MRAP Vulnerability Points

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For your education, from a WRSA reader.



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  1. I’m thinking a few good whacks with a sledge hammer on those U-joints in the steering linkage…


    • The knuckle housings are probably cast, an nice .30 whack should tear them up pretty bad, for all you good shots out there. Or if you have time, hacksaw/sawzall it damn near all the way through on the shaft so that it shears under load for a little surprise later.

      Cable, log chain or rope to a tree or another vehicle so that the steering shaft bends or shears would cripple it, too.

    • Disabling could be as simple as pelting the windshield with paint balls, or a dropping a trough of of paint as it passes beneath an underpass .. Driving blind doesn’t work so well

  2. I assume the tires are solid rubber. If so I was considering a barbed Caltrop made from hardened steel. If stout enough and the barb strong enough not to pull out of the tire, several Caltrops could be hooked to chain or cable, the end of which is securely fastened to immovable objects, which may stop the vehicle, or attached to heavy and awkward things like large downed trees or vehicles which would then slow the vehicle and make maneuvering harder. Alternatively if the caltrops pull out under that type of force, then they could be attached in alternating series on chains or cables about 10 feet long with treble hooks about the size of a softball. Then as the device spins around the tire it would likely grab onto some of that spaghetti under hood and rip it off before being yanked out of the tire, especially that u – joint segmented rod that looks like it is the steering shaft that controls what appears to be the the valve for the hydraulically actuated steering. Perhaps a relatively cheap and easy Goliath neutralizer.

    • You’re on the right track with this. Concertina wire or barbed wire is something even tankers really fear. If it gets wrapped into the drivetrain, like you say, its a motherfucker to get out and usually destroys things in only a few turns.

      The best advice I’ve heard is to remember that because our DoD is defending Mother Earth now, all of these vehicles are Tier 3 and Tier 4 trucks. That means that their ECM’s will shut down the engines if it sees anything wrong…..minor coolant leak, major intake/exhaust gas quality change due to a nearby fire, loss of oil pressure, fucked up fuel flow, etc.

      It doesn’t take much to get their engines to croak. Once immobile, its just a big metal box with people inside who don’t live there….

      • And apparently no gun ports to repel invaders from

      • SemperFi, 0321

        We used to get so much comm wire wrapped up in our M-60A1 tracks at 29 Palms, we’d have to stop and go after it all with wire cutters, and nobody was shooting at us either. ( that shit was thin plastic wrapped hardened wire too)
        Coils of loose twisted barbed wire would work well, it should do a nice job of wrapping itself around anything that turns or spins, until it just can’t move anymore, getting it up in the drive lines and U-joints would be perfect.
        Or, 30′ lengths of barbed wire wrapped/welded to T-posts with loose loops sticking up to catch on any vehicle protrusions, creates a big wire drag.

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  4. MtnTopPatriot

    The fuckers still have to get out of them.

  5. most don’t look like as EZ as this one, which seems to be jacked up unusually high on the suspension. Cocktails will be served…

  6. Or.. How to make a MRAP into an Easy-Bake Oven.

  7. Edwin : O'Keefe

    Out frickin standing…thankyou

  8. I know this has been briefly discussed in the past, but any helpful commentary to go with the pictures?

  9. aimed fire into the engine area can put holes into the air system. each wheel has 4 air lines to it. just like semi trucks, if all the air is lost, the brakes fully apply and lock up, rendering the rig immobile. also, holes in the cooling system hoses that you see will cause a loss of coolant, in which case the ecu shuts the engine down to prevent damage from overheating. once the rig is immobile, i suspect it is very vulnerable to whatever readers can imagine. there are a lot of open spots on these that are vulnerable to miscreants!

  10. Gents,

    Even though these things may have a steel shell, their computer systems are extraordinarily vulnerable. Anyone who’s ever welded on a newer model vehicle knows how easy it is to fry a control computer. I can guarantee you that all of their control systems are chassis grounded. That means electricity can travel back up the ground path right into the computers.

    Think electricity, as well as explosives.

    • Me likey.

      So just throw a exposed line over the pig, then switch on the juice?

      Could it be that simple?

      • Yes, it can be just that simple. If they ran into a hot wire, it would mean trouble for that MRAP.

        Think about this. Connect a bunch of 12v batteries in series, and bury them wherever you think that pig might be rolling. Leave VERY THICK GAUGE positive and negative cables exposed just enough to touch the belly of that thing, and let the fun begin.

