“I want to have a heart to heart with the law enforcement personnel of Connecticut”

Another voice.

The Bad People will not stop.

Until they are stopped.


By any means

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  1. It is too damn late for anymore deference to the popo. I am sick of all the ass sniffing and stroking the egos of cops.

    If they have not chosen sides by now then, they are past redemption. I wouldn’t piss on them if they were on fire!

  2. that uniformed dyke. We have those where I live too. Such a settling of scores there is going to be.

    • Like everywhere else, we have them too. And I’m not too sure their own blue on blue conflict won’t make them disappear when the chance presents itself. What kind of man puts up with that shit?
      I’ve have enough conflict myself when I lived in the city, I despise them. I used to work for a major airline, we had a few working there, and they were always trying to start fights so they could prove they had the biggest balls on the crew. Problem was, no guy ever had the chance to knock one out, and show them what a real assbeating was about.

  3. Let’s ponder for a moment….

    There are 1,000 WRSA followers, give or take. Maybe 3x’s as many non-registered. Lets say the word goes out to meet at a designated RP inside Connecticut. Mission: a movement-to-contact upon the state capitol and it’s tyrants. And in case anyone is wondering, you will be locked and loaded.

    Think about it. Think hard. How many of us would prep and plan and meet at the RP ?

    Think. Think hard. Think that life as you know it is over once you step off from that RP.

    It is coming down to Lexington Green.

    Resist ? There is only one way. You know it. I know it. THEY know it.

    What say you WRSAer ?

    • I am confident that folks in CT are thinking along the same lines.

      I do believe that many people fail to appreciate the utility of dispersed contact.

      Sam theorizes re same here:


      Little groups of patriots:


    • outlawpatriot

      My thoughts as well.

      Are you ready for a war?

    • Say When…I’m your Huckleberry…

    • I think the Interstates wouldn’t handle the traffic, and nary a round would be chambered by anyone. I was at the first Brass Roots rally in Lansing in ’94 and it was a sight to behold…something like 10,000 people. Hard to explain, nearly a tear-jerker. Nothing like it ever AFAIK.

      Timing is everything; the second one was sparse. This would draw hundreds of thousands at least IMO, maybe more…so many that TPTB won’t even touch the possibility. In fact if they do, I’d be very suspicious of the reasons why.

      They boxed themselves into a corner; idiots do stuff like that.

      • “They boxed themselves into a corner; idiots do stuff like that.”

        Gee, Jim, I’m becoming such a fan. That’s some funny and appropriate shit right there.

        Never disturb the enemy when he’s making mistakes. I can only hope that they are truly feeling froggy and drop the mask altogether.

        One foot off the cliff and the other on a banana peel….

  4. CA….how many of us would physically support our brothers in Connecticut, would rally to support the scenario of armed action ? The consequences are numerous and almost unthinkable. But it is time to begin thinking seriously.

  5. WhiskeyTFoxtrot


    Note to self: add Nomex head sock to Get Home Bag.


  6. If it goes hot, then it is probable that other states will be asked to send mutual aid. It may first just be ‘hero’ firemen/paramedics to support medical needs for the raids–citizen safety and all that BS. Eventually the request could expand to include trigger pullers. Based on past calamities in states (e.g., tornadoes, floods, fires) it seems that this is a plausible event. Additionally, the feds are likely to become involved since it would turn into an ‘interstate’ fracas–assuming Patriots in other states took actions to prevent effective aid from being rendered.

