Mosby: You Want Me To Carry What?

Gear and stuff, Mosby-style.

Get you kit squared away.

And no, this is not acceptable:


14 responses to “Mosby: You Want Me To Carry What?

  1. You mean gunkid’s tactical wheelbarrow isn’t a good idea? Who knew? 😀

  2. I spy Heavy Six. LOL.

  3. danielkday

    He won’t make it far wearing those non-tactical glasses.

  4. Just when I’d forgotten about gunkid……

  5. cultcha tourista

    GunKid isn’t a shooter. He’s the auxiliary who buys/finds, cleans, repairs, hides and supplies everything from a hole in the ground with a wheelbarrow. Quartermaster is too fancy a name for the kind of hoarding he does, but the effect is the same. He is keeping the Browning HP in the belt to keep wolves and zombies from eating him, while he fills the wheelie with dirt to hide (tactical excavation in progress). Don’t laugh, a shooter needs 20+ support people when they work full-time and get paid by Uncle. DIY is going to be self-funded and need 100 to each shooter.

    Someone needs to explain that those are “beer pouches” not to be defiled with Diet Coke.

  6. Marlo Stanfield

    Woman at the gun show had her baby stroller full of guns for sale. I still thought it was wrong on so many levels. Little bundle of joy in diapers with holstered pistolsandMossberg pistol grips for company.

  7. I have to confess, I don’t understand the rationale for the pistol and mags. For that same weight you could have 4 more rifle mags, 120 rounds of much more accurate and powerful ammo. And, you still have your knife…

    Yes, there are times you won’t have a rifle with you, but it seems to me, on patrol is not one of those times. Back in base, sure, put a pistol on.

    Just wondering, that’s all.

  8. PJ,
    Like I stated in the article, and others have before…I could do away with the pistol, and probably be just fine. It’s a security blanket sort of thing, for the most part (not completely but that’s outside the scope of the article’s context). On the other hand, if I DO have a malfunction that is not immediately correctable with TRB, the extra mags might not do me as much good as the sidearm will. That, of course, depends on distance and situation, but the possibility is there, in my mind. That’s my justification anyway.


  9. HHH Old Vet.

    Another way to go is to have a pistol that uses the same ammo and mags as your rifle, target is down under 400mtrs with the pistol, easy.

    I can tell you for sure that being as good with the pistol as your rifle can save your life, many times over in some cases, ask me how I know.

  10. Yep, ol’ GunKid at his finest with the tactical wheelbarrow. I didn’t see the infamous “CAR with a can”, though. Maybe he left it in the spiderhole? 😀

    Screwing with GK and his “I’ll take what I need from everyone” shit?
    Those were the good ol’ days of the internet, at HCT and other places.
    We knew the Gov’t was spying on us back then, and we still don’t care.

    As far as carrying a pistol with extra mags? YES! EVERYWHERE!
    Especially in a combat situation.
    I’m still around to type this now because I was smart enough to do so.
    And with all due respect to Mr. Mosby and his otherwise fine writing, I think I’ve been around longer and survived a helluva lot more than he has.

    “Security blanket”, my ass. What is *your* backup weapon? A knife?
    Shirley, you jest. (I’m not being completely disparaging, just selectively, keeping inside the scope of my response’s context.) 😉

    I’ve seen a lot of guys die because their rifle failed/ran dry and they didn’t have a backup weapon. That became standard kit with everyone. And you’re not dealing with regs here; since we’re talking about “citizen defense forces”, carry one! Personally, I think you’re pretty fuckin’ stupid to rely solely on your rifle, in any situation where you would carry one.

    Take that from an old Marine who’ll be 70 this year, can still hit a basketball from 1200 meters, and can probably still kick most of your asses. Quit watching the TV and get your shit together. I’ll need your help.

  11. HHH, you got it, brother. As you said, many people don’t realize even a 9mm can be effective at out to 400m. Practicing those Elmer Keith style shots with your handguns is something everyone should do. Look at what Miculek did with a 9mm recently.

    Yeah, that is crazy to most people, but I’d rather do something crazy and nail a bastard at that range with a 9mm – 44Mag, than sit there and wish I knew how to make such a shot … 😉

    Also, two advantages to this practice:
    – You’ll have truly mastered that weapon.
    – You’ll surprise the hell out of an adversary who thinks, “Well. He’s down to the handgun. Move in closer, he can’t hit us from this far away.”
    Then they get sloppy, and you know what sloppy gets ya.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      I spent some time with a new 10mm recently, busting targets from 50-150m easily, my .45 Colt +P Ruger Bisley has always been fun to practice those Elmer Keith shots with.
      Out here in Wyoming, it’s easy to sit down and shoot across gullies, we play a game of Aim small, miss small, finding the smallest targets we can with our handguns. I have a buddy who’s absolute murder at 200m with his old 1911 .45. Not all target practice has to be at 7m.