Fred: Onward into the Night – Or Uganda, Anyway

With the quote of the century, thus far:

What am I, and people my age, supposed to feel other than raw contempt for pig-ignorant, self-righteous, utterly useless illiterates whom society will have to feed and house like barnyard animals for the next fifty years?

Read it all.

You do, by this time, understand what this means, don’t you?

Ann-Margret is most certainly not coming.


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  1. danielkday

    “whom society will have to feed and house”
    Who is this “society” of whom he speaks?

    • It ain’t me either. If they won’t take care of themselves, let them f’ing starve. If they come to my place to take mine, all they’ll get is some of my precious metal. (Pb)
      Like most of you here, I’m tired of this bullshit.

  2. SemperFi, 0321

    And it’s not just the younger ghetto dwellers either. I’ve spent yrs working around 30-50 yr olds who fit that same description.
    Another reason I’m not so impressed with American superiority in the world. I had a lot brighter Latinos working for me in construction, than the Americans who worked along side me. And always laughing and putting the ‘mezcans down, like ignorant white boys have some kind of cultural superiority.
    We’ve slipped so fast, and so far, in a few decades, with no hope of climbing back up, that even the teachers today could maybe pass an old high school exam, but I doubt it.
    Are you aware they are now giving Associate Degrees to 12th grade high school grads, for doing extra credit classes, when most of their classmates still can’t read or write? I spent 2 yrs in college, 5 days a week, getting that same degree, they now give them away as an attaboy award.

    • No shit. I found an old Kansas eigth grade exam online. (It addressed pretty much everything needed to sucessfully run a good sized family farm, including capital costs and allocation, much more) and showed it to one of the teachers at our kids’ junior high and asked how many of the students, or for that matter, the teachers, could pass it. Her reply, “We’re not teaching that now. We’re teaching them to be good team players.” Our kids began home schooling that very week. I really miss America…

  3. Total agreement, from personal experience, during that same period in time.

    Shameful and tragic, the devolution of America.

  4. As I see it we Americans have 2 choices….a) Do unto others before they do it unto us. b) Try and be as comfortable until we die from the thousand cuts given to us from welfare layabouts, poverty pimps, RINOs, and apathetic TV numbed neighbors.

    Take a look at to see where we are in our major cities…whether we want to admit it or not.

    We might be lucky to be taken over by the Chinese or Russians. At least they are somewhat civilized.

    • I vote for option b. The time is near when everyone is going to have to cast their ballot … Probably from the rooftops.

      • Damn … Please change that … I meant option A …

      • Call it whatever letter you want, your comment was the first time I felt like casting a ballot in many, many years.

        I don’t understand hardly anything any more, so I’m sticking with the simplest logic I can dig up—either this shit gets stopped, or it doesn’t.

  5. Ann-Margret has come, she is probably coming right now, and will continue to come. As for NYC Schools, they have hit the Singularity: nought but dumbing out, demoralizing, queering, and collectivizing. And, while I’d like to pretend these students are just a bunch of dumb niggers, this is not entirely the case. Believe I’ve posted this before, but it’s eternally relevant: back in my cab-driving days, hauling (mostly White) UCSB students to and fro from the train station, I’d ask the Four Questions, all simple stuff I knew by the 5th Grade, Cayuga Heights School, Ithaca NY, c.1958:

    1) the dates of WW I? typical answer: “ah…was that the Viet-Nam thing?”

    2) name the 5 Great Lakes? typical answer: “the 5…what?”

    3) diagram a sentence? typical answer: “uh..what’s that?”

    4) cube root of 27? typical answer: (sound of silence)

    And all this is, of course, with a purpose: to mold NWO slaves and serfs, and stifle free citizens.

  6. Yes, When schools were 99% White kids were held to high standards. Students were held to high standards. Low I.Q. students failed or struggled. Now low I.Q. students failing is “White Privilege” and racist. Frustrated White Students go to AP classes or drift and become lazy. A couple of years as a Mechanist apprentice would help the motivated Whites, but crush the slow learners.
    It’s not the Whites dragging the kids down, their DNA is the same as their parents, just as smart or smarter. Its the new DNA added to the mix, Hispanics and the blacks.

