Devolution, NY Style

New York City
Secession movement in New York pushes for Big Apple to split from Upstate

As a CNY cat for 21 years, I say “Faster, please”.

And “Eff Albany”.

Always that.

(H/t Ol’ Remus)

23 responses to “Devolution, NY Style

  1. I’ve said it before. Escape from New York was a blueprint, not a sci-fi film. Build you some walls, mine the bridges and waterways.

  2. April 15th is registration deadline for NY, owning hi-cap mags felony since Jan 15 / 2014, ammo background check in limbo. .

  3. Why not just nuke NYC?

  4. Never Happen. The NYC population is too large and exerts way too much influence in the Legislature. The only way will be through some type of uprising to force the state to react. A state civil war of sorts.

    NYC gets it’s drinking water from the Catskills, they will not allow another entity to control that.

    • You just stated the key to freedom for upstate.

      • Uh-oh. I don’t think that cat’s supposed to be out of the bag till China’s done tankin’ the Great Lakes. Hey, even If they don’t get it all, we can still contaminate it. So the Catskills make sense, but what if Bill Ayers has land by Lake Victoria or Warren Buffett owns a railroad or something like that? Someone check with Boone Pickens.

        • Wow, Jim. Keeping a ‘plan’ a secret with you around is like putting socks on a rooster!

    • That’s right. No way in a million years the labias stand up to NYC communists

  5. Two words.
    Never. Gonna. Happen.
    The neo-commie’s can’t leave people alone.

    • outlawpatriot

      Ain’t that four words?

    • Well, that’s three words, and just as false

      Dead people control nothing.

    • Damn straight. New Yorkers are vaginas.

      • Samenokami

        It was kind of a joke.
        Need to dumb down the jokes, I guess.
        Wanna bet it happens/never happens?
        Give it a reasonable time frame (ie not something wack like 200yrs. 2 or so years) and some fun bet ($10).
        We’ll mail the funds to CA for dispersal at the end of your timeframe.
        I’ll donate my sure winnings to CA’s choice and I’m picking ‘Never.’

  6. Do you think the country really needs 4 NY senators? Even the most conservative NY politician is to the left of most conservatives.

  7. Funny….the town of Catskill, nestled into the Catskill Mountains, is smack between Albany and NYC. Misgovernor Cuomo could “rule,” in-exile, from Albany, and fret and fret over the dehydration of his base of voters, or, rather, the baser sort, who ARE his voters. New Amsterdam could outlaw all “high-capacity” water vessels. All kidding aside, California is in the sights of a wealthy investor who wants to invest in the petition drive to ask “normal” Californians to sign-off on splitting that state into SIX separate states, based more upon the mindsets that predominate in the various regions. I’ve been in contact with people all over that state, and people in Orange County, and up in the northern or agricultural folks take PAINS to make sure that I know that they are not like the flakes in parts of the Bay Area, or in Los Angeles, which are like a whole ‘nother planet, with a few exceptions, and I don’t know how they put up with it.

  8. Bll-fucking-shit. Wet-dream. If they were serious about secession they would have done it by now.

    NY is populated by labias.

  9. Speaking as a former NYer, splitting the lower-Hudson Valley off into its own state would likely make the rest of the state livable again. If that happens, I might even move back to the family homestead just outside Oneonta. Beautiful country, but the politics suck thanks to NYC.

  10. None of these will come to pass. I believe the Congress must approve new states, and I don’t think they should or would approve making more states like this. Why dilute your power if you are a Senator from Wyoming or Washington? Doesn’t make sense.

    How many more Dems would the Senate get if upper state NY now had it’s own Senators, or there were six states in California, meaning 12 CA senators.

  11. RobRoySimmons

    Spitting up states is conservative magic thinking, for now. We simply have allowed the cat ladies of libtardation the moral high ground while we grouse on the net just praying that we don’t get called bad names like “racist” and other nonsense like it.

  12. The transnationalists are still way ahead in the game and are actively consolidating states into regions. Don’t believe me? Look at a FEMA map and ask yourself how CA has been influencing things in AZ and NV lately.

    Lopping off a city (NYC from NY; Chicago from IL; Detroit from MI, etc) on paper while still having taxes taken from across the state to fund defunct pensions (study up on what is happening in court with Detroit and MI right now) is just another means of planned wealth transfer while granting the original thieves immunity from prosecution. At the same time emergency managers (and corporations) can be appointed (not elected) to run things. Then comes open talk among TPTB and in the local press of allowing foreign ownership of land and importing outside workers because it will “improve and grow the economy” (that was purposely destroyed in the first place). All of this is happening right now at Economic Ground Zero in Detroit, MI.

    Their FOBs are already planned around the rest of FUSA.

    For victory you eventually have to take back the physical ground of the ENTIRE state and its symbolic centers while also substituting a lasting alternative for commerce/exchange. And given the ongoing debacle of bitcoin hopefully people here now realize why I recommended gold/silver a few years ago.

  13. Highlander

    I say just cut the water off and make them come to the table. And screw Congress, maybe just declare ourselves a sovereign nation and let Congress suck that egg for a while. We do have an international border with Canada so trade is possible. Of course it would take some co ordinated action from up-staters.

    Just some thoughts on it, personally I am working to get the hell out of NY.