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11 responses to “Resistance!

  1. Outstanding.

  2. William Munny

    Most excellent.

  3. Cilla Mitchell

    Picture says it all. No words necessary.

  4. Don’t chew my head off, but why the ‘change’ logo? Didn’t the legal fight start 10-20 years ago, long before Obama and change? I dislike him as much as the next American, but this seems a stretch.

    • Talk to the artist. Tweren’t me.

    • It may have started 150 years ago, but he’s the one who campaigned, demanded, stomped his foot, played the race card, and raised money to get the job, so he gets to hold the bag o’blame. Guess no one explained to him what “Commander” really means: Good or bad, if it happens on your watch, it’s your fault.

      Guess he didn’t anticipate the mess he inherited in 2012….

  5. Does anyone else recall, that after the Tiamanen Square massacre, the Chinese pols went all in pursuing the ringleaders and putting them in jail, torture, harvesting organs, etc? The aftermath party is often the one that counts in the long run.

    • So a more effective, and safe strategy is to quietly wait it out so the ‘aftermath party’ can guarantee and uphold that oft stated goal of “Personnel Safety,” while “Personnel” are pursuing the exact same agenda? Why do you suppose (some) Americans have a visceral reaction to the notion of stack and pack, 800 sq. foot residential boxes, rail transportation to and from a job, right alongside, above or below some 90% or better of the entire remaining population, and whose every purchase is allowed or declined by new overseers, where sustainable development policies determine what color(s) and flavor(s) are added to your GMO food, sources grown within your region, and the clothes you wear are produced with the indigenous materials within 100 miles of your residence. The Chinese overseers have it good…and with a disarmed population, can have it for a very long time.

      Your concerns have historical precedence, of course…but then again…so does resistance.

      Right this moment…this is as good as it gets…think about that.

  6. Drop dead funny. Personally I love the inclusion of the logo. Wonder what would happen if WZ got a hold of that pic?