  7. Reblogged this on A Life Un-Lived and commented:
    If you think a man of Fred’s caliber hasn’t already provided measurable support for the lot of our sorry asses, you’re one of the damn Animal Farm barnyard animals he’s describing. His recollections, though accurate, relate the perspective of a genius unchallenged by the curriculum he describes. By the time I’d stumbled through the same curriculum in a stupendously ignorant southern school district, the high school math teachers had succeeded in convincing the school board to dispense with the instruction of algebra in eighth grade (Junior High) since none of the students arrived prepared for the second year of its study by the ninth grade (High School). The underlying problem, I have since discovered, was not the competence of the eighth grade instructors, but of the instructors purportedly teaching fractions, among other mathematical concepts, to the young students in grades Kindergarten through seven. It’s simply no use teaching algebra to a mind ill-prepared by parentage and previous schooling. Yet none of this warrants empathy for Fred. His lineage alone damns him: grandfather a doctor, father a mathematician, and himself a rake who admittedly married thoughtlessly to a woman who deserved better. One wonders how his daughters got so purportedly amazing, since he makes no claim of influence. Therein, friends, lies the rub. The baby-boom generation appears sufficiently lacking in self-reflection to recognize its failures amidst its successes. I am fortunate my parents took the time to educate me, whilst sorely lacking the resources and opportunities afforded Fred and his ilk, and I’ve done my best to push my own children another rung up the ladder of mental capacity and out of this muck one might kindly call the writhing masses of humanity. The gentleman writing to us from south of the border, proudly boasting of his seniorita cum seniora, ought think more regarding his contribution to the resulting disaster which is modern K-12 education in this nation north of the one in which he resides before waxing eloquent regarding its better years.

  8. Too rich…..If you want to see ignorant next time you go to the store and pay even up a bill of say $7.65 with a twenty and .65 cents and watch the befuddled look on the product of government schooling working the register….priceless.

    • I did just that at the Burger King drive thru one time.
      The pimply faced pregnant 17yo ho waddled her ass all the way to the managers office on the otherside of the store and came back and punched in the numbers, scratched her greasy haired head and then gave me the wrong change. I never went back to that place again.

    • No, no, no. Pay the $7.65 with a twenty, two ones, and the 65 cents.
      Watch the smoke pour out of their ears as you explain your payment IS correct, and that you only want a ten and a five in return, because you already have enough ones. They STILL won’t “get it” … 😀

  9. “What am I, and people my age, supposed to feel..”

    Bout the same as I feel about many of my “wise” elders who let it happen and often excuse it away. They who still think society is rambling along in the 1960s, heck even the 80s. Its as if the 90s onward never happened to many of them. To them I’m just a bitter gen-x/millenial who needs to sit down and shut up.

    • What is it that you would say to Fred?

      • I agree with a lot of what Fred has said over the years I’ve read his blog but I’m tired of being lectured to because most of the people his age whinge and cry, blame the youth and wont tell that to their own age group who promoted, pushed or just ignored the issues that caused it all to happen.

        • Battlefield USA

          And you are doing WHAT that your elders didn’t do JFP, besides “whinge and cry” that it’s the old folks fault?


          Of course, they didn’t have all this information technology that you have. And the fact is, most of those old folks DID NOT promote, push, or just ignore those issues… they just did not have all this information at their fingertips and so remained ignorant. So what exactly are you youngsters doing with this information age at your fingertips and what is your excuse (besides the very small minority)?

          And, do you think they had any better chance of voting themselves out of your mess, with the limited information they had, than you, despite the almost unlimited information at your fingertips?

          Well… here we are anyhow. Imagine where YOUR children will be… huh?

        • What caused all of this to happen is the placing of the Warrior/Bringer of Wisdom/Holder of Nike(Victory)Goddess Athena/Feminism on the Pedestal/Throne of America’s Morality. What keeps her there is that most men like pussy. JFP, as a young man are you really going to rebel?

        • In some sense I agree with you as a fellow Millennial. Yeah, we got screwed in a big way by the previous generation of voters, and are now stuck in a situation where the opportunity to make the right choice is long past. We are now painted in a corner, the numbers simply don’t exist. Too little…too late, even in the best of scenarios now.