        Batteries are measured in amp hours. With no load on that buried battery pack, we would be measuring battery discharge in amp milliseconds.

        Here’s another idea. Find a capacitor that can hold a ton of juice. Charge that baby up, and toss it on the roof. Or, take a hybrid battery(a battery out of a Prius), and do the same thing, or bury it. Electricity will travel all over that vehicle frying just about every solid-state component it comes into contact with.

        My mind reels with ideas on how to fry these things without traditional explosives. These vehicles use electronic control modules, and I’ll bet dollars to donuts they’re linked on some kind of CANBUS system. IOW, they’re linked together, and those systems are very fragile, and DO NOT like high voltage or amperage.

        These fools need to be taught that they’re not fighting poor dirt farmers, they’re fighting engineers, mechanics, and other tinkerers who know how to disable these things.

        • Very good ideas. Even slowing these things down would make the crew inside shit their pants.

          “They’re slowing us down! How is this possible! I didn’t see this on the cool training video!”

        • Here’s another idea. Picture a heating blanket. Inside of a heating blanket is a heating element, which is noting more than a grid of wire.

          Take that idea and make it more robust(like ought gauge wire), and make it big. Throw it down on top of one of these vehicles, and send electricity through it.

        • Finally, a good use for Priuses (Pri-i?), other than OPFOR id.

          • Yes, Prius batteries(and any hybrid battery), are amazingly powerful. They’re 144v batteries. I work on hybrids occasionally, and the tools required to work on them are heavily insulated, so is the body protection required to work on them.

            If you accidentally grounded out the battery by, let’s say dropping a wrench across the contact points, your wrench would turn to liquid metal in under a second, and you wouldn’t look so pretty after that either.

            The trick to using a battery to shut down an MRAP is making the wire leads off of the battery long enough to travel a good way through the rig, but that won’t be a problem.

            Think about how many hybrids are in junk yards. Also, think about how many hybrids that can be commandeered from the sniveling collectivists that helped cause this mess.

        • SemperFi, 0321

          A battery operated EMP?
          Instead of tank mines, battery mines. Dropping power poles never seemed so fun either; have Stihl, will travel.

  11. 1. Stop vehicle from moving
    2. Burn vehicle
    3. Shoot occupants as they emerge

    One thing you’ll notice about all the DOD giveaways to the various LE agencies is that the recipients remove the cupola so there is no longer a place for a top-gunner. That just leaves a blind, deaf and defenseless steel coffin.

    Note: Hypothetically, and this is purely academic, what would happen if, when throwing molotovs, you only light the last one? What would happen when the little gun ports are opened to return at the ambushers if the unlit accelerant is allowed time to seep in before ignition? Or, if the occupants elected to stay completely buttoned up to avoid this, how much thickened fuel could be applied before ignition?

    • SemperFi, 0321

      That’s basically what we were taught with the flamethrowers, wet the target down, let it soak in (very briefly), then ignite the second burst, whoooomp!

  12. I can’t believe those hyd. Lines ain’t shielded.

  13. If you’re fighting primitive, ie: w/o RPGs, Law, etc. let them pass and attack with your flame weapons from behind. They hate that, and it works easier for you. Remember, they can see much less behind them than in front. And if they’re buttoned up, NOTHING from above. Button them up with rifle fire, reposition so they can’t take the riflemen under fire, and attack in force from behind. If there are two,or more, attack the last one.

  14. Think about the hydraulic lines. The Blackwater Iraq shooting incident cited lack of engine cooling causing the engine to be stopped by the ECU because of potential engine damage… Loss of coolant pressure should render the vehicle inoperable and also easy to repair later, potentially for your own use…

    • I’m thinking .gov got smart, and reprogrammed their fighting vehicles to not shut down if the ECM detected harmful engine or trans operation. I could be wrong, however, I mean, we are talking .gov here. I’m sure those systems can simply be turned off with a capable diagnostic scan tool.

      …But, that’s the thing. These things have diagnostic ports. Which means they have computers. And like I said in a earlier post, I’ll bet they’re chassis grounded. If I was designing a fighting vehicle, I’d run all grounds right back to the battery, but necessity is the mother of invention, and they haven’t fought us yet.

