“Gun Control” Messages “Evolve”, But Stooges Never Do

In his latest GUNS magazine column, David Codrea explains anti-gun Astroturf tactics and mentions a New England regime collaborator’s modus operandi.

More background here and here.

A Quisling is always worse than an honest enemy.

Remember the name and the face.



10 responses to ““Gun Control” Messages “Evolve”, But Stooges Never Do

  1. Rich. It’s probably all good…better the frauds are on the other side. Plus, this guy might end up doing more for RKBA than a whole bunch of gun orgs; idiots do that kind of stuff regularly. I’ll take that guy speaking for my enemies anytime. Hell, they even named a vaginal wash after him.

  2. What a shocker—“Ph.D. in economic history”

    Do you suppose he intends to give so much support to Kerodin? See, idiots do idiotic things.

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    No thy Ememies.

  4. Jeffery in Alabama

    “A Quisling is always worse than an honest enemy”

    Double agent Mike reminds me of many RHINOS who run as fiscal conservatives, but once elected they will play along with the communists (a.k.a. democrats) abandoning the “core” beliefs they professed to stand upon during the campaign thus betraying the folks that elected them. This makes them worse than “an honest enemy” in my opinion. I have no use for proponents of “reasonable gun control”. Mr Weisser by his own hand has chosen that camp and proved himself to indeed be a Quisling amongst true second amendment supporters.

  5. Mike the gun guy is clever and the lack of comments speaks volumes to the true nature of his agitprop. He is another of the usual suspects who fellate the state. I would not be surprised if he gets help with his efforts from an official capacity.

    I will bet he has sold 40,000 guns and every one of them on an ATF approved form and he probably provided personal concierge services during his ATF inspections congratulating them on their jobs and the need to keep the “gun nuts” corralled and contained. All ATF compliant gun-stores are government field offices much like every bank is a non-funded IRS field office.

    This is the same overweight guy who talks about “anti-Obama claptrap” and will ALWAYS (look through his blog) lift the evidentiary bar on individual liberty and lower the bar when gorging on statist mischief and over-reach. He never sees a problem with ANY government intervention.

    Finally, statistics whether in favor of gun grabbers or gun owners never trumps the self-defense standard of having military parity with your rulers…ever. Until we can get the collectivist boot off our neck, that ambition should never be abtaed.

    Fuck Mikey…and the NSA.

  6. Jimmy the Saint

    Unfair to poor Vidkun. He did, at least, like his own country.

  7. I just checked out the his blog – Good God, what a fascist.

  8. Good thing my gag reflex is atrophied from long over exposure to disgusting cankers like miketheeruptingpustule.

    Otherwise, you’d owe me a keyboard.

  9. Quisling, Rope, convenient high spot, some assembly required, when the appropriate event/time comes of course.