          However, I don’t subscribe to genetic determinism of character. We can talk all day about whether Europeans are genetically predispositioned to have higher IQ’s or what IQ even measures. The fact of the matter is, no matter the circumstances, no matter your upbringing, YOU and you alone are responsible for your decisions and choices. I get that parents make it exponentially harder or easier for a child to succeed. At the end of the day though, it is the daily choices we all make that determine whether we are little more than feral, bipedal beasts or the descendants of men like Plato, Newton and Shakespeare. So while a generation of crusty, degenerate, LSD-dropping hippies (no offense to the more “chronologically gifted here) may have raised most of us incorrectly and sold our inheritance for the proverbial bowl of gruel, have we not succumbed en masse to the circumstances and intellectual laziness as well? Not that I’m Captain Awesome, but I knew college and beyond would be a feat of my own doing. The odds of a blue-collar kid making it into the top 1% of “educated” people were next to nil. I wouldn’t change a damn thing, crappy jobs, sleep lost, premature graying and all. Fuck the odds. The odds don’t matter, it’s the willpower to say “I will do what is necessary and pay whatever price is asked. Veni, vidi, vici.” So while I heartily agree that previous generation’s didn’t do us any favors, I cannot place blame wholly on their shoulders. A man is not merely the sum of his environment. Despite what Mordor-on-the-Potomac says, we own the results of who we are and what we do.

        • Amen, I have been in many discussions close to arguments with both my parents regarding this. That even though they were not the 60’s love children, that they have contributed to the current problem at hand. A career Army Warrant Officer and the “O” club wife, well respected, but without the testicular fortitude to look at others in their generation and take a stand. Baby boomers whether they were hippies or not have put us where we are today. They cannot say no, they cannot imagine not having it the way they want it. Boomers want to retire, so they will burden their children with debt, and refuse them the ability to retire. Boomers want little blue pills to give them a hard on, so they saddle debt onto their grandchildren. Boomers don’t like seeing the homeless on the street, better come up with a program, our great grandchildren will gladly pay so that we don’t have to be reminded of our failures as a generation. Boomers represent a degenerate civilization that the bearded goatherders see through as evil and resent it being shoved down their throats, so they do what any threatened animal does and they fight back, send 2 planes into building, strap on a bomb vest, the boomers just don’t understand why, so to “protect” their fantasy, they have created a new kind of surveillance police state.
          My gen, the children of the boomers are probably even worse. We as a whole would not stand up for a little old lady being beat by a gaggle teen agers with lead pipes, because there is no right or wrong, just shades of gray. And it may be uncomfortable to help her, our iphone may get broken, we may have to fill out a report, god forbid we may even get hit ourselves. WE ARE SO SCREWED!!!!!!!
          But, say those of us who can at least see a problem, we have to wait for .gov to fire the first shot before fighting back, “we” say this but stand on the side lines. Yes, the British fired on the militia first, but the militia was on the playing field to stop them. We just complain that they raid places like Ares Armor, “let .gov fire the first shot”, well the founders would have been mustered in front of Ares. Don’t you think that if us patriots would have been there to block the ATF, that they would have fired the first shot?
          Sorry, don’t know where this is going now, just letting the steam vent. COME ON GENTS, LET US GET INTO THE FIGHT AND STOP BEING HENS!!!!!!

      • We all get what we deserve? No, we all get what we get. And if your bike ride doesn’t happen to be ending on a downhill leg, you’re still down to the two same old base options. Quit or Pedal.

        The root of these generational woes comes down to self accountability. Oh its worse now among the young, yes I know. Some shit was just meant to happen though. And yes, I know that you guys all happen to be the Wide-Awake Cassandras that have been rooftop shouting to the sheeple idiots for YEARS what was going to happen, yet the reality of the situation is:
        Here We Are, None the Less. It’s spilled milk and I’m not going to suck it up out of the carpet*.

        So we’ll make up a ribbon for all the early adopters to wear, some bozo button that will show that you were swinging the hammer for the cause way back in xxxx.

        The awards ceremony will be held after we win.

        *on a personal, disgusting note. Had a buddy in wrestling in Junior High, who spilled a huge glass of milk on his parents new den carpeting late one night watching Night Tracks. Mopped up what he could, then sucked the carpet to get the rest. This story got related to me by guy who was there, said it was the most disgusting sound he’s ever heard. At least the carpet was new, right?

      • I have to agree w/ JFP’s sentiment.

        The previous generation had a responsibility toward ensuring the strength of the future. Fred’s generation failed all the way around when it came to long term planning whether it be their economic or their social lives. No one made them buy foreign shit, cheat on their spouses, disrupt family and community lives, and let this country fall into the sorry state that it is now. They were at the driver’s seat when all of this started happening.

