For Re-Enactment Purposes Only

…U.S. flamethrowers are no longer used in combat and their sole purpose is to educate and entertain. The psychological effect is unique and flamethrowers remain the most powerful hand held weapon ever devised…

You betcha.

CHAPTER XIV: The Flame Thrower in the Pacific: Guadalcanal to the Marshall Islands

CHAPTER XV: The Flame Thrower in the Pacific: Marianas to Okinawa – The Need for a Mechanized Flame Thrower


And get the book while you’re at it.








16 responses to “For Re-Enactment Purposes Only

  1. Firemen are often hospitalized when they breathe the smoke from poison oak/ivy. You breath that stuff in and it’ll close up your throat. I wonder what would happen if you mixed some poison oak/ivy/sumac oil into your Molotov? Maybe nothing, but adding poison oak blisters on top of your burn blisters would be torturous.

  2. Just don’t spill any of it on you as well… Rgr- out.

  3. What do you get when you mix Clorox and Ammonia? anyone…anyone?

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  5. The life span of a flamethrower man in WW-2 was measured in seconds. Most never made it past their first or second tank of fuel, as one round from a pistol or rifle , or one frag would puncture that pressurized fuel tank. Killing not only the poor SOB “gunner” and his assistant , but everybody nearby. Flamethrower men are walking suicide bombes. That is WHY the Corp started putting that weapon on AFV’s.

    • Data please.

      You have asserted this proposition before here at WRSA.

      Please provide the data you have in support thereof.

    • Settle down, Chest̶y̶er:

      ̶Source: 38th Division Historical Report on the M-7 Operation.[3]
      “ It should be noted that flame thrower operators did not usually face a fiery death from the slightest spark or even from having their tank hit by a normal bullet as often depicted in modern war films. The Gas Container [i.e. the pressurizer] is filled with a non-flammable gas that is under high pressure. If this tank were ruptured, it might knock the operator forward as it was expended in the same way a pressurized aerosol can bursts outward when punctured. The fuel mixture in the Fuel Containers is difficult to light which is why magnesium filled igniters are required when the weapon is fired. Fire a bullet into a metal can filled with diesel or napalm and it will merely leak out the hole unless the round was an incendiary type that could possibly ignite the mixture inside. This also applies to the flame thrower Fuel Container.[4]

  6. Cannon Cocker

    USMC ITR, Camp Pendleton, 1963, We fired one of those, scared the hell out of me. When I learned the meaning of “krispy kritter”.

  7. American Kulak

    If there are any Berkut in E Ukraine who had to stand there and take Molotov cocktails day after day now with the Donetsk uprising it looks like they’ll have a shot at dishing it out as good as they got.

    FUSA State Dept and Greystone denials of no American boots in the ground in E Ukraine already falling apart at this hour as RU media picking up story of guy getting snatched and beaten by E UKR militia saying he’s an American (or a Slav doing a reasonably good US accent).

    Looks like Ukies are going to need that arty to go after Donetsk municipal building/rebel HQ Grozny style because if they go in with just infantry or BTRs they’re getting lit up just like Yanuk’s boys on the Maidan. Boy what an embarrassment to USSA propaganda staffel if new Ukie Interior Ministry forces fare no better in E UKR than Yanuk’s Berkut did on the Maidan.

    • American Kulak

      And lest anyone accuse me of being pro-Rooskie I just think any American SOB stupid enough to step into a hot rebellion that’s none of America’s business and put on a Ukie uniform on top of that is pretty damn stupid indeed. And for the record the Brit reporter inside the Donetsk rebel HQ is confirming they’re mostly Ukrainians with Ukie passports fighting their own gov. If Putin’s ‘polite men in green’ are there in plain clothes they’re observing and advising not providing the manpower.

      Lets face it Maidan overthrew one corrupt hated gov only to install an EUSSR-USSA client state that can’t hold SE Ukraine even without a single Russian trooper in uniform crossing the border. Thinking mercs are going to ID the leaders for snatch and grab and cut the head off the snake is asinine. If this poor bastard does turn out to be Greystine their CEO should have his ass grilled before Congress pronto because Barry is trying the same level of covert ops FUBARness that got 4 Americans lunched at Benghazi.

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