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  1. First the Rhineland and Saar then the Sudentenland next the Ukraine!

  2. Who’s going to do that there blockading?

    Can’t imagine Obama astride the Bosporus like a Colossus…. he’d more likely be astride Putin’s lap.

  3. lost patrol

    Law makers in Russia accused the United States and EU of open support for violent protesters in Ukraine. Deputy Speaker Yury Vorobyov said protestors in Kiev were trained in Poland and Latvia with US monies and that if Russia did not intervene militarily it would be a tragedy for the Ukraine people. (RIA Novosti 1 March 2014).
    The United States did the same thing that it did prior to the Orange Revolution: back the type of intervention that both the human rights advocates and the balance of power advocates could support. Giving financial and psychological support to the demonstrators protesting Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovich’s decision to reject a closer relationship with Europe, and later protesting the government’s attempt to suppress the demonstrations. (George Friedman 11 February 2014)
    The Russians read this as US Intelligence operations designed to create a anti-Russian Ukraine which directly challenges Russian strategic (security) and economic interest.
    Yanukovich is the elected president of Ukraine, winner of an election that is generally agreed to have been honest. Hence he can only legally be replaced by another election. He was acting within his authority in rejecting the deal with the EU. If demonstrators can unseat an elected president because they disagree with his actions, they have set a precedent that undermines Constitutionalism.
    As of the end of 1 March 2014 President Putin has not publically addressed the Ukraine situation. He has moved military forces into position within hours of receiving approval by the Federation Council. As stated above Russia views the new Ukraine administration as unconstitutional and illegal. Putin still holds cards with regards to the fuel which is transferred via pipelines across the Ukraine to Europe. He can shut that down. If Norga joined in, the EU would freeze to death in the dark. Secondly, It is Putin’s and Russia’s approval that the US can use the Soviet Northern Corridor for logistics into and out of Afghanistan. Without that Corridor, Pakistan holds a monopoly on logistics for the US into and out of Afghanistan. When they held that monopoly over the US previously, well those of us there know how that went. And we are attempting to do what in Afghanistan now? Remember that Putin is a strong individual and loves his country above all else. This is in contrast to what is the Kenyan commissars’ name here? Now with all our primary battle space commanders fired by same, and US military forces being degraded (downsized) and still entrenched elsewhere and Putin’s ability to provide immediate force multipliers in the field and on the sea right next door. Sooo those blathering idiots Rice and Nuland are just background noises to the real deal.

  4. Surprise! Another NATO/US ally sold to the wolves. S. Viet Nam, Nicaragua, South Africa, Afghanistan (soon), Iraq and now Ukraine. Suckers! I can’t believe why anyone trusts the word of these traitors.

  5. Obammy should send in the USS Soros and have Gen. Shaniqua Jackson lead his new tranny Rainbow troops against Putin’s real troops.

  6. I’ll bet Putin would like 10 minutes alone in a room with Obama, but I’ll bet it would t take him more than a couple of minutes at most.

  7. Remember the SEATO treaty? In case of invasion of a signatory country, we’d jump it? We did: Vietnam.

  8. OK,, why is this our problem? Why should we be involved in a dispute between Ukraine and Russia? Didn’t we learn what that means in ”Yugoslavia”?

  9. Neo-conz & EU Banksters now maneuvering desperately as their latest war plot careens toward failure. BUTBUTBUT Palin was right!! No, really? Russia WILL defend her strategic interests? Shocking. Just shocking. I’m almost hoping our globalist jackels do try to put a major military move on Russia…and still lose. That would significantly benefit our cause – by further weakening the domestic Regime.


    Where is the vital, national interest of Amerika in this dust-up? We, as a people DO NOT owe the EU. the Unkraine or any other European degenerate one more drop of our blood or one more dime of our treasure. That Budapest memorandum or whatever you want to call it was NOT a treaty and was not ratified by the US Senate, as per the Constitution.
    So who will bell the cat? Who will volunteer to saddle up and go fight for the Ukrainians? Which overextended, exhausted, stop-loss group of troops, National Guard units, or MEU will be thrown into the cauldron of crack Russian troops defending a vital national interest on their own borders? WE have more to worry about with the Reconquesta the Dead Elephant Party is forcing down our throats.

  11. Ukraine is a moot point, always has been. Zero won’t and can’t do anything nor should he. Sometimes I think everyone has ADOS disorder. “Attention Deficit……Oooh Shiney.” and am amazed at how easily you are redirected by the latest so-called news.

    as well Bosnia is erupting again

    • Ukraine as such does not matter.

      What does matter is the same kind of globalist scheming has already been here (Occupy) and will return with the inputs rejiggered to produce the intended flame.

      As such, watching the players drill on another country is a way to sharpen up one’s thoughts for the coming festivities.

      • Bingo again. This is highly fortuitous for the Bad Guys, since nothing distracts like a foreign war…get everyone to look over there, and nobody will notice what’s happening here.

        That’s alright…let ’em depend on luck. The Good Guys have skill.