        Its obvious that generation couldn’t hold itself accountable and certainly doesn’t give a damn now except how it affects their personal comfort. They lacked discipline. To resort to a “kids today” speech is not only ludicrous, but is open evidence of pathological denial for their part in creating the problem.

        If they could put down the Jack and cigar long enough to look into the mirror for the first time, maybe there’d be a glimmer of sobbing regret for what they let happen. I’d like to see a “Come to Jesus/What have I done?” moment from them now before the lifestyle cancer takes them all away. It might make some of them worthy of forgiveness.

        Let’s be honest, though, those of us reading here are all waiting for a big enough fire to dispose of this rotten husk of a society. I get this sounds like defeatist mentality. But, if you knew how so few of us have stayed in the fight to make a difference, you would understand why we remaining few understand that it really is too goddamned late to cure the disease. The GenX/Millenials will be left with the task of rebuilding and I can assure you we won’t have the time/resources to waste on building any more monuments for the dead –especially for those generations who were least deserving. We’ll be too busy just surviving the next winter and the marauders coming over our borders.

  10. Samenokami

    Uneducated people are easier to control.
    The US was selected for national destruction many years ago.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      You’re right.
      We sit here comparing stories, and ignore the basic facts, this was a school attack, yrs ago, and we still don’t want to admit it. Someone deliberately wiped us off the playing field, with liberal policies, to completely neuter the educational system, and leave the door open for Part 2. Multiculturalism is wiping out N. America and Europe, look how bad things are in Sweden and Norway. The Vikings are long gone, replaced by Saharan goatherders.
      Next question, is any of this salvageable?
      Not from my perspective. The teachers themselves are as dumb as their students, also part of the poisoned system. Willing participants in a game of self destruction. Folks will do anything for the promise of a paycheck and a pension.

      • We are at the point of the blind leading the blind into the ditch…We who see can’t stop them because they don’t want to be stopped…Take a blind man with a seeing eye dog for example…If you told him that he was headed over a cliff but the dog was pulling him that way do you think he would listen to you…If he had that dog for a long time then no he isnt going to…If he just got the dog well then maybe he might stop and at least talk about it..So many of the blind have had their dogs for a long time…

  11. Descendant of Cave Painters

    STEM jobs are going to Indians and East Asians. All part of the Marxist idea to make one big happy world of us. America’s well deserved and hard-fought and earned exceptionalism is being force fed into the One Worlder’s chipper. All the while, alcohol, drug and TV addled, over-weight, apathetic, lazy, seemingly contented Americans watch and blankly stare, much like docile bovines lined up in the final chute at the slaughterhouse. There are exceptions here and there, of course, but not enough to make a real impact on stopping the momentum. Only a great upheaval will move us back toward goodness.

  12. MtTopPatriot

    The last half of Fred’s quote, that is the whole point. To create entire generations of useful idiots.

  13. Holy lords of the Dark Enlightenment,
    Just hurry and kill all of us libtard, bovine, unworthy, stupid members of YOUR own families.
    Why wait. Why hesitate?
    We got it backwards, according to you.
    Parasites who have also fed you, hugged and kissed you and hosted your Christmas and Easter dinners.
    Kill us all.

    • Lt. Greyman, NVA

      Methinks thou beat thy chest too much in protest. We will not Kill, but we will leave. White Flight, a well known phenomenon, finding itself blocked by physical reality, will desire a Homeland
      The question will be; will the negro, the Hispanic and its Liberal handlers allow the White a Homeland or will such a thing be too “Racist”? They allow the Amish, but they are of small number and “quaint”. Will the Parasite unhook its fangs from the bloodfeast? Will the natural desire to live in Freedom of Association lead to a White Homeland or a Gulag for those who do not embrace “Perversity”.

    • Anon: Your bloodlines won’t save you, and that’s what frightens you. It is your actions (and inaction) that have condemned you, your own choices – not your brothers and sisters. Nor is fratricide necessary.

