#bundyranch: Volunteer And Rumor-Quashing Hotlines Established

From Oathkeepers:

We have set up two phone numbers for Bundy Ranch related issues.

The first number is for those wishing to volunteer for watch and other duties at the ranch and also for those who wish to send supplies to the ranch and need to know how best to send those supplies. Please do not call this number unless you wish to volunteer or send/donate supplies to the ranch. The individual on the phone will have a list of needed supplies. The main point of this number is to be able to establish a tentative schedule in order to best have all positions covered. We need people now but if you can’t make it for a few days or weeks we ask that you still call the line because we WILL have a need long term and we would like to get our roster fleshed out. If you are calling to volunteer be prepared to provide contact info, an estimated arrival date, the length of time you may wish to stay and give us some idea of the skills and equipment you have to offer.

Anyone volunteering for security/watch duty MUST put themselves under the leadership of the on-site security team leader, Jerry DeLemus, an Oath Keeper and the leader of the largest 912 Project group in New Hampshire.

The Watch Roster Hotline number is: 702-793-9217

The second number is to verify or quash Bundy Ranch related rumors. If you are hearing rumors, positive or negative, that are potentially of great importance use this number to get information directly from the folks on site. PLEASE use good judgement before calling this number. If we are overwhelmed with nonsense the line will be of no use.

The Rumor Verification Hotline number is: 702-793-9219


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  2. Sent on.

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  4. As a 72 year old handicapped I cannot travel the 1100 miles to the Bundy Ranch, but I can send money for supplies and am happy to do so. Thank God there are some that will stand up to this out-of-control federal government. I did not serve in the military so a socialist government could take over.

  5. HHH Old Vet.

    Hot rumor on the net, 200feds staging at vegas Marriot to Raid Bundy Ranch today. Somebody call the Marriot to confirm? If is so, I’ll pack my truck in 4 minutes.

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