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RITR makes an RFI.

Leave any info at his place as the central info repository.

Curiouser and curiouser.

27 responses to “BLM WTF?

  1. SemperFi, 0321

    WOW, fedgov III wannabes?
    Look at layout here, first guy shoots paintball round with ? in it, then fatso shoots grenade, and last guy fires live rifle ammo, WHY?
    Next key thing, run them around on the hottest day possible, they’ll drop like flies, make sure they don’t get any shade either.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “first guy shoots paintball round with ? in it”

      Capsicum round, like as not.

  2. Ok I thought I was losing it with the paintball gun there. I thought it might b some new weapon I’d not seen. The guy with the paintball gun is from the 89th Batallion out of Fort Reggie Love.

  3. Pepper rounds. Saw it in DC, too.

  4. Look at last guys badge on leg.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      Yeah, noticed the badge on his leg too.
      And exactly what authority do they claim to represent at this scene? Seems to me to be a big fedgov dogpile, every alphabet agency shows up hoping for some new domestic terrorist combat medal or something?

  5. If they learn to count to 4, do they get a new patch? I figure it’ll take 6 months.

  6. not a photoshop xpert, but those pix look ‘shopped to me. “III” patches seem to float above the uniforms. When .gov runs a false flag on us, the III patches will be on non-regulation attire.

  7. They’re sunburned, tired, and possibly correct.

    • Phill Knapp

      Hey Joe,

      Holy shit. If they are right, and I personally think they are on to something. We may have just dodged wholesale gun confiscation on a national level.

      I truly believe that the media/propagandist understand much better than FreeFor; that there are two Americas, Rural and Urban. Yet another line do divide and conquer. If they can get the folks living in the larger cities to think we are crazy and/or unstable in flyover country, they (city folks) will beg for the .gov to save them from us. Until I watched this video, I don’t think I realized how close we were/are to police state/martial law in our land.

      As FreeFor we need to come up with some kind of plan to deal with the evildoers having snipers just like in Ukraine for any future events? That’s assuming the evil ones won’t just fabricate the next event without us?

      Stay awake, and alert out there.

  8. The paintball guns fires balls filled with irritant powder. It’s like being hit with
    a powdered version of tear gas.
    It’s used as the opening salvo of crowd dispersal.
    Once that begins disorienting “protestors,” the second in line begins firing
    CS gas canisters, this usually results in the nuisance coughing and tearing being turned into a panicked rout.
    I don’t know what the deal with their patches is, but the jackboots were identified by numerous sources as Las Vegas swat.
    Even Faux news aired footage of their armored tactical vehicle arriving on scene.

  9. The RAP4 Less Lethal Projectiles are hard plastic spheres built to burst on impact. They contain a very fine Capsaicin II (chili-pepper) dust-like powder. RAP4 Less Lethal Projectiles are filled with enough Capsaicin powder to irritate a suspect’s eyes nose and throat. The RAP4 Less Lethal Projectiles is delivered by a high pressure system with enough kinetic force to get the suspect’s attention unleashing a cloud of Capsaicin powder into the face (eyes nose and throat) of the aggressor. The RAP4 Less Lethal System offers effective tools for achieving suspect compliance. Because the projectiles break upon impact they do not penetrate skin or pose ricochet hazards making the RAP4 Less Lethal System safe even at contact range. As they burst on impact and fill the vicinity with the irritant powder using the RAP4 Less Lethal System officers don’t have to hit their target to subdue the suspect. By shooting in the vicinity the suspect will be overwhelmed by a cloud of irritation powder. Even when the suspect is running away the officer can shoot into a wall or object in front of the suspect leaving the suspect running into a barely visible cloud of irritation powder.
    These LLP’s can be easily mail ordered, for example, from Amazon.
    A good time to be had by all, don’t you know.

  10. SD@Anonymous.Com

    Seems like a fake news photographer could easily recon, flank, range, and designate target priorities here. Hmmm… Reminds me of the red team “borrowing” a navy pickup with the land survey equipment inside during a joint services exercise years ago. They wore the hardhats and orange vests and just pretended to be working nearby.They went right through the AO and mapped out the entire blue team operation.

  11. The big WTF for me is were they really moving around in a stack like that?

    • You revert to training when you go on “autopilot” under stress. This stack works fine knocking over crack houses, but it’s not worth a tinker’s damn out in the sticks. This will be their undoing.

      Did you see how those idiots all walked backwards, too?

      • I saw the backwards walking thing, too.

        Someone’s been playing too much Call of Duty. I didn’t believe that people really thought that was a practical way to maneuver until I actually saw some “tactical” teams doing it.

        Here’s to hoping they keep training that way.

  12. I was only following orders.

  13. A couple .308 AP, and you 4 for the price of one.
    And they have NOT trained for anything like what they will see.

  14. The patches show that those troops are from
    BLM region III, which are different from the FEMA regions