      Mother Nature demands balance. The behaviors/demands/impositions of collectivists remove meritocracy (shall we say Darwinism?) from the natural order of life on this planet – and not just from our species. It has been noted by far sharper guys than am I, that when an eco-system gets out of whack, Mama Nature tolerates it for a while and gives ‘the system’ a chance to set it back in order – but if it persists, that bitch will wipe out the entire flippin’ herd to get the overall system back into working order. If needed, she’ll call in an asteroid to fuck 90% of life on the planet, just to get her way. She’s a hardcore Betty.

      There is a reckoning inbound. And this time Mama Nature is going to use one of her most ruthless tools to set it right: Karma.

      Thanks for Christmas dinner. Buh-bye…

    • I’m curious and have a few questions.
      At the Christmas and Easter dinners you mentioned,
      1. Did my relative buy the food with his/her own money, or was it in some way stolen from others (through taxation) and given to him/her under the guise of charity (welfare)?
      2. Did my relative pay the rent/mortgage with his or her own money that he/she earned through productive work, or was the payment stolen from others (through taxation) and given to him/her under the guise of charity (welfare)?
      3. At the two family events you mentioned, did we actually celebrate and consider the profound meaning of things much bigger and more important than ourselves, or was it merely a chance to get together in a stolen house , eat stolen food, and talk about meaningless BS?

      I have relatives on the wrong side of things, and they are shunned by us relatives on the right side of things–theft is theft–it is not excused all because a relative is doing it. Only a flaming liberal would try to excuse theft and dishonor with emotion because when your logic is bad, you only have emotion left. And, yeah…civil wars often pit members of the same family against one another. One more thing–Stalin hugged, fed, and kissed (on the cheek!!) Hitler as Adolf was ordering his armies into position.

      Sorry for feeding the troll.

    • You forgot something;


    • colorado knightowl

      Tempus fugit,…all time runs out in the end

    • That’s funny. What’s not backwards, according to you…even more feeble? I’m with Irish Ed; I do that almost every purchase. Give ’em 21.53 for an amount of 6.48 and they might fall into a seizure without punching it in. I heard some McDonald’s had to put PICTURES on the buttons because the mere words weren’t clear enough.

    • Awww. OK, if you insist. I already disowned all of you worthless moochers decades ago.

      And *I* hosted all of those events, because y’all were always too fuckin broke to do anything more than bring your infernal Green Bean Casseroles! ARGGGGHHHH!

  14. Battlefield USA

    Deliberate Dumbing Down of America

  15. As a baby boomer, I get tired of this attribution that all things wrong today is our fault. Having lived through this transformation of society, I can assure you that it was well under way before my generation ever took hold of the “reins of power”. The various forms of collectivism, and statism, had been well entrenched prior to World War II. What do you think the New Deal was all about?

    As for the masses of ignorant, they have always been with us. Civilization is dragged forward, kicking and screaming, by the 10%. Technologically, there is probably 2% or less who understand how things really work, such as why the lights come on when you flick a switch.

    The whole process of gravitating to the lowest common denominator is a logical result of collectivism. We know it’s impossible to elevate everyone upward but it sure as hell easy to drag everyone down. Dumbed-down, ignorant, and poor, is helluva a lot easier to control than smart, knowledgeable, and well-off.

    I think it was Nietzche who said that the problem with democracy is that it only takes two idiots to outvote a genius. In the old days, the vote wasn’t universal because most people couldn’t be trusted with it. Nothing has changed in that regard. So forget about uplifting the masses and maybe consider bringing back the concept of earning the vote.

  16. OMG! Bitch, bitch, bitch, bitch, piss, and moan. Who the f**k said it was break time? Those recoilless grenade launchers aren’t building themselves. Oh, you expect to punch through 3/4 inch armor plate waxing poetically about ustacould and back in the day? Let me guess, the Darkies are oppressing you. Fred can suck it.

  17. Recognized this at 16 – two classes above, dayyum they wuz a’learnin

    We spent a lot of time repeating the same info over & over – total boredom.
    Yet at least the shop classes existed, providing about the only intellectual & creative stimulation to be found.

    The sibling one year behind – history dropped for cultural studies, with special classes on black achievements and whatnot – this was the year of “Roots” IIRC. It is amazing to see the differences decades later – so very many of that cohort seem to find their identity in that peer group collective, reliving high school for life.

    The next sibling several years behind – total lib retard – while possessing the means of intelligence, acts on a purely emotional level, “unencumbered by rational thought”.

    One of the many reasons to homeschool. Get them out of the government run childhood indoctrination centers.


