Battlefield USA: “Patriots, you better unfuck yourselves, or surely, we will all be FUCKED.”

monkey fucking a football

As Bill Nye taught us: Local, local, local.

Start small.

Have a BBQ.

Go to a BBQ.

Eat pork.

Meet your ideological kin.

Forget about 100% alignment.

Look for things in common.

It’s not all about you – so drop the anatomy-swinging and look for ways to help in your AO – even a little bit.

Don’t be paralyzed into inaction and uselessness by the reality of .gov infiltrators.

Think auxiliary.

Make assessments.

Sort the talkers from the doers.

Start building trust – if only just a little bit at first.

Make friends.

Tempus fugit.

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  2. “….or I will unscrew your head and shit down your neck!!!”

    I had fried ham for breakfast.

    • Damn, I had corned beef hash and eggs.

      Oh well, bacon tomorrow.

      I heard that line for the first time in boot camp in 73. It wasn’t directed at me, thank God.

    • Cassandra (of Troy)

      Tom Cumseh/30Apr14@09:04,

      The version I heard was “snap off yer god*****d head & f*** the hole in yer NECK, DO YOU GET ME?!”.

      Rigid self-control pays dividends.

      Cassandra (of Troy)

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    Neighborhood watch anyone? 🙂

  4. I sure think Curtis has a good take on it. Yes, cohesion.

    Hey, if OK is a media or educational org, then I can get that. Their org, their goals. The part I don’t get is that to me, the Bundy situation was plainly NOT a media event, or a rally or a teaching opportunity.

    Any way you cut it, it was an armed confrontation. For the life of me (literally!), I can’t understand how defenders pack up and leave upon a rumor that there might be an attack. Maybe there’s an explanation but I didn’t see it quickly reading the link to OK. Maybe Mike’s “magnum opus” will make it clearer.

    I’m not a trained Warrior and I’d sure prefer it doesn’t come down to combat, but it seems to me that if you’re in it, you’re in it. I just don’t know what could be more basic than that. In a situation like that, I’d go in knowing I have the moral high ground, and I can’t imagine ever sacrificing that in the middle of a mission and turning tail…except of course on an order from a CO to retreat or something like that.

    I suppose Clive Bundy was the closest to a CO there, owing to disorganization, so maybe he asked OK to leave, but I haven’t heard anything like that yet. Maybe I’m missing something, but I just don’t get it. Right now it strikes me that OK has a ton of ‘splaining to do. So far, I’ve heard nothing but dancing.

    Okay, so that’s what media orgs do—dance. That’s alright, but then please BE a media org and stay the hell away from me if my life is on the line. I’ll trust the CO that I choose to trust–going in–and that’s the end of it. Seems to me that Rhodes was NOT the CO there and if there’s some hidden argument that he was, then I’ve got to say he’ll never be my CO. Never…I’m not in it to lose.

    I’ll wait to make my personal final judgment, but I’d be grateful to hear what I’ve got wrong so far.

    • Old Frat Boys Never Die They Just Have Another Beer

      For the life of *me* I cannot comprehend why it is so hard for “patriots” to conceptualize that mere presence of witnesses is enough to stop a violent attack.

      Really, do people like you just automatically think “Kill ’em all!”?????

      I think the “militia” badboys and their supporters have LITERALLY SUFFERED A PSYCHOTIC BREAK WITH REALITY.




      Otherwise? Otherwise what some of you have just done is piss in your own well and deal irreparable harm to the Liberty movement. And for what? A Rambo fantasy?


      • OFB:

        Check your meds.

        You’re raving.

        You’re welcome.

      • Why is that in reply to me? “THINK” is the whole point…that’s what it takes to be a rancher, and every other productive endeavor. What do you suppose Rightful Liberty is all about, if not thinking and then “the unobstructed action according to our will” that ensues? What, do you think those here who have lived War, want to see it again? Are you nuts?

        You’re speaking to your own wild imaginations. Another time that might be interesting, but right now many of your countrymen just want to live their own lives. And too many people want to stop them.

        What would you have a rational person do in that instance? I’m a huge proponent of transparency, all around…a potent double-edged sword that is. But every once in a while, a thug will choose to be a thug anyway. WHAT WOULD YOU HAVE A RATIONAL PERSON DO IN THAT INSTANCE?

      • Cassandra (of Troy)

        Old Frat/30Apr14@13:57,

        “For the……attack.”

