Nevada Rancher Update

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Bundy Ranch Website (h/t Sam K.)

Nevada Governor Calls Federal Cattle Roundup ‘Intimidation’

RITR: “Well, then, Gov. Sandoval, if you’re really offended – kick the Feds out”

Miss B. counsels prudence(!).

TL Davis: “Don’t let them put Bunkerville beside the names of Ruby Ridge and Waco”

Battlefield USA: Bootlicking And Copsucking In Disguise

BLM Office And Personnel Information

BLM Southern Nevada Employee Directory

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  2. Nevada became a state in 1864.

    This guys ancestors supposedly came along in the 1880’s.

    How exactly does he think he has the “right” to graze this land without paying?

    The land either belongs to the state or the feds- but it does NOT belong to him. His “right” theory might be a little stronger if he had NEVER paid for grazing rights, but he did, so even he acknowledged at one point that he didn’t OWN the land…..

    To me, it’s a property rights issue and HE doesn’t own the land! He owes SOMEBODY the money, you can argue about whether it should be the Feds or the State etc…. but the land is not his to use anyway you look at it.

    Closing the land over a tortoise is asinine but the guy doesn’t have any legal claim to do whatever he wants to on someone else’s land.

    • Will: I realize this is not a reasoned response. Nevertheless…blow me!

      • Well, at least we know where you stand on property rights. Glad to see such intellectual consistency in the “patriot movement”……..

        • Well, your argument is intellectually consistent if you’re pro-thug. News flash, just because the man was inconsistent in paying the annual extortion fee to the FedThugs, that does not mean he automatically loses the rights to his property. Are you really sure you wanna argue that?

          It’s YOU who doesn’t understand property rights. Show me the contract where Bundy, and this agency calling itself the BLM came to a meeting of the minds. Show me where he agreed to ANYTHING without there being the implicit use of force hanging over his head like a guillotine.

          Concepts can’t own a thing, only humans can. Let the MAN step forward who Bundy made a deal with; let just one man step forward who can claim that land that Bundy is on is his.

          You’re claiming that just because he was inconsistent in paying “his” extortion fees, he should have his property seized. And you have the nerve to talk about property rights?

          There’s nothing more honorable than a man defending his property, and family. Your petty bullshit technicalities notwithstanding.

          • If it’s HIS property then all he needs to do is show the title. BUT IT’S NOT HIS LAND. PERIOD. His family came along- by his own admission, AFTER Nevada was a state. If it’s “His Property” then he should produce the deed and this all goes away. But, you know he can’t because it’s not his and yet you insist on stupidly saying it is. He has NO legal claim to that land, NONE.

            • So by virtue of Nevada being a state, then the state automatically gets to claim that land? Fallacy of begging the question. Why in the fuck should he have to prove anything??? Shouldn’t the state and the feds have to prove that they are the ones who actually own it, and not him? He’s the motherfucker using the land; been that way all of his life. So, they drew some arbitrary borders on a map, and now they own everything inside those boundaries? Like I said, you’re pro-thug, and you sure as hell ain’t for individual property rights. You think you’re for property rights, and you certainly are, but you’re for the King’s property rights. Perhaps he should have to prove that he is an adequate marksman before he’s able to take deer off of the King’s land too, huh?

              • Why should he have to prove anything? Maybe because we are a nation of laws? I’m betting the state/feds-whoever holds legal title, CAN prove it. He can’t.

                I’m for the property rights of whoever holds LEGAL title- whether that’s the state, the feds or some gnarly old prospectors Jackass….If you want to argue that legal title doesn’t matter, then fine, the damn Paiutes own it all! By all accounts they were there FIRST and had it LONGEST!

                So does legal title matter or not or is it simply Might Makes Right? Whatever rancher can hire the most guns owns everything?

                • Willie,

                  “Maybe because we are a nation of laws” ? It’s amazing how you fucking .gov types pick and choose what laws you find applicable. How about Article 2, Section 1, Clause 5 of the Constitution ?

                  You fucking fedgov types make me want to puke !