    Further reading:

    Jean Raspail, “The Camp of the Saints”

    J. Philippe Rushton, “Race, Evolution, and Behavior”

    Of course, if you buy either, you will be tracked by the NSA and other nefarious surveillance organizations and, when “necessary,” you will be hunted down and slaughtered for possessing the knowledge contained in these works.


    And, just to lighten the mood:

  20. No worries. Take my word for it. Animal Mother lives. For how long? It’s anyone’s guess.

  21. Cassandra (of Troy)

    An addendum to Fred’s piece, & a reminder to those who need it.:

    No Cavalry Is Coming

    No Political Fix to America’s Death Spiral

    Dark Times

    America, lux mundi, mors.

    Non libertas, non pace!

    Cassandra (of Troy)

  22. Being one of the 30-50 crowd that SemperFi mentioned, I am ashamed of both the education I received in public school and the lack of interest I showed while in those schools. Instead of simply resigning myself to a dunce’s fate, I try to educate myself whenever the opportunity strikes. Being reasonably intelligent helps in this endeavor, but being a recently widowed father of a two year-old makes it a challenge to do so. If I can’t properly educate myself, then I will make sure I do everything I can to guarantee that my son gets a good education.

    • Sorry. What I meant to say in that last sentence was that my son WILL be educated properly, regardless.

  23. Am I the only one who sees the descent of the educational process starting with Fedgov’s involvement?

  24. Great article. What about the work ethic,”Do it now or I will shove my foot in your ass!” My father only said things once.How about pride in your work. Treating your work as a reflection of yourself. How about only giving respect to those who have earned it.The term,”respect” was hijacked by thugs who do not deserve any. This little journey that we are on is great when you have an education and are a product of good parenting. LCD living. Lowest Common Denominator. Pass/Fail. Scaling grades. Let in the ravaging hordes! We are witnessing the end of a generation. We are witnessing the rise of the Borg.

  25. Fred has a lot of good points. But neither ,he, or I, LET it happen. It happened over a time period, and it was lathered by the leftists in good intentions and camouflaged with tiny brushstrokes, one little thing at a time, so that when the whole picture and canvas can be seen, it’s too late to tell what a colossal fuck up it is. He and I, and my generation would no more agree to what has happened than the idea that Obongo is a good President. YOUR generation as well as mine has been hoodwinked and lied to on a monumental scale. Now, if some of y’all want to write the boomers off, and go for it without them, just remember that you’re not any smarter, and that we’ll be gone soon enough as it is. And do also remember that when you get your exclusive club of know-it-alls together, that a lot of willing and able help was ignored because you figured you were the “only ones” who could set things right. Sound familiar? The boomers and every generation after it have been deliberately lied to and subsumed concerning intentions, and oh my gosh, sometimes the bad guys plans WORK, in varying instances, and degrees. Or else why would we be even having this discussion? When I was a soldier, I could always tell how successful a training mission was going to be, by how many people were trying to bail out of it. Leaders don’t try to see how many people they can discourage, but rather how many they can inspire.

    Fred just tells the truth, if you want to point fingers consider Antonio Gramsci and the Frankfurt school, they originated the idea of useful idiots. “Educate” the children and they belong to you. We have met the enemy and they are us. Fred had enough sense to get out, he’s lucky, we’re screwed. It didn’t happen overnight or in Fred’s time, its been going on about 100 years now.

  27. Marlo Stanfield

    Standards have been dropped way before then. David Barton at has a collection of school books from the 1700’s. He showed a second grade text book from like 1776 and most of the college grads he tested with it could not pass. Louis Lamour says in one of his books: Education Of A Wondering Man, that you don’t get an education, that one must stay in the books stay current or go stagnant, something like that. The biggest problem in this country is people have it too good. I have been in eight other countries, and none of them have a safety net like the USA. Poor in this country is the SNAP program for school kids who have parents too sorry to cook, and dad has to drive a used Escalade and can only afford a 40″ TV and basic cable, and had to buy a used Glock. Oh and the parents live in section 8 housing and the gov picks up the tab for every thing. I know of one woman who has never worked in her life and gets a free brick house to live in, the Gov even has a cleaning lady come over several times a week to clean the place. That is beyond stupid, but she knows how to game the system.  

