A Message From Your Wannabe Rulers

Hacking at the leaves of tyranny. One leaf at a time.

As you read that post by Curtis, know that the dude in the photo ain’t defeated.

He hasn’t even been engaged yet.

And the bosses?

They go home every night and live the life of the American nomenklatura.

There is a huge, unwieldy struggle ahead.

And Team Freedom has to get their shit wired.


Tempus fugit.


50 responses to “A Message From Your Wannabe Rulers

  1. He does have that look…bloodlust…gleeful, giddy, anticipatory…

    • I’ve seen the look you describe, and that ain’t it. That’s the look of a guy with an IQ of 70, who’s about to find out why you wear gloves and roll your sleeves down when you use pyrotechnic riot control agents.

      Mongo sez: “Teh stoopit. It burns.”

    • I’d say he should be taken into custody, tied down with some of those zip ties, saving one to put tightly around his scrotum for a couple of weeks until his balls shrivel up and fall off.
      That sounds like a start towards the justice he’s due … But just a start, mind you.

  2. Strike the root.

    The leaves will wither….

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  4. There is not a ‘tree of liberty’, there is a tree of government: there is one of it, everybody faces it, and it’s central. Liberty is more like a field of grass.

    With Bundy the tree of government has been pruned so lightly that even more bushy leaves will grow out in response.

    You can use the budget to keep score. A material improvement in liberty is to shrink total government spending by 1%.

  5. Feds will be back. They are going to put Bundy in the position of the Boy Who Cried Wolf.

  6. Seen this yet? Don’t know if it is true, but it’s one more ingredient getting thrown into the pot.

    Oathkeeper Say FEDS Are Russian At Bundy Ranch!

  7. lost patrol

    Watching and listening to those who wanted to go and to those that did. Noting the rapid response (in relationship to the good citizens) of the government to the situation as it unfolded. To the good well meaning patriots, 3 %, Oath Keepers, militia etc, I ask the following questions of your response. First who took the lead? Should of been former senior military officers or NCO. Where was your logistics? What experienced Intel officers were running and analyzing the situation? If that was happening then was that information being made available to those “teams” arriving? Were there any trained groups who had worked together previously? “Your” staging areas, entrance and exit strategy? Did you have any air assets? Coordination? After two weeks of activity and the BLM and “federal’s” firmly entrenched complete with snipers and early warning system installed and total command of the air, were there calls going out for more folks to come in and support. Two Weeks transpired? Not to pick on Oath Keepers, but they should already know these things… Asking for Oath Keeper bikers to show up two weeks into this thing and 24 hours prior to BLM withdrawing (temporarily)? Okay enough of these questions?
    BLM and the other federal’s are just giving it time for all the good citizens to get tired, bored and having to return to their day jobs. The media goes home and finds some green haired sports enthusiast to cover. Then the federal’s will make their move quietly this time. Speed, Stealth, Shock, Surprise yada yada…
    Sooo knowing this … what is the patriot communities plans? Leadership, Communications, Training, Intelligence, Counter Intelligence, Logistics, Planning, Financials, Political backing, and oh did I mention training? Given all these factors, those patriots serious about this, might consider a few rapid deployment teams, 12 man Squads, Air assets, recruitment of supporters both financial and political … and I could go on and on … but you have the picture. Remember this … the federals are going back in … and in the near future they will be visiting other neighborhoods as well …
    Use this situation and activities as a training aid.

    • Valid points you have brought up. One of the strengths of being unorganized, is there is no leadership to compromise, no logistics to intercept, etc. Everyone should equip themselves as if they are the only ones who are going to show up. Websites such as this should communicate with each other and be utilized as redundancies for needed information. Those who rose to the occasion and had boots on the ground could communicate what they would do better/different. The People are the Unorganized Militia.

    • Revolution is usually messy, particularly one driven by freedom-loving individuals (“herding cats”). Yeah, it could be done better, and we should work on those things you mention; but let’s not go overboard with the Monday morning quarterbacking.

      • lost patrol

        Never my intention. Been there; Jarbidge Nevada, Red Beckman in Montana, Klamath Falls Oregon, Ranch Rescue in SW Texas. Now I am out of the area. Like I alluded to … get your game face on. The evil Santa has not even started with us yet, but he is compiling his Intel right now … cell phones, license plates, etc. Despite how it sounds, the needs are as I stated. I remember what the sheriff said when I asked him about Red up in Montana. “Hell son, it’s an election year, I ain’t stupid and go in there with all you armed cowboys. I am going to sit back till everyone goes home and then when it has cooled down the IRS and ATF will go in and snatch him.” And that is what happened to Red Beckman. Watch your back trail pilgrim.