                  • When have I said that Eric Holder should not be in prison over Fast and Furious? When have I said Lois Lerner should not be prosecuted for the IRS scandal? Have I said I support the NSA spying on everyone? Never. Not ever.

                    What does the qualifications for being President have to do with some Rancher in Nevada? If you want to say that Obama isn’t a legal President, maybe you’re right, I don’t honestly know. But it has not a damn thing to do with some Rancher who is trying to say he owns land he clearly does not own. …..FOCUS…..

                    But cuckoo birds will take any logical, factual, argument that doesn’t fit your narrative, start frothing emotion laden hatred of the Government- as if it were some kind of “argument” by itself and run with it. Basically it’s the old Lawyer joke- “If you have the facts, you argue the facts. If you have the Law, you argue the law. If you have neither you pound on the table and yell a lot”, which is what you are doing…..The Facts don’t matter, the law apparently doesn’t even matter to YOU anymore- you’ve become what you hate so much…It’s sad actually. This is the best we can do for American Patriots? If so, we’re screwed……

                    • Ahhhh Willie, you have to come back with the ad hominem attack….”cuckoo bird”. How fedgov of you.

                      “What does the qualifications for being President have to do with some Rancher in Nevada? If you want to say that Obama isn’t a legal President, maybe you’re right, I don’t honestly know. But it has not a damn thing to do with some Rancher who is trying to say he owns land he clearly does not own. …..FOCUS…..”

                      What do soetoro-obama’s qualifications for being POTUS have to do with some rancherin Nevada ? Damn man, you are definately unaware that if the highest law in the land has been openly compromised, i.e., Article 2, Section 1, Clause 5 of the United States Constitution, then tell me how ANY other fedgov law, regulation, policy has legitimacy ? Now Willie, don’t give me some bullshit change of topic. Tell me how ANY law or alleged law has legitimacy while the criminal in the West Wing is in violation of the highest law of the land ?

                      I’m amazed how you fedgov stooges have become so brazen as to openly defend the illegal and unconstitutional antics of your fellow feds.

                • Jimmy the Saint

                  “I’m for the property rights of whoever holds LEGAL title- whether that’s the state, the feds or some gnarly old prospectors Jackass….If you want to argue that legal title doesn’t matter, then fine, the damn Paiutes own it all!”

                  Oddly enough, my parents hold legal title -in fee simple – to the land where they has their house. And yet – they has to pay the government for the land every year, or they take it away. They can tell him what he can or can’t build on it.

                  “So does legal title matter or not or is it simply Might Makes Right? Whatever rancher can hire the most guns owns everything?”

                  Exactly – at the end of the day, title means absolutely *nothing* beyond what the side that is able to exert the most force says it does.

                • Ever hear of the word “Commonwealth”. Or take a walk on a Commons in one of our Eastern Cities? The old Puritans had it right: there’s private property and then there’s property that belongs to everyone. BLM is the latter. It doesn’t belong to faceless Government Agencies. That’s what National Parks are for! Btw, I’m in favor of National Parks and BLM land. The idea of privatizing everything is just another Libertarian nightmare.

        • Battlefield USA

    • Billy Dawes

      You are functionally ignorant. We own the land you moron as a birthright notwash DC or the state, we are the state jackass.

    • Yo Will, “He owes SOMEBODY the money….”

      Love your enthusiasm for supporting fedgov. Have you questioned soetoro-obama’s sending BILLIONS, BILLIONS of FUSA fiat dollars to the shithole known as Ukraine ?

      Have you questioned the multitude of illegal aliens sucking at both state and federal troughs who haven’t contributed a damn thing to this country ? Yet we are paying for them both IN and OUT of jails.

      Have you questioned the HUNDREDS OF BILLIONS of dollars FUSA has given the state of Israel along with the government of Egypt and the Muslim Brotherhood ?

      You don’t have to respond to my questions even though they’re not rhetorical. Fact is you and most Americans don’t have a clue what is going on in Washington. But you want to M-F a fellow American whose telling the fedgov to go fuck themselves.