        Had you but included qualifiers such as sometimes/frequently/often or even usually your contention just might have held up, but your emotion driven haste caused you to utter a demonstrably ridiculous definitive statement like the above & then compound your original error w/ even more histrionic & thoroughly assumptive verbiage.

        Bad form, Old Frat, & sloppy as well.

        Perhaps a respite from the suds followed by a regimen of appropriately robust pharmaceutical calmatives would set you aright. If, however, you prefer the ‘fruits’ of the Earth over the synthetic efforts of chemistry, an excursion to Colorado might be just the thing to restore your equilibrium. Fresh air, blue skies, happy people, a hearty sampling of the multitudinous assortment of pyrically activated herbal inhalables, I daresay you’d be feeling simply capital in no time.

        Give it a go, Old Frat, & after about say, a good month of dedicated recreation of the previously referred to type you may perchance report back & thus enrich all & sundry w/ an effusion of reinvigorated bonhomie.

        That’s the ticket, Old Frat, bon voyage!

        Cassandra (of Troy)

    • outlawpatriot

      Oh, sure. What Curtis said.

      Cohesion was an OP original thought.

      You dis me Jimmy. Don’t you love me anymore?

      • Nobody can’t love you, I think. Yes that was yours and I’m thrilled that there’s been “an OP original thought.” Maybe in ten years, it’ll be a habit! Alright, twenty.

        • outlawpatriot

          Damn! Another shot.

          You keep that up and I might develop some self esteem problems. 🙂

      • Battlefield USA

        In all fairness to Mr. Outlaw, that one powerful word was the spark that got me to slapping out that post. Thanks.

        • outlawpatriot

          You’re welcome.

          See Klein, you just gotta let it go and you too can be inspired to greatness. 😉

          • Jim Klein

            As you mean it, greatness ain’t for me. I just wanna do my chores, sell some stuff and die in peace. My problem is what it’s obviously going to take to have that. I always thought it was my birthright, just by being born an American. Oh well, I was wrong. Forward.

    • Cassandra (of Troy)

      Jim Klein/30Apr14@10:17,

      “I’m not……than that.”

      As per Gregory Peck to David Niven in The Guns of Navarone, si?

      “In a……turning tail”

      As you’re doubtless aware, in conflicts of the type & intensity being discussed here/elsewhere thoughts of morality are at best luxuries & at worst horrific liabilities. Understand, however, that doesn’t mean that one just says scroot & whacks away w/ abandon like a Berserker of old, it means that one does an honest & comprehensive cost/benefit analysis BEFORE commitment & is FULLY prepared to endure uncomplaining the consequences of one’s decision. It’s as simple as that. One more thing & this is imo vital,: If after a thorough assessment one understands that one simply isn’t cut out for the rigors of said conflicts, one should NOT deceive oneself/others & push on anyway for fear of being deemed ‘unmanly’/a coward.

      “…except……like that.”

      That can also be an iffy proposition if one’s commander isn’t worth a damn & sometimes even if he/she is, review Band Of Brothers & also Patton’s infamous POW rescue attempt & you’ll see my point.

      “but then……the line.”

      That can usually be successfully addressed by calmly informing the irritant that continuation WILL result in DIScontinuation as in,: “If you keep bothering me I’ll have to kill you, okay? Go away now, bye bye.” After that go right back to what you were doing & if the irritant’s still around & circumstances allow, you calmly, quickly, & efficiently kill it stone dead w/o batting an eye & return again to your duties. Perhaps it’s my vibe, but so far I’ve only needed to do the former 5 times & the latter twice w/ one of the expired being a tuff guy who terminally over-estimated his machismo.

      “I’ll trust……of it.”

      You do realize that the vast majority of those likely to attain command in FreeFor are of a decidedly military predisposition & would therefore have a severely dim view of attitudes they’d deem insubordinate despite claims of fully understanding the definition of militia?:

      “We’re SOLDIERS around here, Klein, & you damn well better get that thru your god*****d f*****’ head & do WHAT you’re f*****’ told WHEN you’re f*****’ told the WAY you’re f*****’ told, you got that/you get me?” No room for ‘pirates’, JK, hence Patton’s wistfully sad comment about modern times. Ah well, one can only do the best one can until something better comes along or one’s belly gets full & one busts the joint out, right?

      “Seems to……to lose.”

      In that case, the smart thing to do BEFOREHAND would be to heed the sound advice the Knight in the cave gave Jones about beverage container selection.


