Sharpen Your Tusks

The best overview I have read in a long time.

Long, but worth your time.

If you have people in your lives who still might awaken, give them this essay.

Insist they read the whole thing.

And remind them that the fuse has already been lit – by the Feds.

Tempus fugit.


33 responses to “Sharpen Your Tusks

  1. methylamine

    Powerful stuff. Set me to grinding my teeth in frustration. It’s all so damned unnecessary; why don’t the control-freaks just leave us the hell alone? Take the northeast. Stay there. Let us be.

    • Shirley you jest. The parasites cannot live w/o the host. They will kill the host rather than leave it alone. Now do you understand?

      • methylamine

        I hear you. But the psychopaths don’t understand that two ticks and a dead dog…will make two ticks dead, too!

    • No. Fight where you stand. As in: Distributed Swarm. Also, going defensive isn’t going to win shit. Seek weaknesses in your AO. Get more familiar with your AO. Be ready to get started when the brushfires light. This last weekend was close. Maybe even tight enough that it can’t get shaved much closer, meaning the probability is high that

  2. Passed this on.

  3. Excellent read. Excellent.

    Tusk sharpening on-going……

    • Addendum: In light of the M40 art and the USFS pics of the paintball and 37 or 40mm CS platform, I presume folks have a mask capable of defeating CS with them, right?

      Folks that have never been hit with real CS (not the training tablets they burn to simulate CS), you will really be glad you have a CS capable filter on your mask, whatever type you have, in that sort of situation.


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  6. Wow, this cat sure read my mind and put it into words much better than I could have.

  7. CA….I”m always amazed by the blogs you dig up on the ‘Net. Very interesting essay, this one.

  8. This is why the feds have pulled the A10s, fighter jets, and now the Apache helicopters from the state guards.

  9. Bradford C joy

    I’ve always said,, ” As long as there’s Propane for the Grill and the Game is on,, America will stay Fat and Happy”
    He said it better,,,,

  10. MtnTopPatriot

    It’s not Long CA, it’s perfect.

    It is as the guy said time to shoot the politicians.

    100 would be a good start.

    Everything else aside, you got to ask who is it that is directly responsible for the insanity corruption and tyranny we the people are deliberately, intentionally subjects to and of.

    Regular good law respecting people who only wish to be left alone and live a decent life do not cause or do these things we witness every hour and every day those running things commit with impunity only a system of tyranny and corruption can enable.

    It is time to shoot the son of a bitches.

    If for no other reason it is the good people of America who will be shot by these psychopaths and thugs because it is only the good people who stand in the way of totalitarianism these fuckers are hell bent on imposing.

    What other alternatives are there?

    • methylamine

      Agreed, but let’s also remember–those 100 are NOT the origin of the evil. They’re the public-relations puppets for the REAL powers.
      Look at the CFR. It’s an outer circle. Dig deeper–Club of Rome. Dig deeper–City of London. Rothschild Rockefeller, Lazard, DuPont… NOW we’re getting to the real core of power.

      Taking out the 100 will just let the real power elite replace them with the next 100. Yeah, they’ll be a little more cautious…but the power elite remains in place and their fraudulent debt-money system keeps us enslaved.

      The 100 is just the start–the real fight is exposing them, their plans, and their techniques–so the next 100 never come to power.

      • SemperFi, 0321

        Look at how many people right here on this blog will argue over your list, and then try taking it to the masses, they don’t want to hear about it or know about it, to them it’s all tin foil dreams.
        I’m in total agreement with you, but turning peoples minds around to expose their masters is not something that will be done easily, I’ve been trying for decades and have suffered the consequences by my own peers. People like us belong in a looney bin for even suggesting such nonsense.
        Let’s see how far the Harry Reid expose goes, before it’s all forgotten.

      • MtnTopPatriot

        Yes, but just like our local and national traitors, the deep state requires vassals to do it’s bidding. Without sycophants to project and enforce their power through monopoly of force, those running things have no power over those who withdraw consent to that power, legitimate or not.

        Meth your asking what about the evil men of the deep state behind it all?
        Don’t take this wrong, but you underestimate yourself, a plurality in arms, your sovereign power.
        Get it through your head, you have more power than you can imagine the moment you withdraw consent. It’s your right to defy the bastards, in that right is power a tyrant can only dream of possessing. Why do you think they want our guns? They ain’t afraid of the guns there scared of those who know with a gun they don’t need to be afraid of tyranny.

        What’s the deep state gonna do?
        Start another world war or invade America, to get it’s way and advance it’s agenda?
        The deep states needs America to do that. It needs the US military to do that.
        There is not enough armed badged militarized thugs to do it. The numbers and math don’t add up no matter how much the pickle smoochin red diaper emperor in the white house wants it to be. No matter how much mil surp gear and armaments he hands out to local county and state mall ninja’s.

        Think man!
        Think outside the box.

        They are going to have to pull something right out of Matt Bracken’s Enemies Foreign and Domestic trilogy.
        Use conscript illegal aliens, foment bloody race war, and under pretence of 1 world order put blue helmets on mercenaries and sick em on flyover nation.