      I’ll bet you’re getting a federal tax “return” aren’t you Willy ? Sweet.

      What a guy you are Will. A real “patriot”.

      • I never said he owes the Feds anything. What I said is that he doesn’t own the land and he does owe the owner, feds, state, private-whoever for the use of their land. I wouldn’t have thought this was a controversial statement among people who supposedly respect the idea of private property and rule of law.

        Would it be ok if he grazed his cows on your front yard for several years for free without your permission?

        • Well Will, you didn’t care to answer my pertinent questions did you ? Just ignored them in true .gov fashion. Then you want to answer my questions with a question. Try answering my questions posed you, above. Or do my questions identify both your hypocrisy and your collectivist, .gov mentality ?

        • Will,

          Just because a man at one point in time “paid” for the use of the land, that does not necessarily mean the people he paid the money to own the land. Do you understand that? You’re only looking at the outcome, and that is a very slippery slope indeed. You’re forgetting that underneath all of that BLM paperwork is a gun. You’re seeing it now, and that gun is a scoped .308 wielded by the thugs at the BLM. Of course he tried to pay off the biggest gang on this land mass; he didn’t want the trouble. The same as you not wanting the trouble of a masked robber, so you pay him off. Get it? When you pay off the robber, in order to avoid getting a 9mm in the gut, does that mean that the robber actually owns your shit?

          Would it be ok if the mafia moved into your neighborhood, began to mow your lawn(for improvements and such, for your own good, you know), and then claimed that they actually owned your land, because you didn’t pay for their so-called services? That’s your argument.

          If his family doesn’t have property rights on that land, after generations of his family living on that land, then no one breathing has a property rights of that land.

          • When the Ranchers relatives showed up on that land some time in the 1880’s, was there or was there not a recognized and established means of securing title to land in the State of Nevada? It’s a simple question.

            The obvious answer is YES. His people didn’t show up until almost 20 years AFTER statehood. How does it work? You enter into a contract for purchase, part of which is agreeing to a price, you have the title examined, survey done, you file the Warranty Deed of record….If simply living on the land conveys title to this mans family, he better be careful because I’m betting that some Paiutes etc…have a better claim……

            That’s why LEGAL TITLE matters- in a nation of laws anyway, and why the Grazing Acts were established in the first place. You had a bunch of people claiming they “owned” land –that they didn’t legally own- and they were shooting at each other over it- and NONE OF THEM had legal title! It was purely a “might makes right” situation- Range Wars. Boy, that’s a great way to establish ownership- the Conglomerate Rancher who hires the most guns has “title”………The historical record is pretty clear on this- see the Lincoln County War and ask Tom Horn how it all worked……

          • Willie,

            “Boy, that’s a great way to establish ownership….who hires the most guns has “title”….

            Pretty much describes you and your fedgov tyrants, eh Willie ?

    • Battlefield USA

      Will, this is the only exception to the federal government owning any land in the 50 States.

      See: Article 1, Section 8: Clause 17

      And State does not mean what you think it means anymore. It just means State GOVERNMENT… and you ain’t no part of the privileged class called government. No your place.

      Now, put a funnel in each ear, stand outside in the wind, cross ways… and let the wind blow the cobwebs out of your head.

      • I commented on this below, sorry, somehow it posted out of sequence. Basically, all that provision of the Constitution does is establish the supremacy of Federal Law on Federal property. It says NOTHING about what land the Feds can own.

        Jefferson established the Land Ordnance of 1785 which gave away Federally owned land to benefit Public Education. If the Feds could not own any land other than forts etc…what the heck was he giving away? Jefferson obviously knew a little more about the Constitution than most of the folks writing on this page I’m guessing……

        • Battlefield USA

          Read the constitution. Even Jefferson KNEW… that’s right… KNEW… what he was doing was unconstitutional.

          So stick that up your Jefferson pipe hole.

          • But…but….sacred document!

          • I read the Constitution and that portion of it says not one damn thing about the Government owning property. It DOES establish the supremacy of Federal Law on Government owned property.