    • Pilgrims Pride

      Those are great ideas, without doubt — but why didn’t you take charge of at least some of them?

      Or are you waiting for someone else to do it?
      Just sayin’.

      • PP: I think you meant well by that comment – but to be sure, what did you do to aid the effort?

        Just sayin’…

      • lost patrol

        And who says I have not been providing …
        We were on the sidelines at Ruby Ridge, I was at Jarbidge Nevada opening up the road, I was at Klamath Falls Oregon and was kicked out when I wanted to charge the LE security at the water gates so we could open them up for the ranches and farms. I was one of the riders. The organizers just wanted to talk and be seen. Was betrayed by a couple patriot types when I worked with Ranch Rescue because they got scared in SW Texas. Now I am an overseas contractor. Were do you think I get my cool ideas? Reckon you will just have to deal with it till I get there. But watch your back trail pilgrim. As the evil Santa is taking down names, license plates and cell phone GPS coordinate data … see who is cool and who ain’t. Cheers.

  8. Wirecutter has this info from this link: http://www.stevequayle.com/index.php?s=33&d=877
    Don’t know how valid this is, but it passes the logic test. Use it as you will: Thanks, Wirecutter.

    • I don’t think it passes the logic test so well. I think it was the BLM doing what the BLM does, and nobody considered a hitch like this. Can’t fault them for that; who could’ve guessed? Good lesson though…the future is never certain. I see no evidence whatsoever that this was a “test case” from Govco’s POV. They’ve had plenty of those for 223 years, and passed every one AFAIK.

      No doubt all the assessments and so on are being made–lotta bureaucrats and strategists looking for something to do–but I’m skeptical that had anything to do with the original purpose.

      Now OTOH, I think what Nasty Brutus wrote below, passes the logic test with flying colors.

  9. Colorado Pete

    That guy’s body armor would probably stop a spread of #4 buck centered on his belt buckle….but it would sure make things interesting for those grenades. Not to mention his hands and forearms….hypothetically speaking of course….

  10. Wow – I just watched ‘The Passion of the Christ” last night, and that cop is a dead ringer for one of the Roman soldiers. Specifically, one of the soldiers who were gleefully beating Jesus into a bloody pulp.

    Can we ID this LEO? Does anyone have more context on the pic?
    Thanks –

  11. This link is on water rights in Nevada. Water, what we’ve been told the next war would be over.

  12. CA, I wrote (IMHO) a quality piece on the significance of this. Check it out if you get the time. Regards

  13. Tom in Ohio

    Just as the .gov folks are ID’ing patriot groups and individuals, so too should the .gov forces be ID’ed. One of these days, things are going to get real personal – if it is on one side, so should it be on the other side..

  14. NastyBrutus

    Out of curiosity, who is Steven Horsford and what is the Mesquite Lands Act that was amended a month or so ago?

    I find it odd that — in Harry Reid’s gaming endorsed and funded Nevada — there’s a casino and resort town five miles from the Bundy Ranch and that town’s border either abuts or includes the ranchland. I find the concentration of lush green greens (and fairways) in the midst of a desert also pretty odd. If, that is, this is all about water.

    Not to mention what appear to be disused agricultural fields in and around town. Looks like the farmers’ fields were once as lush as the golf courses, but no more. Big things have going down in (and for) Mesquite, NV for some years now, it seems.

    Personally, I think it’s all about the expansion of gaming and resorts in a new “Vegas East” a hop & skip away from lovely Lake Mead, right on the border of Arizona, and just miles from the Utah border as well. Gaming pays well. Especially, it pays politicians well.

  15. Samenokami

    The good guys need to have a list of all the other good guys at the Bundy’s place, so we can see if they start having all sorts of problems.
    Sudden death. Audits.
    Voluntary list of course.
    I can’t believe the feral gov’t is gonna let this slide.

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  17. HHH Old Vet.

    I wonder about how many feds are in the mix at the Ranch? Fed-snitch.

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  19. Grenadier1

    I was busy with prior commitments this weekend so I largely missed out on the developments until late Saturday evening. I did however have an interesting conversation with a fellow. There recently was an effort by DHS to remove communications abilities from the Civil Air Patrol. DHS does not like CAP having a major role in emergency communications. So CAP proposed an exercise to test comm capabilities. A message was sent out over the emergency comm network that was to be delivered to DHS offices in person. The delivery was to be timed. The message was simply to have the local office agents contact DHS headquarters upon receipt of the message. The shortest time to delivery was two hours. The longest three days. All of the CAP radio messengers received the message within a few hours of its transmission from Washington. The time differences and delays were all on the part of DHS. The local offices flat out refused to allow the messengers access to deliver the messages in person.
    Now this conversation gave me two peices of info. One that volunteer services are more than capable of getting organized and communicating over the entire country at great speed. Two that the government is not capable of getting out of its own way when things go to shit. I expect that if communications are restricted that DHS will be quite incapable of talking to itself.

