to 2 parts vaseline; the gift that keeps giving

  4. outlawpatriot

    Kinda puts a dent in conventional wisdom.

  5. Regardless of gunpowder arriving on the scene, more importantly perception or image is key. Once you see the snipers shooting “unarmed” civilians you bring overwhelming public support to your side (cause). It would be the same as if a partisan targeted innocents to get even with the regime, it would turn public opinion against your cause almost instantly, the regime would then have the advantage. IMO.

    • Advance until contact.

      Those CIBs aren’t easily earned.

    • It’s important to let the atrocity happen first, and to let the fact stew in peoples’ minds for a while, maybe a day or two. Only then bring your counter-snipers in to neutralize the police snipers, or to retaliate against those cops who shoot demonstrators. The battle is not only in the street, but in peoples’ minds.

  6. Best part of the article (aside from the videos showing Berkut thugs in retreat) is the instruction about networking with others to build the resistance. This is not something that just happened spontaneously. Much planning went into all of it, long before the confrontation was initiated. Much like what happened prior to Lexington and Concord. Planning, organizing, preparation for battle is as much a determining factor as the battle itself.

    And CA, you are absolutely correct; “the Bad People are wired only for a “presumed compliance” battlespace.”

    When a bully gets his first smack in the nose from one of his intended victims, it comes as a stunning shock.
    Their hubris will not allow them to think that they may meet resistance at some point. Or, they can not accept that any resistance could be so deep rooted as to be willing to face death. They extrapolate from their own cowardice that everyone else is as much a coward as they are.

    I say again, when SHTF, most of these state sponsored thugs will wet themselves and run away.

  7. Homefront Defense

    Fuck yes!

  8. these people have finally had enough after some 60 years. What does that mean for us? We were once the free land everyone aspired to. Now what are we compared to this?

  9. Reports never use the expression “Ukrainian Spring” like they were so quick to do for the Arabs; yet largely unsupported by the Media, a Right Wing nationalist victory was won. The cost, ugly. The outcome, evolving.

    Whatever happens, God Bless ’em. HAIL THE VICTORIOUS DEAD!!

  10. Martin McPhillips

    Don’t be naive. “Ukraine Spring.” People rioting because they want to move from the orbit of one tyranny into another. They want to be “closer to the EU.”

    • The utility of the Kiev examples comes primarily from the courage to stand and take what comes.

      That is not naivete, sir.

      • Martin McPhillips

        Street theatre. Nothing more. One cryptic comment from Putin like, “I want to be able to relax when I get home, without worries,” and that organization goes away so fast that O.J. would have to be brought back in the news to fill the void. There are no more “people’s armies,” and the Ukraine isn’t going anywhere, even if it’s broken up, or shut down by the Russian Army or gets thirty new Starbucks. The only thing to be concerned about is what Putin and his KGB chess masters can parlay it into.

        • I see Putin’s hammer as inevitable there – even though Susan Rice has warned him. (Eyeroll)

          I just don’t buy that the average Ukie in the Maidan was a knowing prop of Sorostania. Unknowing – perhaps. Heroically and stupidly brave – perhaps.

          Exemplars of a defiance worthy of emulation – definitely.

          Thanks for your thoughts, sir. It sure would be nice to see occasional MM thoughtpieces again. 😉

          • Concerned American, you are right about “heroically brave”, but definitely not “stupidly”! We are fighting for what we believe and know is right for us! Our riots did not started shooting back at “berkut”, although they could have easily done it! We are trying to get back what belongs to us, in a peaceful way (I do not consider Molotov’s Cocktails, rocks and sticks to be any kind of weapon, but the only handy way of self-defense). God forbid, the demon putin brings his troops to us and they’d start shooting, our people will not give up, but will take weapons, and they won’t care about their lives.

      • Never underestimate the power of vodka.

    • We could care less about being “closer to the EU”, as long as we do not have to be “closer to damn Russia”!!! We’ve got more than enough harm caused by them. We want to be INDEPENDENT not just on paper! We are fighting for FREEDOM, OUR RIGHTS! But if we have to choose between the EU and Russia, we choose the EU!!

      • Really? Are you aware that Eu is entirely under the thumb of banksters of the same ethnicity who, behind their communist mask, did the Holodomor? They will suck your economic blood now – see Cyprus, Greece, Latvia, etc. – like they did the seed grain then. And there’s no doubt – passed on past performance – that Yulia T. will sell out the Ukraine to the EU for a cut of the bankster’s loot. A better idea would be to find a balance point between the EU and Moscow…get the two of them competing for Ukrainian affection.