  15. Here is another view of a slightly different MRAP configuration. Note the exposed area just forward of the front tires…

  16. IIRC many of the older wheeled soviet apc had similar problems. An Ap round fired intothrough the front fender liner would often kill the driver. I believe the first Stryker vehicle had a similar weakness. Anyhoo seems to me a few .50AP hits the area shown would cause serious problems.

  17. Why not just put a banana in the tail pipe?

  18. Lets think about what a $2 can of ether will do to a running engine. Available everywhere, disable vehicle then burn with gallon of gas. Total cost $6, memories, priceless.

  19. They’re also susceptible to the laws of gravity. RE: pushed off a bridge in Egypt with its occupants still inside. I loved that one.

  20. It wouldn’t take much of a trench to put that frame right on the ground.
    How well is that radiator protected?

    • SemperFi, 0321

      Most appear to have louvered steel plates over them, other easier targets than radiator.

  21. Don’t overlook local opportunites to become familiar with such vehicles and their systems – county fairs, LEO dog ‘n pony shows – for the children! – often showcase such items. And it’s local – pictures for free.

  22. David Mudkipz

    While hunting down soft targets in the undercarriage is all well and good, actually hitting said targets during combat action is another thing entirely. Better to go for the big, unprotected targets.

    One such target is the air intake on the radiator. Spray foam insulation could block that intake – from a distance and fired from cover – which would cause the engine to quickly overheat and shutdown.

    Remember to KISS: Keep It Simple, Stupid.

  23. Xray, York was right. And he and I served in the same US Infantry, with mine a little updated. Glad I could make you laugh Klein Man, however, minus modern anti tank munitions, we WILL be fighting UW, also referred to as “primitive”. And Xray, in the movie, Cooper would have been killed in real life, trying it the way he did. The whole point of shooting the last one first is IF they don’t see you. Did I mention I learned how to combat tanks at the Basic and Advanced Non Com Infantry/Armour Course, and in Germany, with the German, British, French, Canadian, and American Armies? With the SF at Bad Toelz? With the Rangers at Illescheim? With the Marine Recon 4 in Baden Wurtemberg? I would rather forget 29 Palms, but yeah, there too. As I said before, I’m not a super soldier, and I am physically so far past my prime, it is only a memory. But I did stay awake in class, and always volunteered to go through the practical exercise first, when playing crunchie vs. Tank. Don’t remember seeing either of you there…………………….

  24. One must understand how LEO intends to implement their MRAPs before designing a strategy and related tactics.

    Read most of the articles about local LEO and their new MRAPs. The Police Chief usually says something like: We need protection when called to a scene.

    So, they will use MRAPs as delivery vehicles, where their troops will un-ass at the scene. (They are also hoping for a bit of intimidation as people wet themselves because armor is now on their front lawn.)

    Therefore, the best way to engage an MRAP is as follows: When your buddy or some Citizen’s home is “the scene” and he’s inside trying to buy time, allies should ease up to the “Do Not Cross” tape surrounding the scene, and make sure the department suddenly has a job opening for MRAP drivers and there is no one left to remove/deliver from the scene.

    This is now a team sport. Failure to come to the aid of the next Bundy family ensures your defeat as much as theirs.

    • outlawpatriot

      Or they use them to deliver gas and incendiaries. Read AAR on Dorner.

      While it hasn’t dawned on everyone yet, the whole thing will be a team sport. And waiting for them to come to your house is stupid beyond belief. The best defense is a good offense. Get after them. Keep them on their heels. It is winnable.

      • European American

        Yes, it would seem they are parked “somewhere” at night. Distract the owners with a diversion, e.g. fire, then take care of business, i.e. a “local task” (in one sense) as “lost patrol” might say.

  25. Hmm. Me thinks I see what could a “Cat” OEM filter just to the right of that steering knuckle. Now, whether it’s a fuel filter or not, I wouldn’t know. I’ll have to ask one of our heavy truck mechanics when I go back to work Monday. Regardless, it’s a filter, and that means a potential kill zone.

  26. Jeffery in Alabama

    Lots of good ideas. I almost spewed water from mouth reading about the ether. A long enough piece of metal bent into a “u” shape and inserted into any of the steering knuckle joints would basically act as “The Club” and make the vehicle impossible to steer. I may have read it here a while back, but someone mentioned placing an obstacle to the front and to the rear of the vehicle. Then, using a rope pull a jerry can full of some flammable liquid underneath from cover, “light fuse and get away”. Next take up shooting positions at the rear door. Chuck summed it up in his three step plan. LOL


    Also, manner gegen panzer/ it starts getting good about 3:30

    • think water ballons, but filled with paint or other thick material which will not wipe off with wipers, but will mearly smear around more. Can’t drice when you can’t see.