      Cassandra (of Troy)

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  6. About that alignment thing; What to do about someone who is pretty skilled, a hard worker, gives a LOT to the community but is, how shall I say it…politically VERY unreliable?

    I see only two eventualities if stuff should go south with this specific situation: A) Do a Michael Collins and follow him around everywhere or B) Dirt Nap.


  7. As an oath keeper I must agree that Rhodes behavior was as it appears rather gutless. However I didn’t join Oath Keepers because of Rhodes but because of wanting to keep an oath to defend the constitution, now since I have been involved I have found our local organization to be made up of many good people, people I can work with if we ever have a SHTF situation in our future (IMHO a definite possibility ). It IS all about local.

    Rhodes should resign but he won’t in my opinion, his meal ticket, ego, power, etc. is more important to him than the organization. At this point in time he is not a leader to follow into battle however the local organizations do not need his involvement to still be an effective force in their communities.

    It is amazing how many national organizations there are that the members could be overwhelming good & true but the leadership is all about mainly the leadership, their ego’s, their power, their meal tickets, etc. Our founders did have it right, keep it small and limited and local. They did understand the weakness of men.

    Another thought about leadership; saying you are willing to shoot people in the back that don’t do what you want (was that Ryan Payne in the video saying that?) is a very poor way to recruit supporters. I would & will keep my family and myself as far away from such a person as possible, for sure I would never turn my back to him.

  8. Grenadier1

    My line of thinking upon hearing of a potential air strike is to get in under the guns. That means I pick a strike team and move to within 100 meters of the BLM. Then we dig in. Those robot jock’s are not going to drop danger close to the BLM and they are not going to drop on the Bundy camp if there are guns that control the BLM position.

    • Me likey hug the belt. Giap would be proud.

      • Grenadier1

        It worked for the NVA. I dont think I would try it against current .mil but the BLM dweebs are not .mil. Other option is to just disperse out on a wide front. Dig in with holes about 50 meters apart, trip lines strung between them. Spread the holes in a line not clusters. We would sacrafice covering positions for air defence. That way they may drone a few holes but they would not cause mass cas.

        • Grenadier1

          I would add this is purely my inexperienced opinion so if someone with vastly more experience has some insight please weigh in.

          • Not throwing stones here, but know this: A tactic or ‘play’ only works against an enemy until they learn of it or experience it first hand..

            While brainstorming is great for classroom purposes, serious discussion of how the game should be played should never ever be done in this medium. It’s tantamount to getting ready to playing poker with someone for big money and telling before the game what your ‘tells’ are and then during the game how many aces and faces you’re holding…..and expecting to win the pot….

            Just sayin’…..

            • Cassandra (of Troy)

              Defensive Training Group/30Apr14@17:23,

              Excellent advice which brings up one of the big & thorny questions,:

              So just where does one safely/securely go to safely/securely engage in productive repartee w/ the similarly inclined on diverse topics? As this country’s daily becoming a D.D.R. clone the necessity & value of such a facility’s increasingly critical &, just like in the original D.D.R., the growing pervasiveness & effectiveness of the Imperium ‘internal security’ apparatus is rapidly diminishing the likelihood of the establishment of such a structure before the denouement arrives.

              To historically paraphrase the next to last part of your 2d 30Apr missive, the chair’s speedily approaching the door & the ability of Jean’s moustache to be a viable impediment is diminishing apace.

              Zo vot now?

              Cassandra (of Troy)

    • Very sound tactics. Either get far enough away that you are safe, or get so close that you take away his strongest weapons.

    • outlawpatriot

      Or, just go Michael Collins.

      See you next week.


    • Jimmy the Saint

      Don’t forget about Gotthard Heinrici’s approach, either. If you know a bombardment is coming, pull back a bit, then reoccupy your position after.

      The Russians really learned to hate that guy.

  9. What ever happened to old Bill? I saaw he last posted and apology and then disappeared. I miss his worldview.

  10. Focus on “extirpate” – cohesion will follow-on naturally…

  11. Agree with Jim Klein on this.

    It appears from checking in on OK site, that OK members are not clear as to OK’s official mission statement and function. If anything, this episode should clarify OK mission to OK membership.

    Secondly, I truly did expect a more reasoned response from OK brain trust.

    1. OKs analogy of a bomb threat to a school only serves up that OKs “evacuated” their “children” but left all others behind. Bad form.

    2. OKs imply militia members are suffering from a mental disorder. Uh…that is policy, as we have recently read. Way to choose sides, OKs.