  28. The school system is doing exactly what it was designed to do. Why is anybody surprised or dismayed about it? That is like being dismayed that a rock falls when you kick it off a cliff.

    What’s that? You think the system was designed to educate us? Wherever did you get that silly idea? Read Gatto’s book:

  29. What are you supposed to feel? Collective shame for not believing the White Southerners who told the rest of you what Blacks were really like. But you all delighted to spit on your brothers and embrace the alien. Sow the wind, reap the whirlwind.

    Fred may or may have not grown up knowing better. Perhaps he was caught between the old and the new, the North and the South. But in any case, he sure knows now. He got off the fence as the rest of his generation should. Time to help clean up the mess you made of America.

  30. I thought I was a pretty good writer but the people in the patriot community have put me to shame. Wirecutter in a recent post said he had to take basic english 4 times in high school. It must have stuck for I rarely find an error in his writing. Kerodin is better than me though not inspired, just very competent. Bracken and Fred on everything and Remus over at the woodpile report are as good as any writers in America today. The Sultan over at Knish is a bit wordy but brilliant. Everyone on the blogroll of this site is competent if not inspired. Many are truly gifted.
    For the people who trash this community as closed minded, uneducated, knuckledraggers, they haven’t read anything here. Or can’t figure out the big words and ideas put forth here.
    Rachel Jeantel, Trayvons girl friend, was 19 at trial and still in high school. That’s 14 years and counting, by my public school math. And she is illiterate. She couldn’t read a letter she ‘wrote’ about the shooting. Like Fred says, she will be on the welfare blogroll her entire life. That was the real tragedy in the Trayvon case. It was a showcase of the horrific failure of our public education system. It produces people like Trayvon.
    Our dear leader, President Obama, is a product of good private and public schooling, and has risen to the top of his world because of it. He is very well read and spoken. He should be horrified at what his public schools are doing to the black community. But he isn’t and I can’t figure out why. Those are his people and they are condemned to to a life of welfare, mopping floors, and crime.
    I’ve quit trying figure out the socialist mind. There is no logic. Or humanity.

    • Obama is happy to ride herd over the continued destruction of “his people” because 1) he doesn’t see them as his people … He’s a Marxist/fascist first and foremost, 2) he “has his” and aims to keep it by serving his globalist, statist masters well in the destruction of America, and 3) he’s afraid of what Mochelle will do to his sorry ass if/when the gravy train and exorbitant vacations end.
      A sociopathic, narcissistic psychopath like Obama doesn’t give a rat’s ass about anything but himself. The world is, to him, all ABOUT him, and as long as he can get what he wants (power and privilege) he’ll do anything his masters command without regard to the destruction and misery it causes for others.
      People make the mistake of thinking he’s an ideologue. He’s not. He’s a self-centered, selfish grifter who’s managed to do well by himself (for the moment … We’ll see how he feels when he finally gets the rope of firing squad he deserves and justice will inevitably demand).

    • “Our dear leader, President Obama, is a product of good private and public schooling, and has risen to the top of his world because of it. He is very well read and spoken. He should be horrified at what his public schools are doing to the black community. But he isn’t and I can’t figure out why. Those are his people and they are condemned to to a life of welfare, mopping floors, and crime.”
      The House ni…um…staff, have always treated the field hands that way…no big deal…

  31. Fred seems to think that socialism will work if only the right people are in charge, but is dismayed when Taft, Goldwater, Pat Buchanan, and Ron Paul didn’t win their respective presidential races.

    Fred seems to believe in obeying whatever rulers are democratically elected. Well, alright then, what’s his complaint? Did his education not include classical criticisms of democracy?

  32. We took responsibility and home schooled our children, who now can read and write real English, do math, and actually perform real work for money, which they use to support themselves (and to buy firearms and ammo.) This was easier and more direct than fixing the school system, and cut out all the PC crap they tried to feed them, as well. Highly recommended for those with children.

  33. You know what’s funny about this topic? If tomorrow morning, EVERY drop of coerced loot was stopped from going to “education,” then we might be saved, peacefully. I mean every penny…local, state (we have “intermediate” school systems here, allowing for an entire level of loot that serves no purpose but to spend money), federal. ALL of it…grants, regs, subsidies, local sinkholes…EVERYTHING.