        How long you think the armed to the teeth and the motivated America that exists out there is going to idly stand by?

        Those running things got to be some kind of stupid they think they are going to pull that shit off and set up their new 1 world order digs in my country.

        • “How long you think the armed to the teeth and the motivated America that exists out there is going to idly stand by?”

          Oh, till the second week of April 2014. Imagine how many would’ve been there if they hadn’t retreated. My hunch is they have a better idea than we do…better intel.

          They’re trapped like the rats they are. Problem is, that leaves them very few options, especially considering their repertoire. Of course that takes a lot of the guessing out of it too.

        • methylamine

          @MtnTopPatriot–thank you sir for the words of encouragement. Your points are well taken; I am reminded daily that I–and my fellow men–are created in the image of the Maker of the universe…we are, in spirit, indomitable.

          And I’m shooting 1 MOA consistently now, for when the flesh has to act as well 🙂

          Matt Bracken’s books are excellent, prescient. I read all three just a couple of months ago and thought they were written in the last couple of years…but they’re 12 years old.

          @Jim Klein–“trapped like rats”, yes they are. They’re psychopaths and their narcissism keeps them thinking they’re still invulnerable–but the facade is cracking. They’re in Deep Shit and they know it. I think Alex Jones is right–they’ll have to pull the mother of all false flags to get the sheep back in the pen.

          But even that won’t work. Sandy Hoax didn’t last two weeks before people were debunking it. The Boston Bombing didn’t last two HOURS before it was getting picked apart.

      • Nah, I’m not buying it. We don’t have a people problem, we have a systems problem:

        With conspiracy so close to the surface of the American imagination and American reality, I can only approach with trepidation the task of discouraging you in advance from thinking my book the chronicle of some vast diabolical conspiracy to seize all our children for the personal ends of a small, elite minority.

        Don’t get me wrong, American schooling has been replete with chicanery from its very beginnings.*

        Indeed, it isn’t difficult to find various conspirators boasting in public about what they pulled off. But if you take that tack you’ll miss the real horror of what I’m trying to describe, that what has happened to our schools was inherent in the original design for a planned economy and a planned society laid down so proudly at the end of the nineteenth century. I think what happened would have happened anyway—without the legions of venal, half-mad men and women who schemed so hard to make it as it is. If I’m correct, we’re in a much worse position than we would be if we were merely victims of an evil genius or two.

        If you obsess about conspiracy, what you’ll fail to see is that we are held fast by a form of highly abstract thinking fully concretized in human institutions which has grown beyond the power of the managers of these institutions to control. If there is a way out of the trap we’re in, it won’t be by removing some bad guys and replacing them with good guys.

        The problem is you and me, specifically, our religious belief in government. It will always end up this way until we give up that belief. We can’t elect our way out of this, and we can’t shoot our way out of it either. In fact I fear virtuous rulers more than I fear venal ones; Woodrow Wilson was a disaster for us.

        Well, we will have to have our war; there is no avoiding it. But I sure hope after the war, we decide not to install another latent tyranny.

        • methylamine

          So there’s a great saying–“What’s the difference between a libertarian and an anarcho-capitalist? About six months.”

          Statism IS a religion, a dark religion. It substitutes certainty in the State for certainty in a real God.

          History is cyclical but each swing of the pendulum to freedom’s side goes wider each time. I’m hoping this one–the one to top the end of the Dark Ages, the Reformation, the Renaissance–will finally teach us:

          Government cannot be good. You don’t need it.

      • This seems as good a place as any to link to a radio show last evening.

        Starting at the 127.10 minute mark, for those who don’t have the full 3 hours to listen, is a quite unexpected series of statements from people I never expected to hear make them.

    • “Regular good law respecting people…” Somewhat related:
      “Before societies fall, just such a stratum of wise, thinking people emerges, people who are that and nothing more. And how they were laughed at! How they were mocked! As though they stuck in the craw of people whose deeds and actions were single-minded and narrow-minded. And the only nickname they were christened with was ‘rot.’ Because these people were a flower that bloomed too soon and breathed too delicate a fragrance. And so they were mowed down.

      “These people were particularly helpless in their personal lives: they could neither bend with the wind, nor pretend, nor get by; every word declared an opinion, a passion, a protest. And it was just such people the mowing machine cut down, just such people the chaff-cutter shredded.”

      (Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn: “The Gulag Archipelago 1918-1956: An Experiment In Literary Investigation”, 1973, Harper & Row, Inc., Vol. I, Part I, “The Prison Industry”, ch. 5, “First Cell, First Love”, pp. 188-189.)

  11. Does that mean we will become, Tusken Raiders?

  12. robertsgunshop

    ” 95% of the problems we have in this country could be solved tomorrow, by noon… simply by dragging 100 people out in the street and shooting them in the fucking head.”

    OK,when do we get started?

  13. More than worth the time. And time is short. TY CA.