Practical Training: Get It While You Still Can

The optempo of AmRev III is accelerating.

And no – you will NOT, simply by attending a single class, learn everything that someone who has been through all of the .mil training cycles, plus actual combat experience, will know.

But you will be better off than you are now, especially if you do the pre-work.

And so will those who depend on you.

Max V Updated Schedule

Mason Dixon Tactical

John Mosby: Training Opportunities and Upcoming Classes

Defensive Training Group LLC

And don’t forget comms, without which you will be hosed:

Signal Corps Upcoming Training

Tempus fugit.


9 responses to “Practical Training: Get It While You Still Can

  1. OK, stupid question here….

    “AmRev Three“?

    I thought we were working on AmRev Two?

  2. The “Civil War” was most assuredly a revolution – and the Bad Guys won.

    But they failed to kill us all, as would have been strategically prudent…

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  4. outlawpatriot

    Tomato, tomatoe.

    I consider all to be civil wars.

    But for the love of all that is Holy, this doesn’t have to be discussed ad nauseum, please.


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  6. Cassandra (of Troy)

    2 suggestions to improve combat training

    1. The tendency of instructors to concentrate primarily on the 360 degree horizontal plane.

    IMAO, the Horiz/Vert/720 degree method’s better as it’s direction/terrain/threat inclusive, shouldn’t be too difficult to teach to groups as it’s an extension of basic boobytrap/mine/sniper detection & avoidance techniques, lessens the chances of unfortunate surprises by putting more eyes in more directions, & may help increase unit cohesion thru interdependence.

    2. Alternating team/squad/platoon member order.

    Since left handed shooters bodies naturally orient front/right w/ the opposite for righties, the benefits of exploiting this tendency are automatic flank coverage & faster attack response times which can increase unit cohesion thru interdependence. I realize that such selectivity’s usually beyond the team/squad/platoon commander’s control, but given the individualistic & diverse nature of FreeFor this approach seems reasonably accomplishable & so should be attempted whenever possible IMAO.

    Cassandra (of Troy)