    First, imagine what that might do for debt levels. It’s the one thing huge enough to possibly make a difference. But far more importantly, it would save minds. It would direct people to LIVE…if they wanted to stay alive, duh. Folk would have to EARN their way, not just talk about earning their way. Parents would have to be RESPONSIBLE for their children, and children would learn what responsibility is, by SEEING it.

    All for almost no cost, since virtually every drop of human knowledge is available for free on the machine you’re using right now. Yeah, people would have to learn how to use that knowledge, but that’s what this has been all about from the get-go. Rulers don’t WANT people to use that knowledge; you can’t run a scam with full information running all about. Ask the NSA.

    See, this is how it’s been from the beginning. Rulers and gangleaders PAID the philosophers and intellectuals to come up with stories and “arguments” about how everything OUGHT to be…for the Rulers, of course. And since they could get the brightest, by offering the most loot, those brightest came up with some whoppers. Obama is the “cashing in” of this 5,000 year process…there is no “he” there, there is no self-owned, self-motivated individual. THERE IS NO RESPONSIBILITY. He is literally the homo-sapien incarnation of something like 5,000 years of insane persuasion…that your life is not yours, and that the “good” is to be found outside of yourself, always to be chased in pursuit of being a better person (never mind the obvious contradiction—contradictions only matter to the logical)…and especially making everyone else better too. And since there’s only ONE way to make ANYONE do ANYTHING…well, I think this crowd knows how that story plays out.

    But hey, there are two parties to every relationship. It may be true that 98% of the people want to be people of the mind, and don’t want to be thugs. But if the other parties don’t go along—those 2% or whoever who know they can’t have what they want unless they wretch it from someone else–then that’s their choice. A guy either intends violence on you, or he doesn’t. If he doesn’t, then there should be some rational, cooperative way out of it. But if he does, then that’s that. All the logic in the world mean nothing against a creature who either can’t, or chooses not to, think. Words don’t stop bullets.

    That’s the way it is, and I can only speak for myself. I will do everything in my power to not physically engage another person, not ever. But if the other guy just won’t go away and INSISTS on threatening me or mine, then I’m gonna act as any rational person would act, and do everything I can to stop him before he stops me. There’s really nothing else to it, combined with the understanding that if I willfully allow another person to be coerced, then I am acknowledging that it might be alright in a different situation, to coerce me. As clearly as I can, I ACKNOWLEDGE NO SUCH THING. I ACKNOWLEDGE NO PERSON’S RIGHT–WITH NO EXCEPTION–TO COERCE ME. PERIOD.

    And I’m honored to know people who I believe conclude the same. Forward. WIN!!

  34. What Fred describes as his schooling in the 1960s is pretty much identical to my experiences in the late 1980. If I were to put a finger on when the steepest decline in educational standards occured, it would be in the last 15 years. Coincidentally, or not, over the last 10 years or so its been really difficult to find workers in my field that have a good work ethic and competent technical skills.
    Moreover, we have been chatting with other parents about home schooling co-ops. Even though our kids go to a private religeous school, its not enough, as the school has adopted common core curriculum. Common core math is absolutely atrocious, there is no way a child can learn anything useful wuth the way its taught. I’ve broached this subject wuth many parents that I know (mainly scientists and engineers) in various school districts, and find universally that we all spend at least an hour a day reteaching our sons and daughters mathematics the right way. The kids who have less competent parents have little hope.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      Interesting how you youngsters always try to latch on the the older ones and claim you’re just like us. Example;
      The ORIGINAL Baby Boom was 1945-54, one decade of post WW2 growth, then about 20 yrs ago, someone that was born in 1961 felt left out in that demographic, so someone, I don’t know who, EXTENDED the Baby Boom another decade so they could be included, or they needed more money to make a graph work out for Social Security statistics. Whatever, the Baby Boomers are now 2 decades of growth, WTF? Most of those later parents were NOT part of the WW2 generation, but what the hell, no child left behind I guess.
      Now you wish to include yourself as being schooled JUST like we were in the 50’s and 60’s? No f’n way, there was nothing to even make that comparison with. Everything had changed immensely in those 2-3 decades; history, politics, mindset, population, civil rights, integration, etc.
      I grew up exactly as in “Leave it to Beaver”, same clothes, identical subdivision in Van Nuys, same time frame; try telling me you could repeat that exactly in the 1980’s. The education system wasn’t anywhere close to the same kind, everything was new, right down to the math and teaching methods.