    Some questions concerning malum in se,
    1. At the moment a state agrees to send aid who are the combatants in the state sending aid? Obviously the trigger pullers, but it seems a faulty strategy to attack the wide-awake, fully-armed teeth of the leviathan. What about when they are asleep at home? Is it acceptable to do your best to avoid collateral damage such as harm to their families? Remember–this is the CURRENT policy of the US, and we have had a much more lenient policy in the past–remember Hiroshima, Berlin, Dresden, etc. The police also have a much more lenient policy–they do whatever is necessary to ensure ‘officer safety’ without regard to innocent lives. Of course, the recent suggestion to read CV versus CF motivated this line of thinking.
    2. The press will be against Patriots anyway, so should Patriots care about their reporting of collateral damage? Does the press corps become combatants?–They were legitimate targets in previous wars.
    3. These questions are not a suggestion that Patriots do not go to the fight, but in some cases it may be more effective to interdict the ‘supply’ lines on home turf .

    One last comment from the Declaration of Independence,
    “In every stage of these Oppressions We have Petitioned for Redress in the most humble terms: Our repeated Petitions have been answered only by repeated injury. A Prince whose character is thus marked by every act which may define a Tyrant, is unfit to be the ruler of a free people.”

    It seems that some of the recent open letters to the government, which are forms of petitions of redress, are an integral part of the fight. In some way they are necessary and provide legitimacy; our Founding Fathers would not have included a reference to them if they did not view them as an important part of the movement. Of course, they cannot be the only part, and it is agreed by many that eventually (perhaps very soon) more than words will be needed.

    • Too much thinking about what others say and think, IMO. Common error.

      Right is right and necessary is necessary. The goal is to live YOUR life as a good person, not futilely try to cause others to do that. When good people do THAT…voila, there’s MTP’s “plurality.” The huge secret that Rulers don’t want people to EVER wake up and realize is this—most people are good. Almost all of ’em in fact, at least with regard to any relevant social attributes.

      Everyone’s convinced that everyone else is rotten. Yet how many thieves or rapists in this crowd? How about their families? Friends? Neighbors? Without the Protectors, everyone would be out raping and pillaging, so the story goes. This, in spite of the fact that there’s hardly a thug to be found, in most people’s wide circle of acquaintances. And for those few who do exist, it’s not like you gotta figure calibers and grain loads to deal with them.

      It’s just a STORY, a scam, that’s all. “The Cavalry HAS arrived; go look in the mirror.”
      That’s only half the scam unfortunately. The really sick part is that the good people were convinced that they’re NOT good…that their desire for pleasure and success and happiness, is evil…that there are other “goods” out there, and that they’re selfish SOBs if they dare to declare that their own values are the most important things in their lives.

      Even this crew doesn’t want to hear it, but it’s gettin’ late in the day and rounds are about to start flying. It’s always worse than last time…it looks like we may have CWII and WWIII simultaneously. How appealing is THAT??

      So ready or not, it’s time—sacrifice is the scourge of the Earth.

      Courage takes many forms; maybe the toughest is accepting reality as it is. But as our gracious host noted, “The truth shall set you free.”

  7. Jim wrote, “Too much thinking about what others say and think, IMO. Common error.”

    Well, I don’t want to make a common error, so I’ll ignore whatever Jim wrote.

    You’re funny Jim.

    • “Well, I don’t want to make a common error,”

      Heh, way to prove the point; you’re looking the wrong way. You should know, though, that I only care about the ideas and not the personalities, at least in this context.

      “so I’ll ignore whatever Jim wrote.”

      I never understood why anyone would ignore anything, and I really don’t understand why someone would declare it publicly…especially if one cares about what others think.

      “You’re funny Jim.”

      I’m hoping looks aren’t everything! I don’t think what you wrote was terrible or anything, and I probably opened with a poor line; it was just a general impression. So sorry about that. On the assumption that you’re honest, you might want to un-ignore cuz what I wrote in that comment is mighty important. And if you find anything wrong in it, please do share. /I/ don’t want to make any errors on stuff like this, common or otherwise.

  8. Marlo Stanfield

    Is that a man or woman holding the AR15?

    • Thing.

      Gender confused/envious, self loathing, man hating, ball breaking, libtard, tyrant enabling thing.

      Insidious disease vector. Social contaminant. A clear and present danger to the peace and harmony of a healthy society.

      And, it’s also a cop.