            I love the modern day “scholars” that think they know more than the guys who WROTE the document.

            • Battlefield USA

              And government owned property is established by what and how? And yes, that “portion” does say a damn thing about government owning property. It establishes how government owns property in any one of the States in the union.

    • Descendant of Cave Painters

      Bundy said he would pay the COUNTY for the the grazing rights. The fed EPA laws were changed since he and his family have been grazing their cattle on this sparse and arid land. One day he had grazing rights, the next day he didn’t because Fed govt simply decreed it so.
      Bundy is making a stand for ALL of America against the great taxing impersonal machine and the mad grasping of power and property by the Fudds and their appointees in Washington DC. Bundy is an extraordinary man and a hero of Concordian proportions.

    • Grazing rights can be difficult to grasp. It is similar to mineral rights, that is the grass is his, instead of oil or the land. He can’t build a house on it. The early settlers didn’t worry much about owning the land, as owning the water meant you had control of the land. Somewhere along the way the gov. decided they were missing out on some money. Then they decided, since it was theirs, the gov. should ”help” manage it since the dumbass ranchers that had been there for a couple generations did not have the intellectual capacity to. Mix and stir a few decades and whallah, here we are.

      From what I gathered the blm kept reducing his permitted animal units to a fraction of what they were.It’s all the more reason to get in bed with the government, never.

      The so called ”rent” is a joke. If it meant anything at all, 20 years would not be required to remove a tenant. The ”no free speech zone” should be your tip off to the reality that everything is not as it seems.

      • That is true, in that grazing rights are similar to a mineral interest. The primary difference? Under the Taylor Grazing Act of 1934- which essentially established the current BLM leasing system, NO RECOGNIZED LEGAL INTEREST was ever created for the holders of the leases outside of the lease terms. Meaning, they had no RIGHT of use or expectation outside of the contract terms itself.

        Oil and gas owners etc…have always had a recognized legal, property interest in the ownership of that portion of their Estate. Leased grazing rights never conveyed any such legal right. It was nothing more than a contract whose terms varied from year to year or whatever the term was as agreed to by the parties.

        That meant the OWNER of the land- FedGov, could charge what they wanted, lease as long or short as they wanted, set quotas on the numbers of head per 100 acres etc…..The other party was free to lease under those terms or not lease but they had no right to modify the contract unilaterally or even any expectation that the lease would be renewed to them vs. someone else etc…..The lessee is nothing more than a TENANT for the term of the lease with no other legal rights.

  3. Ann’s points are well taken, as are those arguing the points regarding property rights, leasing rights, rancher welfare, etc.


    The Davidians were some pretty sketchy characters as well. Does that make it okay that the FBI burned them alive after the ATF raided them on a flimsy pretext?

    Sorry, but you people can rationalize all you want. It doesn’t change the fact that the Federal Government is an abomination.

    This guy may have a shaky case at best, but he is actually standing up to the goddamn Federals. That makes me care a whole lot less about the merits of his case and a whole lot more about the fact that he is giving those motherfucking Federal cocksuckers the finger.

    • FedGov has been disobeying their own laws and resetting goal posts for decades now. If anything this guy is playing at their own game. The .gov does it, no one gives a fuck. A single individual does it, then holy shit on a shingle we gotta call in the snipers and Waco Killers to quell this usurper and rectify this travesty against our precious ‘federally owned lands’.

      I hope those helicopters flying around over the property crash. Hope the radio is still on while the fuckers fry in their metal coffins. I’d pay good money to get a soundclip of that. Would make for a nice audio clip to leave on various goons voicemails.

      I don’t believe in heaven, but I sure as fuck hope there is a Hell. It’s where I’m gonna end up when I kick the bucket.