  11. “They cannot deal with a rapidly-evolving, multifaceted, omnidirectional, metastasizing opposition force.”
    Your statement is a trueism that does not fit the known facts of your example. In Kiev the confrontation was basically in only 2 locations, hardly omnidirectional. It did not evolve once it had hit its stride. And it was never multifaceted being a straight up confrontation in a limited area with limited means. It did metastasize, if by that you mean spread throughout the country.
    The keys to success appear to be:
    1. The bad guys were, as you wrote, wired for a “presumed compliance” battleground. That left them mentally unprepared for a sustained conflict. This is why cops in the U.S. generally only contain and do not stop riots. This is also why arming the airport gropers, social security ushers, and all the other untrained Homeland Security people will prove useless in a crisis.
    2. The inability of the government to bring in the military because it was unreliable. That is, the army was composed of conscripts who were more attached to the people than the regime. Remember the Bastille. A question that should be asked in the U. S. is “Is this why the army is to be cut back and Homeland Security to be so heavily armed?”
    3. Overwhelming support of the people who, for example, even if they were too old to throw rocks far enough to hit the police, carried rocks to people who could.
    4. Balls to the walls courage of people who didn’t break under police clubs, tear gas, stun grenades and finally sniper fire.

  12. Battlefield USA

    The lesson is, what works and what doesn’t. Sometimes it is trial by error.

    The US Mil. does not create millions of pages of after action reports, just because. Someone analyses them and separates the wheat from the chaff. Of course, it isn’t a always 100 percent sure thing as conditions have a tendency to rapidly change. But… imagine doing the same thing over and over that does nothing but guarantee failure. For every action, there is a proper reaction. For every reaction, there is a proper action. Even “luck” on the battlefield would not occur without a foundation.

  13. ALCON,

    Just a thought….but have you folks verified the zero on your battle rifle lately ?

  14. A. Nony Mouse


    I have also read that mixing oatmeal with gasoline results in a mixture that burns well, spreads well (i.e. “splash”) and sticks well.

    On another note, if the JBTs engage in sniper fire on civilians, said civilians in an armed country could, of course, retaliate…and the effectiveness of counter-sniper fire would be enhanced if it was a little bit less noisy, and thus subject to detection. A nice little dual-use item is the perfectly legal “solvent trap adapter” which allows one to attach an oil filter to the end of a threaded barrel, such that no solvent spills on the floor/desk/ground. Of course, to use it as a suppressor would be less than legal…but, then again, so is indiscriminate sniping of civilians.

    • WRT sniping of civilians.

      Article 2 of the ECHR (human rights legislation) specifically makes provision for the State to kill people who are rioting or engaged in insurrection.

      All of Europe is signed up to this legislation, afaik …. so, if those guys had been shot to death in London or in Paris, it would have been deemed to be quite legal, imo.

      The “new Ukrainians” will, of course, fall victim to the Bankers/IMF. Same old story.

      They give you a loan that you cannot repay, then they strip the assets from the Country and demand yet more interest payments in the form of taxation. That would be “high taxation” … forever.

      Politicians, eh. They sell you into bondage and you cheer ’em on.

      • Paper makes a thin shield. The only reason your Magna Carta kept the rain off your, and our, asses was that there were armed men and the threat of violence keeping all parties in adherence. It takes both parties to play by the rules, war is to the lowest common denominator. Someone always up and divides by zero. Bataan, Rawanda, The Sepoy Rebellion, the sack of Acre, or of Constantinople.
        Screw unto others as they would screw unto you.

        And a loan that cannot be repaid, will not be paid. We thank you for your kind donation.

  15. Some backstory on the situation:

    “Tinkering with the affairs of other nations is a dangerous and unpredictable game.

    “You’ve probably heard about the leaked audio where the Victoria Nuland from the U.S. State Department got caught saying “F*@k the E.U.”., but the focus on the foul language and the apparent disrespect for the E.U. is an intentional distraction fostered by the mainstream media to draw people’s attention away from something far more significant that the leaked revealed. If you listen to the conversation in full (see video below) it becomes clear that the U.S. State department is already handpicking puppets for the new government in Ukraine…”

  16. They should be targeting the electrical system and the fuel supply system. Standing in front of a tank with a glass bottle full of gas is stupid. Find out where the tank crews live and target their homes, find out who keeps the tanks running and target their homes. The snipers will be a problem, could be from out of town. But the electrical system needs to go. The military bases probably have gen sets, just like command bunkers, sooner or later the fuel and stored water runs out. And I don’t mean just cut wires and shoot transformers, steal that shit. You can have the biggest military base in the world all nice and fenced in, now show me the power lines, water lines, fuel lines. Every thing runs fine until someone starts turning shit off, shit getting stolen, key people like the diesel mechanics, utility workers start getting popped, or they wise up and quit showing up for work. The military keeps showing up because they get paid, fed, their power and water is on. Plus not enough are getting killed. Tanks run out of fuel, the crew had better be some short motherfuckers because sooner than later cramps kick in, plus shitting inside a metal box sucks. Every time a tank comes out it should be getting shot at so the crew will button up.

