A Message From FLOTUS


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    Yeah, she had them chopped off in the sex change she had.

  2. .Since it’s HER, it should read, “#Want to take a look at MY Balls?”.

  3. This is the leadership the usa lives under now, where they think twitter handles mean anything to men that treat women and anyone else they feel like as an insect; it should be no wonder the usa is getting rolled by the world.

  4. no, Michael has balls.

  5. descendant of cave painters

    Balls in Washington DC? Not lately.

  6. gunnyginalaska

    I’m surprised that she did not have a pork chop hanging from her yap. I heard that Wookies love pork.

  7. Can’t “bring back” that which was never there.

  8. i listened to a diatribe not long ago wherein throughout “she” was repeatedly declared a “he” by certain medical standards… so, whose is “she” actually wanting returned..??? jus’sayin’

  9. Prepper, I don’t know why the link I provided does not work, but it was to a video documenting evidence she is a he. Go to Youtube and find ” Michelle Obama a Man? ” You will have no doubt after watching.

    Note that Barry’s birth certificate from 1961 says his father was born in Kenya, but the country did not change name from British East Aftrica until 1964.

    I believe that the TPTB love to put this stuff out there just to show those of us who can see how brainwashed the masses are. They also probably do it to target those of use who have failed the brainwashing.