    • Dear Chuck, it never ceases to amaze me how people such as yourself question fellow citizens like the Branch Davidians as being “pretty sketchy”. What the hell is “pretty sketchy” mean ? Then you want to declare that the rancher has a “shaky case at best”. Damn, are you privy to the 20 years worth of legal wranglings in this case ? But what REALLY annoys me about folks making judgements such as yours is that you give the damn illegal and unconstitutional soetoro-obama an effing pass. You want to start identifying fellow Americans as being questionable in their actions. In the meantime there is a fucking criminal in the West Wing attacking our very way of life and you want to bemoan other folks who have and are standing up to the tyranny of the fedgov and the soetoro-obama regime. soetoro-obama does not meet Constitutional requirements to be POTUS. But that’s just so much old news, eh Chuck ?

      Granted you do besmirch the federales but at the same time you use some derogatory language to question fellow Americans who defended and continue to defend Freedom and Liberty.

      It really appalls me that the MAIN problem in this country is sitting in the West Wing. Yet most Americans ignore the criminal actions of that criminal of criminals….soetoro-obama.

      • SemperFi, 0321

        Dan III,
        “besmirch the federales”
        I had no idea you were such a linguist, German AND Spanish in the same sentence? 🙂

      • Huh??? WTF??? Damned if you can’t go off on some crazy tangents. How far into that bottle were you when you wrote that meandering screed?

        You missed my point entirely which was that regardless of the merits or lack thereof of this and every other case of Federal overreach and illegal action, the problem is the Federal leviathan. Period. End of story. We don’t need to agree that David Koresh was a lunatic or a saint, just that the Feds murdered him and a bunch of women and kids and that whatever he may or may not have been guilty of, the true evil was their summary execution by an out of control Federal government.

        Yes, indeed, I do question “fellow citizens.” All the fucking time. Some of them are fucking nut jobs. Take you for example. But I support 100% your God-given right to be as fucking nutty as you want as long as you don’t subject me to any of your nuttery beyond having to read your stark raving lunatic blog comments. And if the Feds come for you, guess what, even though I think you are an obnoxious jack ass, I’m rooting for you, not the fucking Feds. Just like I’m rooting for the Bundys regardless of the merits, or lack thereof, of their case.

        • Dear Chuck, I guess you didn’t read my comments to you. In your initial commentary you immediately challenged the legitimacy of the Branch Davidians by declaring them as “pretty sketchy”. As I asked you earlier just WTF is “pretty sketchy” other than an attack on dead folks who can’t defend themselves ? Instead of defining your derogatory term of “pretty sketchy” you decided to attack me instead. Then you wrote that Mr. Bundy “may have a shaky case at best” Damn Chuckie, I asked you some specific questions that were spot on. Instead you ignored them and just attacked with ridicule. How fucking Saul Alinsky of you.

          Just as you declared the Branch Davidians “pretty sketchy” you declare my comments to be crazy, meandering, drunken, those of a “nut job”, and of course my comments being those of a “stark raving lunatic”. Ridicule. Is that the best you can do ?

          Don’t say you root for me Chuckie. It’s a blatant lie. You could give a rat’s ass about me or anyone else commenting here.

          • You got one thing right, I absolutely could not care less about you. Just the same, if forced to choose between rooting for you or the Federal gov’t I’d still pick you.

            Doesn’t mean I like you, doesn’t mean I give two shits about you, doesn’t mean I wouldn’t shoot you if you set foot on my property, just means I hate the goddamn Feds the most.

            We don’t have to agree on a damn thing, Dan, except that our common enemy is the Feds.

            • Sorry Chuck….double-talking folks like you are as much the enemy of Liberty and Freedom as the federales. You claim the fedgov is your common enemy. But you then lend credibility and support to their murderous attack on the Branch Davidian compound with your negative remarks denigrating those folks murdered by Fedgov, in Waco that day, so many years ago.

              Understand something Chuckie….I don’t hate your type of American. I just don’t TRUST Americans like yourself with your doublespeak mentality. Sadly, there are many Americans talking out of both sides of their mouth today than ever before. And you’re one of them.

              BTW….tracers work both ways.


    I don’t think the problem is so much paying for grazing rights, as it is having the right to graze his cattle on the same land his family has grazed cattle on for over a century. When the enviro-nazis came along and declared that the desert tortoise’s right to graze the land trumped his right to let his cattle graze the land, he objected.