    • lost patrol

      Communications are absolutely essential. Need to set up links now. The federal’s are already moving back in. You Tube video is out showing large scale movement. Short wave. CAP is good used to be one. Need to gather leadership now. Any prior senior NCO or Officers need recruited. News will stay out of this one. Need political help now. Rand Paul, Sarah Palin, Ted Cruz etc. Need to contact them and get video on TV. The opposition is already screaming in the news. This will be a black out without a couple heavy political hitters. Need some honest unit to start soliciting and gathering up monies. Church or what have you. Use Guerrilla America or WRSA as information clearing? Need Forward Observer and their folks on line with Nevada situation? Intel. Communications oh yeah. Leadership, Logistics, Need pilots and planes for air observation. Cameras, Team building overnight? God be with those going up on the front line.

      • WRSA has been a good clearinghouse thus far, and is gathering steam in the information dissemination arena…what about it Pete? Lines of communication are open and actively assisting based in large part upon the caliber of your contributors…feel like we could do more?

        • I’d be more optimistic if someone had reliable boots on ground to confirm/deny .gov activity this am.

          At this distance, I am GIGO – totally dependent on eyes and ears actually on site.

          • Let me see what I can find out…maybe something…maybe nothing…we’ll see…

            • I have spoken with Jerry Bruckhart, Operation Mutual Aid, who is in PA. Co-Founder of OMA, Ryan Payne is on the ground at Bundy Ranch.

              Within 1.5 hours of sending out this “Alert” last PM, posted at stevequayle.com:

              “This is scrolling on the Bundy Ranch page Request for Help from Bundy Family

              Jerry Bruckhart Oma III
              This just in from Bundy communications: Many of the men involved in the
              early operation have returned home at this point. OMA and the Bundy family are asking for any private security companies or states militiamen that would be willing to donate some time to secure the Bundy family through these times to contact Jerry Bruckhart at 717-682- 8073 for further information. PLEASE share share share this my fellow patriots!
              God Bless and Thank you.”

              Mr. Bruckhart received between 100-150 phone calls from militia all over the country. He currently has 2 units from AZ, 5-6 man teams, and 1 unit from NV, same force level, on standby.

              Ryan Page remains on-sight, providing security for the property and family, along with unknown number of militia members.

              Mr. Bruckhart has been in contact with Mrs. Bundy, who reports no concerns at this time.

              His very clear position is that unless his information comes directly from Bundy Ranch, he disregards information as “unconfirmed.” Good policy, I suppose…based upon his involvement and one concern…”the safety and security of the Bundy family and Ranch.” I might add here that he is fielding incredible numbers of phone calls…so…in his words…”I cannot concern myself with what other people are saying.” “Everyone needs to understand that the only information I consider reliable comes directly from the Bundy family.”

              His FaceBook page is directly linked to the Bundy Ranch, and the Bundy family has the ability to directly post requests and alerts to his FB page. His facebook page can be located at Jerry Bruckhart. (I don’t do facebook so this is useless to me…but those of you who do know how to find him.)

              While we did briefly speak about continuing and further federal actions against the Bundy Ranch, and the need to communicate to those responding regarding preparations, his primary concern is that at this moment, there are “no known threats” at the Bundy Ranch, per information obtained from Mrs. Bundy this AM.

              We did briefly touch on various topics of concern, and I will forward to him a copy of this comment.

              A personal opinion at this point:

              When requests such as the one above go out, are reposted by concerned allies, it would be wise to consider that people will respond with and to varying degrees of preparedness…and that those responding will expect a fairly clean ROE, and as well, a reliable chain for command, control, info, and supply.

              As well it would be very wise indeed to consider that some allies have assets well beyond one’s own…and when those assets are brought to bear…they will be formidable assets…and allies…to have on one’s side.

              Given the outcome of Round One…it is difficult indeed to find any true fault or failure on the part of those directly engaged…and that “engagement” includes all those who monitored, tracked down, and forwarded, information…from their knees to their PCs, to the sand and brush.

          • Grenadier1

            I think thats part of the issue. Being in place and having the bandwidth to work. Sometimes you cant have both.
            I could not contribute much to the situation in Nevada due to prior commitments this weekend but i wanted to assist when I had some down time. I would have liked to monitor real time radio but I am 2000 miles away.
            Not sure how to solve this issue I just thought it was something interesting I heard this weekend and felt it was relevant.

  20. HHH Old Vet.

    Any chance of obtaining some satellite uplink gear? or sat phone?