  17. “The protesters were also inclusive, which helped bolster their numbers. But this remains controversial.”

    There is need to form coalitions, but not for those coalitions to be fragile and uncomfortable – if the coalition was formed with panarchy as a basis. Then you don’t have to worry (so much, anyway) about fighting your coalition partner after the initial fight is done.

  18. Larry Elliott

    Consider the defeat of the Romans at Teutobergerwald a couple thousand plus years ago by a contingent of “Germanic tribes”. In their formations the Romans were well nigh invincible, but marching through a forest where they were unable to array themselves as they were trained and needed to be they were cut to ribbons by “German savages”. Looks like the Ukrainians are using the same tactics on their “betters”, and have succeeded, let’s hope for the long term.


    here is the article and the video of Russian soldiers coming to Yalta (Southern Ukraine)

  20. “Force the authorities to respond to your tactics, rather than the reverse.”

    • MtTopPatriot

      Get inside the regimes OODA loop, overwhelm and negate their technical and tactical advantages, keep them off balance, disrupts their strategic advantages, and disrupt their organization with 5th generation insurgent warfare.

      Jim it sure is great to see how they beat the bastards!

      • You know I hate naysaying and defeatism. I believe in building and moving forward and I still don’t know how to give up; never did.

        You’ve seen the discussion here in thread after thread. There are exceptions, sure–CA and cavmedic have been magnificent IMO, to name just two–but endless tripe about the ZOG and the Russkies and the commie Euros and on and on and on. I’m not saying any of that isn’t true, but I am saying that it’s so far off the point for FREEFOR, that it’s a complete distraction.

        It’s no secret any more that the banksters, and whatever other ruling elite there may be, are pulling strings. Alright, that’s so…it’s been that way for nearly forever. So are we talking about something DIFFERENT or not?

        I just don’t get the point of all the distraction. The Ukraine’s important because of the UKRANIANS who WERE fighting for their freedom, in the best way they know how. I mean shit, the way most writers are writing here, you’d think there wasn’t a single freedom fighter in the Ukraine. That’s wrong; it’s FALSE. Some of them–I don’t know how many, but plenty of ’em–were fighting for themselves and their families and their desire to just live their own damn lives. That’s what you and I see, cuz we know that’s all that matters. But if those most on top of this stuff–the readers here–can’t even get that, then I’m having trouble seeing how American sheeple, let alone American looters and moochers, are ever going to see it.

        That’s all. As CA has been repeating over and over, the lessons of the Ukraine are about what those of us who wish to live as free Americans may learn. But even here, not too many get that and as usual, they’re reduced to throwing insults and charges even at CA himself…their very host for crissakes.

        That’s all. Sorry for rambling and I know that you and lots of others get the point. The goal is to WIN, not lose in the most preferable manner. Screw the ZOG and the banksters and the commies and ALL the collectivists; it’s either about OUR lives or there’s nothing to win.

        Forward. LIVE. Let live. Is there really any more to it?

        • MtTopPatriot

          You ain’t rambling on. I believe your looking for signs there is good in this shit sandwich and those who see it as worth fighting for no matter how much the odds may appear stacked against them and resistance to tyranny. For every 100 patriots, it will be that 1 special Freeman who will keep the others alive and fighting well. He will lead by example and bring the rest home. That is how these things work.
          Don’t worry your heart about surrender monkey’s Jim, it’s those who will never bend a knee who matter cause those who believe they can win are who will make it so. All it takes is a plurality to win Jim. The rest will either come around or let others do the hard things. That is just the way men are.
          3 percent is no lie, or an idea someone thought up, it is a real force of liberty to be reckoned with. It was a real event, and those 3% won against insurmountable odds because they had faith in what they believed in and fought for.
          Yugoslavia is not different in this respect. Look what withdrawal of consent did before our very eye’s?
          Bet you less than 3% took part in the festivities and won against the century old entrenched soviet guard of the Nomeklaturer class.
          Fuck the banksters and the fabians, their proxies running things.
          Fuck the whole lot of them.
          It is what you want and are willing to fight for that counts.
          WRSA is a tiny example of the people who care and who will never say die.
          People are afraid of the truth sometimes Jim. It scares the crap out of them. And each of us has to wrestle with the consequences of the trials and tribulations we face no matter the path we choose. Everyone has to come to terms with what if. If some folks believe the leviathan is too powerful to win against, so what, that’s their choice. And they may come around eventually.

          The power of consent is immense, withdrawal of consent even more so. It carries a legitimacy the clowns running things can only dream of. It takes only a plurality.
          We are watching it happen before our very eye’s.
          To say it is inspiring is an understatement for me.
          That is what matters most.