    • Descendant of Cave Painters

      +1. Exactly!

    • And I’m right there with him on that issue, said in my first post on the issue that it was asinine for them to put the land off limits to grazing due to some Goddamn turtle….. But that doesn’t mean he has some kind of “inalienable right” to use property that is NOT HIS!

  5. Interesting how some are nitpicking the ranchers’ case, when food prices in FUSA are a product of a century of agri-subsidies of some kind. Big-agra reaps billions in Fed and State welfare but hell we must be careful not to be too supportive of Bundy!? I remember being in Ft. Irwin in’90s , and all they cared about was that fucking tortoise. M 1 s and Bradleys had to watch out for them!

    Barnhardt’s slip is showing-embarrassingly so.

    • Don’t make that fuckin’ tortoise pee itself or it might die. Article 15 for you GI.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      The masses are so truly fukn stupid they deserve their chains. They support idiotic climate change lies, and wonder why their groceries go up every day, even their tofu must cost more now. I don’t care that they worship Al Gore, or buy Prius’s, but leave me out of the insanity loop.
      A guy could shoot in any direction and hit someone worth killing.

      • “A guy could shoot in any direction and hit someone worth killing.” haha!
        or maybe two!

  6. David Mudkipz

    The correct response to this sort of tyranny is for a small group of hunters to slip into that land after everyone leaves, kill every tortoise they find, and dump the carcasses at the entrance of the EPA regional HQ in San Francisco.

    Whatever they claim to protect, destroy it and show the world how powerless they are.

  7. Mr. T.L. Davis, you write essays with a gift that few folks have. Thank you for your latest comments on this situation in Nevada. Very reasoned commentary by you.

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  10. Sounds like ranchers are as endangered as the tortoise, in that area.

    The rancher has no case if we apply the same control system that had captured us all. WE are the cows and the feds are the ruling class RANCHERS.

    We either must reject our rancher/owners in totality or accept the premise of this control system WE BUILT, in totality.

    Unfortunately, most humans simply will not accept the task of governing themselves and working together on an ad hoc basis VOLUNTARILY.

    Oddly, the bulk of us like being told what/when/where/how/why to do things…and forced to comply. If that were not true, we never would have made it to where we find ourselves.

    • ODE to the BLS by Metallica…

      So tear me open, but beware
      The things inside without a care
      And the dirt still stains me
      So wash me, ’till I’m clean…

      I’ll tear me open, make you gone
      No longer will you hurt anyone
      And the hate still shapes me
      So hold me, until it sleeps…

      Until it sleeps…

      because fuck you thats why

  11. The only thing that section does is establish who has AUTHORITY on those pieces of property, the Feds have exclusive jurisdiction of Federal Lands- Forts, in DC etc…. That’s what “exercise Legislation” means… It says nothing about whether or not the Federal Government can own property.

  12. @Semper Fi ‘A guy could shoot in any direction and hit something worth killing’, thanks for the belly laugh.

  13. Not likely

    I notice “will” got awful quiet when you pointed out his hypocrisy Dan. Excellent work. As far as the rancher grazing on public land, That’s at least PARTLY MY land, correct? My vote is FUCK the fed, let him graze.
    And just in case “will” chimes in again, Fuck you too buddy. Take your thundering douchebaggery and your smug, arrogant and unwarranted sense of superiority to democrat underground. You’ll fit right in there with the other whiny fucktards.

  14. Remember when I wrote about the day your governor grows a pair?

    It hasn’t happened yet.

