Mosby: You Want Me To Carry What? – Part II

“…When you’re asshole deep in alligators, and your only hope of effective escape is self-extraction, you’d damned well better be able to carry everything your team needs, or you’re going to end up in a really bad spot…”

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Get it done.

Then practice with it.

A lot.

Tempus fugit.

mosby 2nd line

3 responses to “Mosby: You Want Me To Carry What? – Part II

  1. It might be nice to see the numbers key with explanations for those of us who don’t recognize gear on sight….

  2. Sorry, amigo. That quote was supposed to be a hotlink back to John’s site, where he lays out everything with name and purpose.

    Fixed now. That’ll teach me to blog w/o coffee.

  3. more

    Audentes Fortuna iuvat.