          Lets Win?
          Bet your arse!

        • Thanks, Jim. It can’t be said too often… all the defeatist, contrarian, conspiratorial, drowned in supposition and unproven theories… utter bullshit, and all beside the point which you have so ably and accurately

          Many of the writers to whom you allude are sincerely trying to understand and analyze, but to such an extent that they are losing sight of the small picture, the one in which we each learn to fight and win against that with which we can personally deal. None of us, alone, is ever going to resolve all the “ZOG” type dilemmas, pre “conflict resolution.” I am certain there are regime trolls sowing defeat and despair as well. And many others are doing their work for them.

          We all need a good hard honest look into the mirror of our souls….
          Is what we’re doing and thinking helping or hindering the fight for Liberty? Are you inspiring and enabling yourselves and others, or are you spreading fear and confusion?

          Hey, don’t come back on me about this. I named no names. If the foo shits, wear it.

          Confusion to our Enemies!

  21. Battlefield USA

    Look! There’s a shiny object in that lesson!

    • Look! Cryptics! You write great stuff IMO Curtis, and very best when you stand up and spit it out. Funny you once asked if I were a girl; in my experience Mahjong Clubs are mostly for girls. You lemme know if that’s too cryptic.

      • Battlefield USA

        Hey now. Used to play that in my Vegas days, and was very good at it, beside single deck black jack. Never went home broke. I was a very good card counter and had a memory for it.

        So girl or guy, doesn’t matter to me… just don’t ask me for a date. Hope that wasn’t too… cryptic.

        Anyhow, nothing cryptic. The politics of Ukraine was not the topic, although it went that way. The Medieval – And Highly Effective – Tactics Of The Ukrainian Protests… was the topic. The politics of Ukraine became the shiny object.

        Still cryptic?

        • Thank you; sorry if I misunderstood.

          I like CA’s current banner, “The orchestra is beginning to play the overture…” True enough, but I’m tired of them picking the tune, which was the point of that quote. I never bought a ticket to this particular show; I don’t care how many people swear that I did.

  22. MtTopPatriot

    Bet a left arm there would no lack of targets and reasons to never give up here in the FUSA.

    The damn governments we got is crawling with corrupt vermin.
    A fucking truly target rich environment.
    Talk about all politics are local!

  23. On homemade cannons: Owned one for a long time ’til I pretty much burned it out. No fuse at all, a 1/4 hole in the end accommodates a shotgun primer and all you need then is a spring, a hammer and a sear. Attach a string to the sear and you are good to go. Charge it a little hot and just play out a little more string. With a 2.75″ bore it was easily capable of 1/4 Mi. range with a one pound projectile. Typical charges, when I wasn’t trying to launch the cannon at myself, were 800 Gr. to 1200 Gr. of Pyrodex.

  24. “Amateurs study tactics, armchair generals study strategy, and professionals study logistics.” ~ attributed to Omar Bradley.

    I am pleased to see the worth and value of a logistical tail put forth in this article. There are far too few in the liberty movement who will recognize the unromantic and un-macho aspect of resistance.

    Keep ’em coming, CA!

  25. Without question, you wish you had the balls between your legs, instead of in your mouth or across your nose daily, to perform the same “street theatre” while being chopped up by a wall of rifle fire. Not only did they advance, but also consolidated their gains at day’s end. Get the balls off your nose, out of your mouth, and give the Bigfoot/ illuminati/ infowars troll hunt a rest. Please, Martin, for the love of God, stop snacking on Alex’s balls!

  26. AJ is a showman but he serves a purpose. He puts fire in the belly of new people and his wild and wooly ways are pulling sheep away from lamestream media , a good trend . The bigger the shoal….

    • Gotta have a sneaking admiration for the guy.

      I mean, what’s he saying, but “Molon Labe”.

      More importantly, he reveals that he understands the origins of power.

      I expect that he’ll be keen to take everyone else’s guns, though. That’s just how it works.

  27. You can make a better cannon from any decent chunk of modern steel. I saw one that was made from the crankshaft of a ship’s engine. Looked like a period piece from the 1850-1860 time frame, but was a lot stronger.

    I only saw it firing a powder only charge. But the owners would fire lead balls at old car bodies in Central Texas. When i saw it, was part of an anti-gun control protest rally on the steps of the state capital. Made the capital police nervous, and would set off car alarms for a couple of blocks around. But you can bet “Queen Ann” in the governors mansion heard it.

  28. SemperFi, 0321

    Yrs ago in a Class3 club, some members had 20mm Lahti and Soluthurn cannons, I’d give my left nut for one of those today, or my old USMC issue 106mm Recklessrifle.
    Wouldn’t have to worry about standing up to reload.