  15. His position is he has hundreds of agents across the road eye balling his ass over some damn cows. That is a stupid place to be. His actions will not change anything. This is not a movie making event. It sounds like a bad episode of Lonesome Dove. If I was in law enforcement, I would have arrested his ass decades ago and you would have never heard of him. Those cows would be a distant memory served up at Wendy’s decades ago. If I was a Fed assigned to Cow Punch County Nevada, I would realize that I was in a fucked up assignment, realizing that I pissed someone off at the Academy or else where. This goof would be my ticket out to a better posting, like Seattle or Dallas or Miami. Fuck running around in some Hickville or Jackoffistan, People don’t change. Do your time in the pits, not a second longer and move on to better places. If I wanted to be a cattleman I would go and buy 100 head and they would never leave the feed lot, and enjoy all the tax benefits of being a cattleman. This dude has watched john Wayne movies too many times. Sit on some nag at sunset and look at cows? I would rather drive buy the stock yard in an up gunned SUV and smile at my tax breaks that are amongst 30,000 walking inventory.

    • “This goof would be my ticket out to a better posting, like Seattle or Dallas or Miami. Fuck running around in some Hickville or Jackoffistan,”

      I thank the Great WhatEver every day, that people like you, who think rural areas are to be avoided and everyone who doesn’t live in a city is a write off , just want to stay in the cities..

      P.S. News flash Slick, raising cattle in a feed lot has nothing to do with being a cowboy or living that lifestyle. You are the one who has been watching too much Hollywood.

      Miss Violet

    • Asshole.

      You couldn’t be Morelow if you tried.

      Fuck. Off. And. Die.

      Be glad to send you the Tour Guide to Hell.

      • outlawpatriot

        Ya know, I believe I’m the victim of some double standard, discrimination or some other abuse. For the last couple of days over a couple different topics some of you guys have been really disrespectful of others who have opinions that differ from yours. A few days ago I was roundly chastised for doing exactly the same thing. Not so so much as peep from you guys for any of the recent intolerance though. I believe I’m gonna need a years worth of therapy to come to grips with this. 😀

        • Alan, maybe we should form up a ‘support group’ for irritable old guys who have just freeakin’ had it!

          I completely support your right to flay some jerk crapping on the carpet.

          Big group hug!

  16. Regardless of whether Bundy/BLM/Tortoise has a valid claim to the land, this is a good lesson in effective use of propaganda. In just a few days, this story went from nothing to the top of Drudge. Study and use in your own area of operations.

  17. It is interesting to get details on’s response to a resister, so that’s a good thing about this drama. Maybe the only good thing.

    IMO, the rancher is in the wrong re contract dispute with .gov. Grazing private cattle on public land, is all about contracts. To me it appears that he has not done well in paying for what he has gotten.

    I’m with Ms B, a person wants to be careful about what cart to which he chooses to hitch his horses. Fighting for this guy, is the wrong fight.

    People looking for a personal fight over this issue, might spend their time better in following the advice of a previous commenter, who recommended that dead turtles be delivered to BLM offices. Go out and get some, then do that habeaus corpus thing, delivered to their door. Don’t forget about the cameras there, and do remember all the stuff about carrying your personal GPS locator while you do this thing.

    Don’t waste energies backing the wrong horse. Doing PT on the living room floor right now would be a better strategy than spending efforts backing that ranch owner.

    • Battlefield USA

      Public land is code for, “Hey citizens! IT IS NOT YOUR LAND! It is federal land, And we are exercising unconstitutional and absolute legislation over it! Don’t like it? We’ll kill you if we have to and prove it.”

      The federal government has no authority except as outlined in Article 1, Section 8: Clause 17 – To exercise exclusive legislation in all cases whatsoever, over such district (not exceeding ten miles square) as may, by cession of particular states, and the acceptance of Congress, become the seat of the government of the United States, and to exercise like authority over all places purchased by the consent of the legislature of the state in which the same shall be, for the erection of forts, magazines, arsenals, dock-yards, and other needful buildings: And,

      Clause 18: To make all laws which shall be necessary and proper for carrying into execution the foregoing powers, and all other powers vested by this constitution in the government of the United States, or in any department or officer thereof.

      But I repeat myself.

      Clause 19: And, we may, at any time, claim as federal property, any portion of any State, within the Union, at our discretion, for any reason, to do with as we please.

      Clause 20: Varmints will trump the rights of citizens, their property, and constitution, at any time the federal government demands.