    Third, I would dearly love to see gracious “winners.” People who understand the mission, carry out the mission, and resist the urge to express pent up frustration, publicly…that would be a thing of beauty.

  12. From the sidelines not being there and only reading whatever was released by, ‘the community’, it was apparent that there was nobody ‘leading’ anything; factionalism was running rampant and the primary concern was who got the most credit/limelight/facetime/photo ops, and bravado was being mistaken for tactics. So, as has been pointed out, the lack of cohesion on the ground indicates there was no effective analysis/planning of the situation, and definitely no OPSEC as almost every time something/someone moved, there was a ‘press release’ of sorts as to the disposition of the citizenry protecting Bundy Ranch and its occupants. Videos released show how vulnerably positioned the ‘blocking force’ was.

    OK’s release ( ) says their leadership determined to handle the information from a trusted former SF source as a ‘bomb threat’ and to ‘get the kids out’. Most left. Did they entreat the family to go with them? Did they attempt to get national media to Bundy Ranch (at a position to overwatch) ‘just in case’ it was real and thereby get the word out real time (which would have most likely brought about all sorts of activity from the patriot community)?

    I don’t know; I wasn’t there, so I won’t criticize. I will offer an observation: A few months ago OK’s made a big production of ‘going operational’ and forming ‘A Teams’ to train local people in defensive operations. (I’m open to correction on this, but I remember it this way.) Why did they not act as such? When you say you’re ‘going operational’, my experience tells me you’ve already got a cadre trained ready to deploy and are performing force multiplier operations. This doesn’t seem to have been the case. Again, I don’t know….thinking on the key board.

    The ‘militia’ on the ground decided to stay in place. Fine. Their funeral if there was an airstrike. However, their stated ‘mission’ was to protect the Bundy Family and Bundy Ranch. Can’t do that when you’ve been blown to shit. So, did ‘militia command’ entreat the family to leave until the threat was over or do anything proactive to provide defense against an air strike, like dig a bomb shelter (in some videos medium equipment was shown, so it was feasible)? Did they disperse teams to vital ground surrounding Bundy Ranch to mitigate a simultaneous ground raid? Did they set up teams along avenues of approach (giving cover/concealment to a strike team)? Did they occupy abandoned BLM positions or put out OP’s? Did they do anything in the event the ‘intel’ was disinformation designed to significantly weaken the human presence and make Bundy Ranch vulnerable to a ground or air assault type raid? Establish 360 security with defense in depth, etc?

    I don’t know, so I won’t criticize.

    The main point of the posted article is right on the money: Without cohesion, without a clear mission, without clear areas of responsibility and a willingness to look past personalities toward the success of the mission, and especially to establish operations, communications, and information security protocols, the initiative will fail.

    I’m paraphrasing ‘Grenadier 1’ on this point, but he has it right: If/when you get somewhere, and even if you have the bigger crew, you go to who’s already running things and say, “This is what I have, what do you need and where do you want me?”

    There was also another commenter (I’m sorry, can’t find it) that discussed what to do with people showing up in various states of capability and readiness. He was very accurate in how to handle it as well.

    We are just about to ‘nut cuttin’ time’, so we better get our collective shit together. Yes, I said ‘collective’…..

    My .02.

    • Grenadier1

      Thanks for the appraisal of my assesment. I made the comments on what to do with the unprepaired when they show up as well. Always good to get an at a boy from someone whos got more skills than I do.

  13. Damn key board…..’My .02′

  14. What to do? Well, you don’t have AA capability, let alone air superiority. So distribute/disperse the beans, bullets, motor vehicles and personnel, at least give them more than one thing to have to hit.

    Start a live webcam feed. Start many. So if the big threat turns out to not be a rumor, at least it gets out into the webs. Where it can be used.

    But you have a better idea of who you can trust now, don’t you? And who you want to play bluff poker against. And who you’ll send beans and bullets to. We all do.

    And here’s a final fun thought. If you do have any mischief planned in the future, be sure to leave oathkeepers branded cigarrette butts, blown out flip flops and chewing gum wrappers on scene. Stewie’s Legions can at least serve as a diversion and a manpower drain.

    • That’s a pretty strong sentiment LFM. I’m still looking for the first bit of evidence that it’s wrong. Just a dreamer, hopin’ against hope.

  15. The latest from Oath keepers;

    • Battlefield USA

      Well, whatever the case may be with the militia, OK’ers and Mr. Psyops there just handed FedGov a (another) brilliant psyop coup.

  16. Battlefield USA