      • Jimmy the Saint

        Why not use ammonia and bleach?

      • good idea. Once while driving cab in the local UC area, a playful student hit my windshield with a water balloon thrown from above. Only water, but still sudden, violent, and unpleasant.

      • SemperFi, 0321

        Dark oil paint, not water based. The thicker the better, maybe some heavy gear oil mixed in.

  27. Know your AO… size appropriately…

  28. Fuzzy in AZ

    A little thermite powder and a coil of 100′ of fast-burning cannon fuse should shut one of these bad boys down, most rikkty-tik.

  29. These aren’t designed to do much more than offer protection from mines. They have light armor on the sides. They offer very little in the ‘drive away after a prolonged attack’ features, they’re designed to take a big boom from underneath. They are VERY susceptible in other directions. Square bottomed black box in the front of the opening is the bottom of a radiator. Any of those lines hanging out can be cut. That is a CAT motor, and all those yellow parts are easily damaged. The steering linkage?….yeah….crowbar or metal bar in that knuckle…or hell, even a set of vice grips in the right place could make it hard to go anywhere but straight forward. If you see one at your local parade this year, look it over. You will not be impressed with it as an invincible tool. Like someone here is fond of saying…man makey, man breaky.

  30. Jimmy the Saint

    Apropos of nothing: as the back half of its name suggests, hydrogen peroxide is an oxidizing agent. Apparently, it does bad things to engine parts.

  31. paintball the windows is a great start. one this thing is hindered to move, anything is possible.

  32. chuckisageek

    They have to sleep somewhere. I think it’s easier to kill them in their beds.

  33. SemperFi, 0321

    One of the biggest things to remember is that the drivers are probably inexperienced as well. They don’t spend days and weeks on end driving and living in these things like we did in the military. A couple hours here and there and they think they’re pavement pros!
    Push them to their limits on terrain they’ve probably never driven on, tip em over on embankments or stick them in bogs and ditches, lure them into traps they don’t expect. Shrubs and camo nets over pits should work just fine, then fry em.

  34. As a serious conceptualizer of low tech over high tech methods, I would have to say that you guys are onto a whole lot of very good ideas here.

    I would like to mention something that I have brought up in several blog threads at other web sights before.

    This country has an abundance of heavy excavating equipment, and almost every ranch/farm has a couple of pieces sitting around.

    I personally would pay good money to see an operator protected (armored 1/2″ steel plating) D9 Cat roll and destroy (crush) one of these MRAPs if there are brought out as a tool of oppression against We the People.
    I will leave it to all of you to all of you and the utilization of your divergent thought processes to come up with the myriad of other possible “fun” scenarios whereby already “in place” ranch equipment can be used put a crimp in The Man’s Plan.
    The possibilities are intriguing.

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  36. Locate the air intake. A mixture of Brake Fluid and Bleach will produce dense smoke that will stop an engine, and the fumes are toxic enough to burn lung tissue, eyes, and skin. Delivery in two stages that mix like maybe bottle with balloon inside or piggy-backed or two bottles, on brake fluid, the other chlorine bleach. I wonder if swimming pool chlorine would work with brake fluid? Should burn.

    • Yes. Get a chlorine tablet for a pool and pour a little brake fluid on it. It self-ignites. Fumes are very hazardous.

      • AHH! Thank you.
        In the air intake to either the engine or cabin, it should do some good damage, and if combustible, if anywhere within the wheel well should start a fire burning hydraulic lines, further fueling the fire. Maybe get hot enough to explode the fuel pump?
        Thanks again.

  37. From a reader:
    “There is no easy way do disable them, how ever the cooling system is one easier weak point. Once the engine starts to over heat the computer will shut it down. there are many variation of this vehicle. In the pics the engine compartment is not well armoured. The fuel filter is exposed, a hole in that would shut it down. Hope this helps.”

  38. Computers. Forgot about those things and did not know about shutdown feature. I haven’t been the same since breaker points were obsolete.
    Different variations, another concern. One round through the fuel filter. wonder if I make my own homemade AP rounds using this stuff on the ogive of the projectile? Of course with a steel core round, it would be very illegal, so do not try it!