Senile Cranky Old Bastard , Dead Elephant – AZ

Riffing off this piece of statesmanship, a reader sends more hashtag madness.

See also Herschel’s perspective on the entire Nigerian/Muslim issue.












15 responses to “Senile Cranky Old Bastard , Dead Elephant – AZ

  1. This “south end of a north bound jackass” will never retire- unless.

  2. gunnyginalaska

    What a useless waste of skin. His nickname from the North Viet’s was “SONGBIRD.” Nothing but a stoolie.

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  4. HHH Old Vet.

    With all the arctic ice melting, there should be enough Icebergs floating around to drop the whole of DC Traitors onto their very own Iceberg.

    OR, Remove all their ill gotten gains and watch as they kill themselves.

  5. John McCain is a fine example of stupid American voters who keep voting the same criminal jackasses into office term, after term, after term. Just think how stupid those people in Arizona are. Really? John McCain Arizonians? You people ought to be ashamed of yourselves.

    • I don’t think Arizonans are any more stupid than anyone else. It’s no surprise that Congress is filled with such lowlifes. The system is designed to produce this result. It’s a tool for concentrating power and for looting the peons, not for bringing benefits to the peons.

  6. Known as “The Hanoi Songbird” by his fellow POWs.
    May his name be forever reviled. May he burn in hell.

  7. #Guess who’s spew is in my chubby cheeks.

  8. Old ass NERD who still has a following. Some people should not be allowed to vote. Undocumented and dead Dem’s in Chicago!

  9. US Troops my ass..

    Our troops need to come home where they belong, they’ve done enough for too many wrong reasons for too many scumbags with personal agendas and need a break from the BS. Finding hostages in Niger isnt defending America anymore than it is anywhere else these days.

    If you political hacks want to send someone to do your dirty work then send those egotistical wannabe bad asses from BLM over there for a shoot ’em up.

  10. Queen Bee

    Heh. We’d have to ship him back to the commies to bring back his relevance.
    Miss Violet

  11. Tag!!!

    You’re Hash!