Your Foe – #1

Note that these guys genuinely believe the guff they are spreading.


Or you.

(H/t Curtis)

18 responses to “Your Foe – #1

  1. “I’m the master.”
    Fuck that guy.
    He also said, “I don’t have time for this.”

    Last time a cop said that, he shot a restrained dude in the chest.

    • You clearly don’t value officer safety.

      Z, I think we need a graphic of Officer Safety – the mascot of tyrannical popo everywhere.

      Donut dust on the puss.

      The always-popular fat and steroid bulkage combo.

      Gear belt that gives Batman a geardo boner.

      Sap gloves.

      You know the rest.


  2. Uncle Festor

    This is a typical response from a brainwashed idiot who has his mug in the public trough. He is the “Master” you heard him say it. Doesn’t want to talk about the Constitution he was sworn to defend and uphold. That equates to sedition and if they use force it is treason.

  3. “I don’t want to talk about the Constitution, AT ALL.”

  4. This State Police Goon is so consumed with hubris that he cannot fathom the possibility of being wrong. It is pitiful really. When he begins to experience what the State employed Goons recently experienced in the Ukraine, he will begin babbling about how he has been on the Liberty/Constitutionalist side all along. But that will only happen when has spent the lives of his fellow Goons and is staring at the business end of a dozen rifles.

    The quote, “I am the Master.” is priceless. Is there any more perfect indicator of a sociopath? That is WHY he became a cop. That is WHY cops cannot see their malfunctions as everyone else sees them.

    I wrote something on this a while back…

  5. Agree completely with all the above, but that was no woman making that call. That was a dude impersonating a woman. WTF?

  6. Studly Virtue

    “I don’t have time for this”, now there is a quote and a point we can all agree on. Yup, a lot of folks don’t have time for this, with “this” being subject to interpetation.
    Officer “I am the Master” , may I humbly suggest that it just might be in your best interest to reconsider a few things and attitudes. There just be a few citizens who dont have the time to put up with your BS or put their lives at risk when forced to interact with you or your fellow thugs. they just might decide to simplify matters by putting a bullet in your head. I suspect that or simular courses of action would ruin your day and weekend. And be prepared for the phrases; “I didn’t see a thing, I didn’t hear a thing, I was not there at the time, I don’t recall, I have nothing to say (without my lawyer present), I have no idea of what you are talking about.”

  7. At 2:50 she asked if he had taken an oath to the Constitution, to which he replied, “What bearing does that have in this conversation?” and later, “I don’t want to talk about the Constitution at all.”

  8. robertsgunshop

    This is the comment I left at the Ammoland site;

    As many as 350,000 people could face heavily armed police smashing down their doors and be charged with a felony.”
    Not really. I have a feeling they will run out of cops before they run out of jail cells.

    Dudley Do Right had better understand what most patriots already know, after the first one, the rest are free.

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  10. THEBigFatPanda

    I could only stomach about 3 minutes of this before looking at this fat bastards wobbling chin made me think two things; 1) we respect the costume waaaay too much and don’t look at the scared, fat pussy boy filling it. And 2) how amusing the look on his face would be if or when a .308 round shatters an object right next to his head.
    These people really have no fucking clue.


    I don’t know folks. I love WRS and most of the posts and those who post. Best website ever. But this cop seems to me to be behaving very respectfully and very reasonably. The “I don’t have time for this” also makes sense. His job is to enforce laws. The problem is not with most police officers. Most are good people. The problem is with the POLITICIANS and their crony bankers and their whore media. . . What people have to do is CHANGE legislatures, change executives, change courts (where elected). . . The LAWS passed and upheld by these monsters are the problem. The cops are mostly no different than you and me–working to feed their families. CHANGE government and the government’s tyrannical stranglehold over the law and the cops will not seem so bad.

    Now, I will grant that he should not have said anything stupid such as “I am the master” at the end, but I think that was born of frustration. My guess is that you would find him to be a decent guy if you were sitting next to him in bar having beers. STOP the POLITICIANS and their allies and you won’t have to worry about cop overreach.

    I wish the woman would have gone after her local legislator and the state governor and the state court judges. . . go after them and picket and protest and sit-in. . . and then go out and work her ass off trying to elect pro-2nd Amendment legislators and executives and judges. THAT is where this battle must be fought. Not against cops in the street. THAT is what the evil monsters WANT. Can’t you see that?

    I realize that I likely will get enormous grief in response to this. . . but that is okay. I just want people to focus not on the little guy–the cop on the street–rather, focus on the monsters that make laws that the little guy is then ordered to enforce.

    • That little guy has a choice.

      In every single encounter with the citizenry, he has a choice.




      That’s not to say that people wearing fancy suits shouldn’t have to face the music – electorally and otherwise.

      But I don’t buy for an instant the old “I vuss only followink orders” BS.

      Any “good guys” want to flip and work for freedom know how to reach us here. The complete absence of micro-Snowdens to date speaks volumes.

  12. “…we simply want people to abide by whatever the laws are…”

    No doubt he does…

    Yup…so did the Gestapo…

    Whatever the laws are…no matter how ridiculous…

    Apparently, the limitations on exercise of government power in the Bill of Rights doesn’t count.

    And, they want to wait years for corrupt courts to declare particular laws unconstitutional (um…good luck with that) even though gun restrictions are a clear violation on their face of the 2nd A.

    I gather that this apparently brain-dead cretin and most of his Barney Fife on steroids ‘brothers’ would brutally enforce ANY law until such time that the rip van winkle court process plays out?

    Badged, clown-costumed psychopathic SOB.

    Their selection of choice options may get a default reset once people decide they have had enough of this authoritarian BS, dished out by a government that is infinitely more tyrannical than that which we split from some 230 years ago…

  13. At 4:57 this liar states that “…we certainly do enforce all laws…”

    That is pure BS.

    There are so many laws that it’s just not physically possible to enforce them all.

    Then there is the fact that cops rarely enforce laws if violated by…other cops.

    It’s well known that when cops-who have a deserved notoriety as often being serious alcoholics-get stopped for DUI, once identified a fellow officers, get a ride home rather than a tour of the judicial meat grinder.

    The cop goes on to accuse the caller of being “anti-American” and “anti-law” merely for questioning authority.

    Touché to the caller for pointing out previous SCOTUS rulings that approved the idea that some human beings aren’t really human being and could be owned by other human beings.

    The cop admitted his superiority complex-that he was “the master”…


    So it is.

    For the moment.

    And, the moment is fading…

    That Law Enforcement Officer is a complete moron.