Putinism and the Anti-WEIRD Coalition

Read it all, including the embedded links.

Then ask yourself which institution in America today truly stands for the trinity of family, freedom, and faith?

How many individuals (of the total US population) even do so?

Or has America been conquered by a virulent European national socialism, which is gathering its forces to wipe out the last North American resisters?

And what are those resisters willing to do?

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11 responses to “Putinism and the Anti-WEIRD Coalition

  1. Jimmy the Saint

    “Or has America been conquered by a virulent European national socialism, which is gathering its forces to wipe out the last North American resisters?”

    National Socialism? No. The elites espouse International Socialism. They’re globalists and citizens of the world, don’t ya know, and they intend for us to be also, whether we want to or not. If you don’t want to long enough, well….they’ve got no problem having you removed.

  2. I don’t know about such articles. They seem to spring from the author’s mind rather than reality. It is possible to read too much into these events. The world is really a lot simpler. People get into governments because they enjoy exercising power. That’s about what it all boils down to. No need to get all misty-eyed about Mother Russia.

  3. If we accept that our own RevWarI was underway long before Lexington, we should all tremble as we look up and down the street at our neighbors at the values they hold, and those they do not…

    In a nation of 300+ millions, how many showed up at Bunkerville, and how many more truly supported the actions of Liberty proponents in the desert. Now consider how many virulently object, how many read the headlines and damn Bundy and his supporters, how many cut and run at the first bit of racial psyop from NYT, and how many people in America have not heard a single word about Bundy at all, but can tell you about the new bob cut of the chick from Big Bang.

    The forces of genuine Liberty and moral rectitude in America are strikingly similar in potency to that of a fart in a hurricane.

    • Ha, that fart in the hurricane might mean something if it’s YOUR relief!

      I’m a huge believer in moral rectitude since it’s a person’s only means to survive and flourish. That said, moral rectitude has NOTHING to do with this War, all the yapping to the contrary notwithstanding. This War, like nearly all wars, is about whether one group of people will physically oppress another group of people. The Bad Guys say “Yes” and the Good Guys say “No.”

      That’s all; there’s nothing else to it. As soon as anyone says, “It’s wrong to oppress other people EXCEPT…,” then the Principle is violated and the Bad Guys win, no matter what happens on the battlefield.

      It may be a physical battle yet, but it’s a battle for the mind. The battle is to answer one question and one question only—Who owns you?

      • Good one, Jim. As has been noted by some folks, freedom begins in one’s own mind.

      • JK: I’m surprised that you of all people strike a contrarian position for the sake of the contrary instead of the reality of the individual.

        Moral Rectitude can be argued, poignantly, to be the only thing that matters in this conflict. One’s own moral rectitude. If everyone had it, and/or exercised it, there’d be no war.

        It all comes down to the individual and the decisions he or she chooses to take, no?

        • “It all comes down to the individual and the decisions he or she chooses to take, no?”

          You always think I’m arguing. Sure that’s true, FOR THE PERSON. But this isn’t about that, at least not presently. This is about social interaction and in THAT context…no, it doesn’t matter a hoot if the next guy is moral or immoral. What matters is that he keep his paws off everyone else.

          You’ll wanna say, “Well, that’s morality.” All I can tell you is that it isn’t. That’s part of the scam…that “morality” is only about how we interact with others. Actual morality is how we live our own lives, so you’re right about that part of it. But socially, Rightful Liberty is ONLY that each person may live his morality (personal, that is) any ol’ damn way he chooses. That’s why regardless of your stand on racism, you should be willing to defend someone’s right to be a racist.

          It’s easy to defend those who agree with you or are moral. The challenge is the necessity of defending those who are immoral too…AS LONG AS THEY’RE NOT THUGS.

      • Andren Essen

        Perhaps some have developed teflon sphincters and occasionly like to swim among the flotsam and jetsom. Whatever it is, I know I am treading water until I can figure out which way shore is. I am keeping my raft with the appearance of an inviting vacant property and securing hapless wandering assets. The age old practice of piracy works, if not a great legal prerequisite quality of secular individualism.

  4. Andren Essen

    The nearest response I can find would be that of Jacque Attli, a brief introduction on his argument with a possible future model would be at


    Further, that simple argument for a cohesive stand on the theme of common sense with common purpose with a classless and meritocratic society is from a bygone era of thinking. If anything Class has become everything to do with all that we survey. The federal government recognizes a franchised US citizen as simply a member of a Lockean faithed cult with the right to do as they please. This is enhanced today by the standard as long as they can individually afford it. The political class today is the Judiciary, there is no people class. This can easily be discerned by the acts of enablement which defines the political franchise. Historically this formation and type of culture is nothing new. The Bible is replete with metaphoric descriptions of many cultures so formed and the consequences of their demise.

    Yet we still have to learn to read documents correctly. A sample state NV is below;


    Further, since incorporation from territiories to corporate states we are ruled by central planners and policies, not autonomy. Those planners are financial technocrats from a panaply of anglofied cultures that inherently succumb to technocrats and UN babble. The Wests economy in one respect is a masterful piece of financial engineering, but we have to consider the cost along with that. Since we have social engineering developed from policy driven goals and outcomes with the coercive financial techniques or pressures necessary that would even make Stalin proud. All hail the God Nike.

    The issue for Putin and Co is akin to the US and Cuba debacle or any post industrial event which preserves or enriches the status quo, or a simple argument of why the heck would I want ideological or direct resource competition stepping on my doorstep. I recall stating that I don’t think Putin has designs on taking on Welfare states like Ukraine, but he does care if someone gets control of his access to the ports or gas lines. That is definitely a no no whatever ideology of business you run. I have found no politcal motive that suggests otherwise. A Ukrainian Theater would be slightly different from mid east actions and would possibly have repercussions since the publics affinity or empathy for the Ukranians would be hard to overcome since they are not brown or Black peoples. I personally consider we have reached a crossroads where we are all dispensible unless we are funding the ever increasing class of bureaucrats and their form of centrally planned welfare for people programs.

  5. “America has become a whore house where the revolutionary ideas of our forefathers have been betrayed.”

    I think I got the quote down. How prescient Milus was.

  6. American Kulak

    Yes read it all since your tax $ paid for it and for Lt. JG USNR Schindler to be the captain of the Naval Twitter War College’s #TeamNSA. Did I mention he’s the subject of a DOJ Hatch Act unit investigation for tweet trolling the tea party and Sen. Paul and Rep. Amash on taxpayer time and dime from inside a DoD building on base? But who cares Rear Adm Ted E Carter Jr’s got him covered amirite?


    If it we didn’t have to pay for this male Lois Lerner of the NSA community to work out his Agency daddy issues by trolling the American public all day, I wouldn’t mind in the least. In fact I’d appreciate the entertaining hystrionics of a man with a high IQ and the EQ/maturity level/thick skinned’ness of a freshman sorority sister. Given those idiot savant traits it’s no wonder SVR/GRU live rent free in his head.

    Anyway enjoy the John Schindler Tumblr tribute (yes those are all his tweets, the compilation of which he labeled briefly ‘defamation’).



    Ridicule away boys.