      But then again, and unfortunately, you represent what is wrong with America.

      • Battlefield USA

        And Franklin said: : “If you can keep it.”

        How in the hell can you keep it, if you can’t even understand it?

    • Some people are just looking for a fight, good, bad, right, wrong…they don’t care. Those are people to stay away from. Fortunately, most of them are just blow hards.

      • That’s because only a fight is going to fix this goddamn mess. Not votes, not reasoned discourse, not edumacation. All that’s left is the path THROUGH the fire. And any old fight will do to start it. Most here would agree that it’s way past time, that there have been plenty of incidents that should have tipped the cart already.
        Well, wouldn’t it be ironic that the big one started over some F N turtles that the US gov. was euthanizing? After they had rescued and saved them, of course. And over some freaking scrub ground so goddamn piss poor that you need what, a square mile for every 5 cows just so they can find enough browse to live?

        Good enough for me.

        • The Founders chose their fight carefully- and it’s a big reason as to why they were successful. They aligned themselves on the right side of the issues.

          That’s why the Boston Massacre didn’t kick things off- they would have been on the wrong side of it. We would do well to do the same. It’s not like there aren’t plenty of legitimate fights to have with Fed Gov…….

        • “And any old fight will do to start it.”

          I hate to say it, but I think this may come down to that. Even sadder for me is that at this stage, I could probably live comfortably with it.

          I first thought his Constitutional case was ironclad. Because of the 60K offering, I no longer think that. OTOH, for the reason you note, I don’t really care that much.

          I’d still prefer that the shot that sends this country to…well, wherever it’s going…would be for someone whose position was absolutely indisputable and there could be no doubt that the person is being obstructed by way of either thuggery against life or limb, or the taking of owned property of which there can be no question. After all, there’s an endless stream of those daily.

          This much I know, even currently. Ain’t a chance in the world I’m living through another Waco and doing nothing.

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  19. BLM Southern Nevada Employee Directory

    Thanks and we also need the contractors who stole the cattle for the government.

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  21. Become familiar with the concept of Adverse Possession. Americans have failed to exercise control over their property, rights, and short term future so they have lost title to it in the eyes of the courts, government, and corporations.

    Either start exercising possession of control or suck it up and be content with you and your children living (and being treated) like serfs.

  22. Descendant of Cave Painters

    “Anonymous” makes some excellent and illustrative points about this Fudd grab of Bundy cattle over on SSI in the comments section. Ever hear of the Taylor Grazing Act of 1934? Thanks to C.A. for this site and to those, “anonymous” at SSI as an example, who post factual data ahead of the “official and approved information for public consumption” propaganda curve.
    Check it:

  23. “This much I know, even currently. Ain’t a chance in the world I’m living through another Waco and doing nothing.”

    I will never forget the day when my wife called me from work saying, “Just turn on the TV.”

    She was obviously shaken and distraught, so I did. We were all aware of the stand off at Waco, but I was shocked when, upon turning on the TV, I saw the “compound” ablaze. Completely engulfed. It soon became apparent the enormity of the crimes of .gov.

    I have been shocked, sickened, demoralized and infuriated many times since then. It’s so very difficult to know when the line has been crossed… since it has been thoroughly violated countless times without issue.

    When is it time to lay your very own life on the line, with no assurance of reward?

    Accept that that time has long passed, and the clear path to right action is obvious.

    I am aware of your aversion, even repugnance, to ‘sacrifice’ but, if you meant what you just wrote, that may very well be what is required of you (strictly by your own Self determination, of course.)

    I am thoroughly sick and tired of allowing the enemies of Mankind control of the field.

    My life? For the potential Liberty of my children and grandchildren…?

    Potential… Giving ALL without guarantee of reward.

    That’s not “sacrifice” at all. That’s Love, Fatherhood, Duty and Honor.

    “No sane person wants a gunfight!!!”

    Except those who know that that’s the only thing left to those who oppose tyranny. And many of them know they won’t survive the fight for Liberty… the Liberty of others.